Monday, July 02, 2012

El-Al has the most attractive flight attendants? (updated)

According to eChinaCities:
The World Air Stewardess Association has announced the “2012 World’s 10 Most Beautiful Air Hostess Airline Company” list, with Israeli airline, El Al Airlines, grabbing first prize.
This sounds a little fishy - who still uses the word "stewardesses?" - but it is a chance for some gratuitous photos, which I haven't done for a while.

This ad is from 1969, with Zehava Shilon modeling a new uniform .

Fasten your seatbelts… unfasten your seatbelts… magazine? care for a pillow? check your coat? are you comfortable enough? El Al means ‘to the skies,’ sir… just push the button… just pull the knob… yes, sir… no, sir… coffee, tea, or milk? piece of gum? piece of fruit? yes, ma’am… yes, sir… NO, SIR! coffee, tea, or milk? I’ll do that… I’m not allowed… I’m 28, sir… we’re not allowed. Sir, the wings always do that… no, ma’am… yes, ma’am… feel better? just push the button… just pull the knob… another pillow? isn’t that nice? here’s your dinner… no, sir… PLEASE, SIR! more coffee? fasten your seatbelts…. Shalom… Shalom… Shalom. I feel like I’ve walked all the way from Tel Aviv. I did!

And, finally, I found an ad for El-Al - pantyhose: (click to enlarge)

Unlike El-Al cigarettes, I don't think these were meant to have anything to do with the airline.

UPDATE: Jzaik found some recent videos of El Al flight attendants training: