Friday, July 06, 2012

Friday links by Ian

Latma summer short The Dour old Man

Caroline Glick Yitzhak Shamir's good, great life

Sarah Honing Polonium poisoning?

London Olympics may include memorial for Israeli victims of Munich attack
Jewish Chronicle reports that Opening Ceremony won’t have moment of silence, though
“The news that there might be a memorial during the opening ceremony for the Israeli sportsmen murdered in Munich is positive, but I still the urge the IOC to accept what is being asked from them from around the world, namely a one minute silence at the opening ceremony,” Ayalon told The Times of Israel. “Such a request has been made by many government and parliaments, which showed that it was never a political or a contentious demand, but a request for a basic humanitarian gesture.”

Palestinians' Islamist Spring by Khaled Abu Toameh
“Yet in the absence of a credible and organized Palestinian opposition in the West Bank, it is most likely that Hamas will hijack any "Palestinian Spring." Unfortunately, the young men and women who are leading the anti-Palestinian Authority campaign in the West Bank do not represent the majority. That is why a Palestinian Spring could quickly turn into an Islamist Spring, paving the way for Hamas to seize control over the West Bank.”

Hezbollah setting IDF up for another Goldstone'
Senior IDF officer says destruction in Lebanon will be extensive due to Hezbollah establishing command posts, bases in villages.

Anti Israel culture war of British liberal elites is not a grassroots movement
"Too many of our leading British academic and cultural institutions are in the thrall of left-wing activists, but anti-Semitism is far from rife at the British grassroots"

Toulouse yeshiva student beaten up in anti-Semitic attack

Florida DNC member quits, apologizes over Israel attack
“Evelyn Garcia wrote in 2011 email the Palestinians made to suffer a ‘guilt trip’ for the Holocaust”
State Department investigating UN agency for computer shipments to Iran and North Korea

Israeli company offers first ‘medical smartphone’
"LifeWatch Technologies has developed a device that essentially lets users get a full medical checkup just by picking up the phone"