Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today's PalArab news 7-26-09

One more man killed in a smuggling tunnel collapse in Rafah.

Hamas' Interior Minister, who succeeded Said Siyam, vowed to hunt down all "collaborators." His predecessor was probably pinpointed by one of them, so he is saying he wants to make sure he doesn't end up dead.

The PCHR condemned Hamas' insistence that female lawyers in Gaza wear the hijab and jilbab.

One of the more popular, and extreme, PalArab English-language commentators thinks that the claims that Abbas and Dahlan plotted to assassinate Arafat are quite believable.

The Abu Rish Brigades of Fatah say they believe the claims about Abbas and Dahlan.

Hamas' minister of justice says he is ready to put anyone accused of assassinating Arafat on trial in Gaza.

The Sixth Fatah Conference is going to be a zoo!

Hamas is still threatening to stop Gaza Fatah members from attending the Fatah conference on August 4th, unless the PA releases a bunch of Hamas members from prison. In a hilarious response, PM Fayyad said that he doesn't have the power to do that, because the judicial system of the PA is completely independent of the legislative and executive divisions. It took him ten minutes to get that sentence out with a straight face. Fatah did say that the conference will go on without the Gaza members.

Also, Marwan Barghouti will nominate himself to the Fatah central committee from his jail cell in Israel.

The 2009 PalArab self-death count is now at 122.