Friday, July 27, 2012

Anti-semitic attack roundup


Jewish campers terrorized in Pennsylvania:

Crown Heights youngster attacked with an iron rod

The Greek Jewish community in a letter to political leaders and the country's president expressed its “revulsion” to the swearing-in of an antisemitic musician as a national lawmaker.

"...The Jewish community took particular exception to Mathaiopoulos, who was a bass player in a hard rock Greek band called Pogrom, which has a “repertoire of fiercely racist, fascist, vulgar and antisemitic songs,” the lettter said, noting that a song titled “Auschwitz," has lyrics like “fuck Anne Frank”, “fuck the tribe of Abraham” and “piss on the Wailing Wall.”"
Additional antisemitic slogans in the song Pogrom (video included the link) include: “Juden raus” and “Auschwitz, how much I love it” (translation based on http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/international/article/385/greek-jewish-community-blasts-hate-music-golden-dawn-mp-statement)

Hungary neo-Nazis: Cash for info on Jews at protest (with videos)

"Antisemitic website offers 100,000 Forints ($450) for data on participants in protest against suspected war criminal Csatary."
BTW: The first video showing the protest is titled (goggle translate):
"Hooked nose hung before an empty house in the Jewish mob vérszagra sink"
The link includes also videos in English

U.N.’s Richard Falk accuses “the organized Jewish community” of crimes against Palestinians

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