Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Iranian press Zionist conspiracy roundup

Zionists behind Saudi-Bahrain merger scheme

And behind this puppet government, this extremely rich government of course is orchestrated by what I call the new world order which is Zionist-controlled with Israel at its heart and its Israel that are pulling the strings believe it or not through the city of London and through the opposite numbers over the pond in America.

Ahmadinejad: US Exercising Worst Type of Suppression against Americans
"Today the ugliest form of suppression is ruling the US and you see that a group of Zionist capitalists are ruling 300 million American people from behind the stage," Ahmadinejad said, addressing an international conference on Islamic awakening in Tehran on Tuesday.
The rape of Greece by Zionist bankers

As the true architects of the EMU, the Jewish Banking Cartel realized that the euro would create economic problems for SEA member states. But they didn’t tell German and French officials. Instead, they promoted the euro as a gateway to greater economic prosperity for NEA nations in order to gain support from Germany and France.
Americans distrust White House for irrationality over Iran
The Israelis constantly spout hysterics and feign fear, but the leadership in Iran has proven itself much more stable, sane, logical, and peaceful than the Zionist regime that is destroying itself and demonstrating its illegitimacy due to its criminality.

Wow, our ownership of Iranian leaders' brains is successful beyond my wildest imaginings! All they think about is Israel, Zionism and Jews!