Saturday, July 21, 2012

Egyptian importer charged for selling toy machine guns that "insult Aisha"

Egypt's Seventh Day newspaper reports that Egyptian officials are charging Raafat Hashim, 57, with a misdemeanor for possessing 63 toy machine guns that "insult Aisha."

The article notes that after an investigation, the guns were indeed found to be insulting Mohammed's favorite wife, and Hashim is being charged with "exploiting religion in promoting the dissemination of extremist ideas and sedition."

He says that he bought the toys six months ago in Cairo's Jewish quarter.

This story has been going around the entire Arab world since at least last year. We have shown video of a cleric in Sudan railing against the toy and then "proving" how it insults Aisha.

"Go, go, go. Pull over. Save the hostages." is being interpreted as "Shoot Aisha!"

One would think that Mr. Hashim has a good, solid defense. But then we must remember exactly what kind of judge is going to listen to him.