Friday, August 06, 2010

Latest Zionist outrage: Destroying fake graves!

Palestine Today reports on an outraged statement by the Al Aqsa Heritage Foundation, claiming that on Wednesday night, Israel bulldozed dozens of ancient Islamic graves in the Mamilla cemetery in Jerusalem, calling it a "heinous crime."

Can you imagine? Jews destroying Muslim graves? How low can they go?

However, there seems to be another side to this story. From Arutz-7:

Following the exclusive Arutz Sheva report Wednesday morning that Muslims were enlarging the Mamilla cemetery with fake tombs, authorities removed the tombs by Wednesday evening.

Dozens of false tombs were “planted” just west of the cemetery, on land that is part of Independence Park (Gan HaAtzmaut) at city center. There were no graves beneath the tombs.

The fake tombs were removed by the Jerusalem Municipality and the Israel Lands Authority.

A municipality employee told Arutz Sheva that the faux graves were apparently part of a plan to have the Muslim Waqf submit a demand for the additional land to be placed under Muslim ownership.
The Wednesday report included video of the fake graves.

Here was the statement from the Jerusalem mayor's office:

The Jerusalem Municipality located the illegal activity at the site yesterday. The Municipality has contacted the Israel Lands Authority as the owner of the land to return things to their former state. The Municipality will not allow extremist elements to act illegally to change the status quo.