Monday, July 02, 2012

Hezbollah says Israel remotely detonated telecom spy devices

From The Daily Star:
Three devices exploded in Zrarieh south Lebanon Monday that the Army said were spying apparatuses detonated wirelessly by Israel. One of the devices appeared to be a solar powered battery, and the other two communications devices, security sources said.

The explosions occurred in the village of Zrarieh, three kilometers north of the Litani River, and outside the operations area of the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon.

UNIFIL officials did not make any comment on the matter, since it was outside their jurisdiction.

Hezbollah issued a statement claiming the devices were wiretapping instruments that had tapped into the party’s communications network.

“As part of its continuing counter-espionage efforts against Israel, the Islamic Resistance managed to locate an Israeli eavesdropping device on the resistance’s wired communication network in Zrarieh. As a result, the enemy detonated the device from a distance,” the statement said.

The Lebanese Army is conducting an investigation into the explosions, according to a statement issued by the Army command.

Military intelligence personnel were at the scene of the blasts, which it said took place at 5:15 p.m.
Hezbollah's  Al Manar has photos, although it is hard to figure out what exactly they are. Presumably this is one of the devices before the explosion...

And afterwards:

Al Manar also says that "the storage device is linked to the transmission equipment via a 80-meter cable directed towards the bordering Zionist military posts." I'm not sure if they are claiming that the 80-meter cable was a huge antenna, because the area the devices were found is many kilometers from Israel.