Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Arabs think Temple Institute video is really an insult to Morsi

Last week I posted a video from The Temple Institute showing young kids on a beach building a sand-Temple,. At the time I noted that it would probably really upset the Islamists:

Well, it is indeed getting lots of attention in the Arabic media, but they are seeing a bizarre secret message.

While the newspaper that the father is reading has a number of stories about the Middle East, such as  "Assad forces  advance on rebel northern town," "Syria set to win seat on UN Human Rights Council," and about Iranian plans to build a nuclear powered submarine - all stories from July 5, by the way - the Arab media is fixated on the photo of  Mohamed Morsi that is briefly and barely visible when the father drops the newspaper:

According to these articles, which originated in Egypt and got picked up by dozens of Arab media outlets, the entire video is really meant to be an insult to Egypt's president!

When you are looking for reasons to be insulted, you tend to find them.