Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gaza reference articles

Some previous posts that contain relevant information about Gaza:

How the UN Lies - The UN's "legal precedent" for defining Gaza as being "occupied" is purposefully deceptive.

Gaza and International Law

Is Gaza legally occupied?

About that humanitarian crisis.... While people whine about the "siege" no one mentions that terrorist groups have been targeting the crossings themselves for years.

Israel working to fix Gaza's sewage plant - while under attack

Israel sent teams of electricians into Gaza to fix its electric infrastructure, and even sent generators

"Humanitarian Crisis" - September 2008

Why was there a fuel shortage? (May 2008, April , January)

Egyptians find out that Gaza is in better shape that much of Egypt

Hamas war crimes - against Gazans

Hamas forcing Gaza bakeries to close - even though there was plenty of flour

15 years of a "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza - can't believe there are any Gazans left!

And, of course, my Qassam rocket calendars.