Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today's PalArab news 7-29-09

Fatah said they have a deal with Hamas where they will release 200 Hamas members from PA prisons and Hamas will allow 400 Fatah members to travel to Bethlehem for the Fatah conference scheduled for next week. Hamas said, not so fast. But either way we have shown that Fayyad's comments that the Hamas members couldn't be released because of the integrity of the PA justice system were just another lie.

Another tunnel collapsed overnight, injuring 7 people. There are still some missing from the previous tunnel collapses over the past couple of days.

And who is at fault for the tunnel collapses? According to Palestine Today, it is the Shin Bet! Using flawless logic, PalToday noticed that the owners of the tunnels don't get killed in these collapses, but only the young men they hired. The obvious reason is that they collude with the Israelis to kill the tunnel workers - Israelis, of course, want to kill every man in Gaza - and this way, the tunnel owners can get out of paying them! (The fact that they lose their income is obviously not relevant.)

Speaking of collaboration, Hamas responded to Netanyahu's comments that Hamas will be overthrown by the people of Gaza by saying that this was evidence that the PA is colluding with Israel. I'm not quite bright enough to see the connection.

Al Quds brings us a picture of the Hamas religious police. Hamas has started patrolling the beaches of Gaza on horseback to ensure that men are wearing tops, that women are modestly dressed, and that single men and women do not mix. The article says that this is the first visible manifestation of Hamas imposing Islamic laws on the general population of Gaza.