Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UN General Assembly President's anti-Israel bias

From the UN News Centre:
General Assembly President Ali Treki expressed profound concern today at what he called the desecration of the ancient Muslim cemetery of Mamilla in Jerusalem.

In a note released by his spokesperson, Dr. Treki said he was “alarmed by the intent of erecting secular projects on the site of this holy sanctuary, which is the burial place of venerated religious figures for more than 14 centuries.”

The note added that the General Assembly President “believes that this would constitute a sacrilegious and provocative act against the spirit of peace as well as dialogue among civilizations and religions.”
We have discussed the Mamilla cemetery before: how the Arabs have been placing fake graves there, how a previous Arab leader treated this "venerated" cemetery as a cesspool, how the Supreme Muslim Council had planned to build an office park directly on top of the cemetery, and how the Israeli Supreme Court listened to the arguments of those opposed to the construction and ruled against them based on sound legal and historic reasoning.

Yet the UNGA president ignores all of this and flatly declares Israeli moves a "desecration."

The Libyan diplomat has shown yet again why the UN is a joke. Even so, this statement should be protested at the highest levels and the UN should be held accountable for supporting such a blatantly biased and misinformed statement.