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From Ian:

The Indigenous Sovereignty Movement Called Zionism
Furthermore, another question: Does every people-group around the world have a place to which it is indigenous except the Jews? Of course not. The word Jew comes from Judah, son of Israel, a patriarch for whom the nation is named—long before Judea was renamed to “Palestine” in the fourth century by Roman conquerors.

A beautiful truth concerning the Jewish people is that a tenet of the founding principles (the Ten Words/Commandments) includes a command not to steal and not to covet what a neighbor owns. This includes property. By and large, the Jewish people have observed this principle, sticking to only wanting what their Deity entrusted to their nation. Jews do not lay claim to Iraq or Egypt. They do not engage in wars of conquest against their neighbors or seek to establish global empires.

Furthermore, the Jewish people—unlike some other groups—do not have a historical, worldwide effort to force-convert and proselytize the known universe into their faith, culture, fashion, and customs or to set up diaspora colonies in every possible country to force their Torah upon unassuming local indigenous tribes, overriding and usurping local legal law. To do so would have been to transgress into becoming colonizers.

We recognize the Jewish people as the indigenous people of Israel, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. More than that, Israel is the prime example of hope for other displaced indigenous tribes worldwide. Here is why: Israel stands as the original land-back and decolonization model multiple times in history. The Jewish people have kept a fire burning deep within their hearts even through the historical traumas of forced removals, conversions, crusades, torture, inquisitions, assimilation, and colonization by multiple empires. That inner fire speaks of an eternal promise of returning to the land of their ancestors and never again being removed. Moreover, when given the opportunity, many have returned to the place of their indigenous inception—Israel.

An ancient tribal people, the Jews, an entire nation taken hostage, enslaved, and scattered to the four directions on countless trails of tears, have been restored to the place of their origin, to the locations of their sacred places, to the land that holds their ancestors’ bones. Even the soil responds, blossoming and springing to life when its original caretakers walk upon it once again. This is the dream of any indigenous person: to return home to the land of their ancestors, to the origin place of their traditions, customs, beliefs, and language.

Empowering the Jewish people to dwell safely in their ancestral sovereign land, allowing them to self-govern as they protect their borders and people, ensuring they have charge of their own holy sites—this is Zionism. This is the essence of being indigenous.

Six years ago, in 2018, we had the vision of an indigenous embassy in Israel. While we first applied the vision to First Nations of North America, our elders later told us to expand our vision to a worldwide indigenous embassy for people all over the earth to support Israel’s declaration of indigeneity.

Now, the Indigenous Embassy of Jerusalem is a reality. It will celebrate Israel as her people, in the words of Rabbi Pesach Stadlin, “re-indigenize.” As the first nation to be restored to the boundaries of its original covenant land with the Creator, Israel stands as a beacon of hope not just to Jews around the globe but to all indigenous people—worldwide.
‘We are a great nation’: Bereaved father slams anti-gov’t protesters
The father of an IDF soldier killed in action in Gaza has denounced renewed anti-government protests, accusing demonstrators of using the plight of bereaved families and the relatives of hostages to further their political aims.

“Nobody should burn the country down,” Hagay Lober, whose son Staff Sgt. (res.) Elisha Yehonatan Lober, 24, was killed in the southern Gaza Strip in December, wrote in a viral Facebook post on Sunday.

“You cannot dismantle the country. You cannot riot. You cannot block roads. You cannot clash with the police. You cannot call for military [refusal to serve]. You cannot attempt to break into the prime minister’s house,” added Lober.

He spoke after protesters gathered at the Knesset on Sunday night, demanding that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu resign and agree to early elections. A day earlier, some families of hostages announced that they would join forces with those calling to overthrow the government.

“I was completely shocked that people were speaking like this after October 7. It felt like a second knock at my door. The first knock was the army coming to tell me that Yehonatan fell in battle in Gaza,” Lober told JNS on Tuesday.

