Friday, November 23, 2007

About that Gaza humanitarian crisis....

From Ma'an (Arabic):
The commander of the [Fatah-based] Ahmed Abu Rish Martyr Brigades yesterday claimed responsibility for the bombing of the Sufa three military-type missiles Amr 2.

The battalions in a press release wrote: "This operation came in a series Covenant and fulfill the spirit of the martyr leader Yasser Arafat, the symbol, stressing adherence to the approach of resistance as a strategic choice".
There are multiple daily bombing and rocket attacks attacks against crossings between Gaza and Israel, so this would hardly be noteworthy if it wasn't for this:
Israel will allow the opening of the Sufa crossing for the passage of agricultural produce, beginning with strawberries and flowers and then expanding to include other produce, [Agriculture Minister Shalom] Simchon told Israel Radio.

For the first time in weeks, the crossing was opened Tuesday for two hours to allow the passage into the Gaza Strip of 200 calves, the radio said.
So the "militants" are doing everything necessary to shut down Gaza's lifeline.

In the unparalleled logic of Palestinian Arab leaders and their apologists, hurting thousands of PalArabs is a strategic long-term goal because the perceived benefit - that forcing their people to suffer helps their public relations - far outweighs the misery that they inflict on their own people.

The funny thing is that events like this gain next to no coverage in the Western media, and Hamas certainly doesn't dare condemn such acts of "resistance," so in a perverse way it works. People see Gaza suffering, no one sees how much of it is inflicted by Gazan "leaders" themselves.