Monday, July 02, 2012

Abbas digging the PA's grave

Mahmoud Abbas was interviewed by Voice of Palestine on its 18th anniversary, and the old dictator showed how tone-deaf he is to what's going on outside his own window.

He spoke about freedom of the press, and said that there is an obligation to tell the "truth" but that this obligation does not extend to "insults." Freedom of the press is not absolute, he said, adding that the news media should concentrate on "important" matters.

Given that this comes on the heels of Abbas' attempt to censor any media that is critical of his regime, it appears that Abbas is really out of touch with how his people think.

Even worse, this comes only a day after his own police violently suppressed a peaceful protest against his policies, indicating exactly where he feels that freedom of expression ends.

Fatah's popularity has been falling lately, and Abbas is showing exactly why. There have been protests before but this new wave seems that it might really be the Palestinian version of the Arab Spring. Abbas' new statements will only stoke the fire.

And another dictator that the US put its weight behind will be replaced by something even worse.