“I am not a fighter. All I have is my Facebook page, so I wrote what I needed to say. I felt that I had the right as a bereaved parent to tell the hostage families to stop this. We are brothers, we only have one country. We should do things right. After, I was happy to see that the majority of people in Israel think like me,” he added.

On Saturday night, 16 people were arrested in Tel Aviv for blocking roads and violating public order. Protesters also clashed with police in Jerusalem, where some 200 people broke through barriers to protest near Netanyahu’s official residence, and in Caesarea, where they blocked roads close to the premier’s private home.

The demonstrators called for the prime minister to resign in a familiar chant heard during the protests against judicial reform in the months preceding Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack.
Daniel Gordis: "Even if you have family kidnapped in Gaza, I'm not going to let you burn this country down."
The post above was written by Hagai Luber, father of Yonatan Luber, z’l, 24, who was killed in battle in last December in Southern Gaza, leaving behind a pregnant wife and a nine-month old son. His words were then posted on Instagram here.

Here is what Yonatan Luber’s father wrote, via social media, to the protesters now swarming the capital:

No one is going to burn my country down.

I'm tired of the threats from the extremists.
Yes, even if these extremists have family members being held in Gaza
You're not going to burn this country.
There's no way.
And if you have to be resisted, I will resist.
Millions of people are staring at you, without believing what they're seeing, without agreeing, with horror,
And only out of respect for you, they're staying quiet.
I will not stay quiet.

My son was killed in Gaza.
He went to defend and to free your children
and he was killed.
He left everything, a pregnant wife and a nine month old son
And was killed.
He will never come back. Not in any "deal."

So I have the right to say to you:
You have no right to pull the country apart
You have no right to go crazy on the streets
You have no right to block roads
You have no right to scuffle with police officers
You have no right to call for people to refuse army service
You have no right to shake police cars
You have no right to try to break in to the Prime Minister's home.

That your children are being held captive in Gaza
It hurts, it saddens, it cuts us all to shreds inside
It will get me to send, once again, my three remaining sons
to fight, to put themselves in danger--for you.

But all that gives you no special rights.

You have no right to "take off the gloves"
You have no right to curse elected public officials
You have no right to scream "Shame!"
You have no right to create public mayhem
You have no right to block the airport
You have no right to call for a general strike.

Control yourselves. Do you hear me?
C O N T R O L Y O U R S E L V E S.

Express your views, but don't shout.
Say that we need a "deal" now, but don't block streets
Say we need an "everyone for everyone" deal but don't call for revolution.
Say that the Knesset should not be going out on recess, but don't threaten
Say that it's high time to vote Bibi out, but don't light fires
Say that we need elections now, but don't you dare try to swarm the Knesset
Say that everyone failed, but don't even think
about the possibility of revolution.

Stop threatening this people.
That's your view. We heard you. Now don't force it on anyone.

Want to hear my views, too?

To my mind, Yonatan was killed because of the Oslo agreements,
which some of you supported.
To my mind, Yonatan was killed because of the Disengagement from Gaza,
which some of your encouraged
with pro-disengagement signs at the entrances to kibbutzim.

Brendan O'Neill: The unbearable sanctimony of the ‘pro-Palestine’ set
This bourgeois catfight over whose virtue-signal will be most effective reveals so much about the fashion for boycotting Israel. It’s increasingly clear that the fad for forswearing Israeli music and culture and food is less about liberating Palestine than about liberating one’s own ego. It’s about making a spectacle of one’s own moral rectitude. Being Israel-free has become a shortcut to the righteous highground, a means for movers and shakers to say: ‘See how pure I am?’ The clash between Queers for Palestine and Olly Alexander isn’t over the most effective way to assist Gaza – it’s a virtue-off, a tussle between tossers over who’s the most morally worthy.

