Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Abbas continues to whine and doubletalk

Want to hear Mahmoud Abbas' latest howler?

Speaking to Turkey's Anadolu news agency, according to Palestine Press Agency, he criticized the US and whined that "the United States does not pay attention to the peace process at this time because of concern about the country's presidential election in November."

And what exactly has Abbas done to further the peace process?

Translating the whining into English, what he is really saying is that the US is not pressuring Israel to give in to all of Abbas' demands and preconditions before "negotiations" can even start. (His implication is that should Obama win, then things can get back to how they were before the campaign began, when Abbas was quite pleased with the US role in pressuring Israel.)

Which has been his entire strategy for years - wait and try to get the world to pressure Israel, rather than actually do anything that might involve making concessions or compromises.

Will this revealing bit of doubletalk that shows Abbas' hypocrisy make it into the mainstream media? Ha!