Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweden protects PalArab children from abuse. Arabs call it kidnapping.

Palestine Press Agency reports that the Consul General of Palestine in Sweden has complained that some 76 Palestinian Arab girls have been "kidnapped" by Swedish authorities.

The Swedish authorities say that the children were being beaten and abused by their parents, and they have been placed in foster homes to protect them. The consul charges that the girls are being raised in an alien culture with no regard to their native religion and customs.

The consul claims that 20 of the girls have lost their virginity while in their adopted homes. (I don't know exactly what polling methods he used to determine that fact.)

The diplomat says that the children's families are the most appropriate places to raise the kids.

A Swedish Arab of Palestinian origin whose daughter was taken away - presumably because he abused her - likened this "kidnapping" and raising the kids in the immoral Swedish culture to the Naqba, saying that Sweden was acting like Israel.

The article says that the children are being taken on the "pretext" of child abuse, but no one really denies that such abuse has indeed taken place.

Which means that the official Palestinian Arab position is that it is better for girls to be brought up with abuse and fear within their own culture than being treated with respect in Swedish culture.