This explains why such an obviously crazy group as Queers for Palestine can exist. This suicidally oxymoronic movement is proof that ‘pro-Palestine’ activism is less about getting to grips with what’s going on over there than about providing a cheap moral rush to bored radicals over here. We all know that if these tattooed trustafarians who think men can breastfeed went anywhere near Gaza their pronouns would be was / were quicker than you could say ‘Free Palestine!’. But that just doesn’t register with the ‘queers’ themselves, partly because they are so consumed by imperious pity for Palestine that they refuse to believe anyone there is capable of wrongdoing (yes, this is racist), but mainly because they have reduced ‘Palestine’ to a platform for virtuous preening and in the process have denuded it of its reality and complexity.

‘Palestine’ isn’t a place to these people – it’s a buzzword, an entirely abstracted thing. Noisily declaring oneself to be ‘For Palestine’ is little more than a proclamation of one’s decency, one’s fitness for membership of the cultural in-group. Wearing a Palestine pin, or better yet a keffiyeh, and absolutely refusing to buy Israeli oranges are not political positions in the old-fashioned sense – they’re signals sent to other members of polite society. ‘I’m one of you’, they say. The boycotting of Israel must be the first boycott in history where the aim is less to effect change in the concrete world than to massage egos in the emotional one.

The weaving together of Israel / Gaza with the self-image of our own woke elites explains why ‘pro-Palestine’ activism has become so unbelievably annoying. It’s because what masquerades as a solidarity movement is in truth a haughty performance of moral superiority. The more that being ‘Israel-free’ and ‘For Palestine’ become signifiers of woke rectitude, the more the whole movement will become a demonstration of such rectitude – a lording of the heightened sensitivities of the socially aware elites over the apathy of the masses. What do you mean you don’t hate Israel with every fibre of your being? What’s wrong with you?

Witness the storming of St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City during the Easter service by climate and Palestine activists. One yelled ‘Free Palestine!’. This wasn’t a protest against Israel – it was a protest against the lower orders, the plebs in the pews, by professional activists who clearly think being ‘pro-Palestine’ makes them better than everyone else. Or witness the blocking of the British Museum, again by climate and Palestine activists. Such grating stunts do less than nothing for Gazans, but they do allow our higher-ups to remind us riff-raff of how much more ‘aware’ they are than us. Marches for Palestine play a similar role, allowing graduate elites to traipse into city centres to tyrannise low-born shoppers with their correct opinions.

Behold the unbearable sanctimony of the ‘pro-Palestine’ set. Palestine activism has become a relief valve for the political and media classes’ pent-up feelings of social superiority that they otherwise struggle to express in these PC times. Finally they’ve found the perfect cover for giving voice to their cultural supremacy. We end up with the rank spectacle of upper-class ‘queer’ kids from a country that has caused vastly more deaths in the Middle East than Israel has looking down their pierced noses at Israel and everyone who supports it or who fails to manically hate it. They are more like their imperial forebears than they will ever know.
The ‘Tectonic Shift’ in Media That Changed Perceptions of Israel: ‘What’s Left Is a System Run by Activists’
This black-and-white construction is most nakedly evident on elite American university campuses where the Palestinian cause is just, no matter the atrocities committed by Hamas, and the Israeli response genocidal. The media has begun to reflect aspects of this binary world view.

I asked [Matti] Friedman what he thought was the biggest misconception Americans have about the Israeli-Hamas conflict. He did not hesitate. “Americans think this is a story about inequality,” he said. ”And about their own inequality. They graft their politics onto this conflict.” In fact, Friedman said, it’s about something else entirely: “This is a story about the rise of radical Islam – in Iraq. In Syria. Yemen. Algeria. Afghanistan. Parts of Africa.

“There are six million Jews here trying to hack it. Making good decisions. Bad decisions. It has nothing to do with what’s happening in America. Americans are self-involved.”

His comical example is the time Israel rescued two hostages in Gaza on Super Bowl Sunday, and U.S. commenters suggested Israel had used the event as a diversion. “Most people in Israel have never heard of the Super Bowl,” Friedman said. “It’s a silly example of a real problem. American think that everything is about them.”

