Monday, July 16, 2012

Gaza gets visitors from Yemen and the UNHRC

From the Al Qassam Brigades website:
Gaza premier Ismail Haneyya has affirmed that the Israeli occupation was fading and its strategy in Gaza had failed.

Haneyya, speaking to a visiting Yemeni popular delegation on Sunday, said that the Palestinian people are more determined than ever before to restore their land and to return the refugees to their homeland.

He said that Israel would not be able to occupy more land but would rather decline to its fateful end, asserting that there is no future for occupation on the land of Palestine.

The premier hailed the Yemeni delegation, saying that its visit proved that the Palestinian people were not alone in the field of confrontation and against siege.

The chief Yemeni delegation, for his part, affirmed his country would not be preoccupied with its own issues away from Palestine and would continue to support the Palestinian cause.
It is fairly clear from this article that Hamas defines "occupation" as "all of Israel."

But note how the Yemen delegation, coming from a country that is fighting for its life against Al Qaeda and that faces a huge humanitarian crisis as hundreds of thousands of kids are literally starving to death, still says that helping Hamas terror groups is a priority for them.

Because what's more important - helping starving kids in their own country or helping these "starving" Gazans at the beach?

But these weren't the only visitors to Gaza yesterday.

The magnificent organization, the UN, sent representatives from its "Human Rights Council" to Gaza:
A delegation from the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner's office arrived in the Gaza Strip on Saturday evening via Egypt's Rafah crossing, Egyptian media said.

The 11-member delegation will discuss Israel’s violations of human rights in the coastal enclave, according to Egypt's Middle East News Agency.
There is no shortage of people in Gaza eager to testify about Israel to the UN - yesterday, the Al Mezan Center spent hours detailing hundreds of supposed Israeli crimes - but you won't find anyone willing to say a word against the terrorist government that actually occupies Gaza.

The UNHRC didn't send any delegations to Jordan, or Egypt, or Lebanon, and certainly not to Syria.

Because, for both delegations, blaming Israel for all the world's problems is a hell of a lot easier than actually trying to solve them.