Friday, November 16, 2007

Israel fixes Gaza electricity problem

As the misozionistic world (and their useful idiots) keep claiming that Israel has already started reducing electricity to Gaza, it turns out that Israel has done the opposite: gone out of their way to fix Gaza electrical grid problems:
Earlier this week a technical malfunction in the electricity network in northern Gaza caused a power outage that some Palestinians thought was the beginning of the "Gaza blackout" plan proposed by Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

To solve the problem, the Israel Electric Corp. (IEC) agreed to transfer the equipment needed to fix the network to their Gazan counterparts. Senior Israeli officials confirmed that the IDF had facilitated the transfer.

The officials further said that the operation had been a success and the Palestinians were able to restore power.

The IEC emphasized that none if its personnel entered Gaza or directly participated in the repairs.
Palestine Press Agency (Arabic) quotes Maariv as saying that Israeli involvement went much deeper (autotranslated):
[The IDF] decided to introduce the crew of technicians from the Israeli Electricity Company in the Gaza Strip under heavy security protection since been transferred professionals Israelis are wearing flak jackets in armored cars within the sector and after the Israeli Electricity Company technicians careful examination lasted several hours, Israeli technicians returned to Israel after it was identified that cause the imbalance in power outages north of the sector and found that the defect lies in a malfunction in the electrical transformer located in an area Attatrh Beit Lahiya.

After further assessment of the situation on the Israeli side, ...the Israeli army decided to introduce professional Israelis once again within the sector to the settlement of Nisanit, where they previously divorcing electric transformer from the Attatrh They took him to the settlement of Nisanit, where they [repaired] under the cover of air and land and sea by the Israeli army.
What a bunch of genocidal racists these Israelis are, risking their own lives to fix the electricity of people who overwhelmingly want to destroy them!