It’s unclear what the solution is, if there is one. Friedman has become a freelance writer, contributing to The Atlantic magazine and Bari Weiss’s Free Press publication, which has a strong bent against the media politics of the far left. He prefers staying away from mainstream publications. But he is willing to speak up about what he has seen, as few others are.

Can we fix it?

He shrugged. “The tectonic plates are shifting,” he said. “It’s a time to say what we really think.”
Seth Mandel: The Real Reason Al Jazeera Faces Suspension in Israel
Is it because, as former Swedish prime minister Carl Bildt claims, Israel is an authoritarian state and “that’s what authoritarian regimes often do”? Bildt’s objections are interesting, in that he has been a European Union supporter and official throughout his public career, and the European Union, as Bildt surely knows, banned Russia Today and Sputnik two years ago.

This offers us a clue as to why Bildt feels the way he does: He’s experiencing psychological projection. After all, as an EU spokesman spelled out: “The Kremlin regime transformed state-controlled media into instruments of information manipulation and information warfare. That is why the European Union banned [a] number of them, including Russia Today and Sputnik from EU media space.”

It could be, then, that Bildt sees in Israel’s actions echoes of his beloved EU’s “authoritarianism,” though to Bildt that’s the good kind of authoritarianism. It’s only bad when Israel does it.

Bildt will be happy to know that this isn’t why Israel has considered temporarily suspending al Jazeera.

What about White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s contention that the move is “concerning” because it threatens “freedom of the press”? Or Ian Bremmer’s suggestion that this is “not a sign of a healthy democracy”?

The “good” news, if we can use that word, is that the White House and the ChatGPT-programmed think tankers of the Twittersphere are simply spreading misinformation. Having nothing to do with the EU’s explicitly speech-based ban on Russian networks, Al Jazeera has crossed two non-journalism-related lines.

The first is that Israel intelligence agencies claim to have caught Al Jazeera passing along Israeli troop locations to its Hamas allies, which are funded by the same regime as Al Jazeera. That is, Qatar is simply coordinating between its military wing and its propaganda wing.

The second is that Al Jazeera has been found giving press credentials to multiple people who turned out to be soldiers in Hamas’s war on Israel. That would be indisputable grounds for suspending an agency’s credentials.
Photographers who joined the Oct. 7 pogrom deserve censure, not awards
Only in an era in which many, if not most, of those who work in journalism consider it to be a form of political activism, rather than a search for the truth, could something like the disgusting image of Louk be considered worthy of being honored as the photo of the year.

Only in a journalism environment in which Israelis are routinely delegitimized and slandered by woke ideologues because they are falsely branded as “white oppressors” or “settler/colonialists” in a country where only Jews are the indigenous people could someone who was part of the Oct. 7 terror attacks be given a major award.

Only in a time when critical race theory and intersectionality have conquered the major institutions of journalism could the murder and rape of Jews be glamorized in this fashion and then rewarded with acclaim.

Only in a moment in history where antisemitism has not just surged but been mainstreamed by the gatekeepers of journalism could the image of the degradation of a Jewish woman by terrorists be considered not just acceptable but an example of outstanding work.

The decision of the Reynolds Institute is consistent with the way much of the press has become the stenographers of Hamas and their fellow travelers on the American left. It is just one more signal to the public that the liberal press doesn’t only merit our distrust but also our disgust at their vile complicity in mass murder.
Joe Rogan's know-nothing Gaza commentary
Some brave souls still confront the lies head-on

Nonetheless, there still remain a few brave souls who are willing to confront the lies head-on, and one of them is John Spencer, chair of Urban Warfare Studies at the Modern War Institute, who has just returned from Gaza. Publicly challenging Rogan over his malicious comments, Spencer posted the following, “I am one of the world’s leading experts on urban warfare. Let’s have a conversation about the facts, opinions, disinformation, myths about it and the history of warfare.”

Spencer goes into detail in a Times Radio YouTube interview on March 28, explaining what methods the IDF uses in order to minimize casualties, and it’s well worth hearing. The question is whether or not Rogan is willing to listen to a real expert whose career has been dedicated to studying war and who also made the trip to Gaza to see what is actually happening for himself, rather than taking the unreliable word of biased antisemites whose agenda is to do injury to the reputation of Israel and their military.

