Friday, July 13, 2012

Best EoZ posts this week

Debunking "The Map That Lies"
A very short essay on Zionism

Unearthing reference material:
Fourth Geneva Conventions, Article 49 - the Travaux Préparatoires
English translation of the legal arguments in the Levy Report

Irony alert:
Hamas demolishing homes of pre-1948 Arabs

Arabs rewriting history:
Jordanian official calls Jewish refugees from Arab countries "fabrications"

Most under-reported story:
Iran promises not to send athletes against Israelis in London. Will the IOC sanction them?

Media bias:
Israel welcoming black Jews as citizens, so AP reports "racism"

Book review (and interview):
"David & Goliath: The explosive inside story of media bias in the Mideast conflict"

Best linked article:
Europe's new anti-semitism (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks)

Best photo post:
Central Park 7/11

Also, this week I head about an Israeli company named Uppsite that automatically turns blogs into phone apps. There are some glitches they are working through so my blog is not a full-blown app yet, but you can see it as a "sub-app" if you download the Uppsite app from the Apple App Store and then search for "Elder of Ziyon."

You can compare it with how it looks under Google Currents, another app (Android and Apple, tablet and phone) that turns any blog into a very attractive magazine, optimizing it for size.