Sunday, September 05, 2010

Egyptian op-ed questions Khaled Meshaal's masculinity

An op-ed in Egypt's Rosalyousef newspaper questions the masculinity of Hamas "political leader" Khaled Meshaal.

Abdullah Kamal, editor in chief of the paper, says that Meshaal cannot do anything from Damascus except pt out irrelevant statements every now and then. He is not in Gaza itself defending the people there; all he does is denounce and criticize.

While he claims that the talks in Washington have no legitimacy because the PA has no mandate, Kamal asks, who gave Meshaal himself any legitimacy? No one elected him.

The article goes on to ask what gives Meshaal any "manhood?" Is it the ability to criticize from afar? Is it the fact that he would not dare say a word without first checking with his Iranian sponsors and Syrian hosts? Is it throwing a wedding for his daughter that could have come out of Arabian Nights while Gaza starves?

Is it macho to keep thousands of prisoners in jail rather than deal them for Gilad Shalit?

The article concludes that Meshaal has no virility nor ethics, that he is not a real fighter, and simply takes advantage of his position for personal gain with no risk.