Of course, such a face-to-face meeting might result in the need for Rogan to change his position and sincerely apologize for his baseless and ignorant remarks, which were not authenticated nor even prudently considered before rushing to detonate the verbal grenade he so carelessly lit.

As many know, a fallacious claim is more often heard and disseminated than the retraction or apology that follows, once the truth comes out, and so even if Rogan does see the error of his ways, some may not hear or want to hear that part of the story.

In the end, it often comes down to another post made by Spencer as he quotes Mark Twain, “No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.”
American Jews Should Become a Little More Israeli
It’s not that American Jews haven’t been standing up for ourselves. We have. Since Oct. 7, I’ve traveled to Jewish communities across the country and the outrage and action has been inspiring. Letter-writing, sign-holding, traveling to Israel, traveling to Washington, giving donations to certain institutions and withholding donations from others, attending school board meetings and curriculum discussions, battling on social media—the Jewish American community is activated in a way I’ve never seen. So yes, Jewish Americans are in this fight.

But still, this process of Israeli drift has pushed me to consider just how much Jewish Americans might have to change our mindset in order to fight this evil.

Here’s what I mean. In a widely circulated commercial about antisemitism, a suburban Jewish mother and daughter leave their house only to see a swastika with the words “No Jews” spray-painted on their garage. The mother and daughter get in their car and leave, and their presumably non-Jewish neighbor ends up painting over the vandalism by the time they come home. The mother gets out of her car and exchanges a knowing nod of appreciation with her neighbor. I understood the commercial to be about inspiring allyship. Thank you, non-Jewish neighbor for recognizing that something was wrong and taking action to stop it. Thank you for being a good and decent person. Thank you for being an upstander and a friend. We need much much, more of this, I thought.

So I was surprised when my friend, who is Israeli, had a completely different take on the commercial. Not only didn’t the story resonate with him, it seemed a little bit off. “Not what I want to see,” he muttered. “She doesn’t know how to use a paintbrush? She can’t take care of herself? She’s going to sit and wait and hope someone else steps in. She should show her daughter the swastika and they should paint it over together.” Where I saw others supporting Jews as a positive message, he saw that American Jews don’t yet get the message that aggressively standing up for ourselves, perhaps more often than not by ourselves, is a necessary step in fighting antisemitism.

I think I understand his feelings, because American Jews are playing defense a lot lately. I should know, going around the country in these past few months I’ve also addressed non-Jewish audiences—some of which are quite hostile toward me. When I speak to that type of audience, I hear myself participating in a kind of defensive dance, a strange ritual of self-humiliation where I try to disprove the conspiracy theory of antisemitism.

Not all Jews are rich, I tell people. I explain that about 20% of Jewish New Yorkers live below the poverty line. On the one hand I’m trying to show that the conspiracy theory about us is factually incorrect. But on the other, what if most Jews were rich? Would that mean that we actually were controlling the world? That the conspiracy theory of antisemitism was true?

Not all Jews are white, I tell people. I explain that about 70% of Jews in Israel certainly aren’t from European descent. On the one hand, I’m trying to explain to people that Jews have lived around the globe for centuries and that we are beautifully diverse. But on the other hand, what if we were all light-skinned? Would that make Jews guilty of racism or oppression? Would that “prove” the conspiracy theory? Or at least validate it?

And worst of all, we are genocide survivors, I tell people. I explain that 6 million Jews were murdered in living memory, including 1 million children. On the one hand, I’m trying to teach Jewish history. I am fighting for facts. A significant percentage of millennials believe that 2 million or 3 million Jews were murdered in the Shoah rather than 6 million. It’s my obligation to fight against these falsehoods. But on the other hand, am I also begging people not to hate us by reminding them we are victims?

Jewish Americans around the country are doing a similarly defensive dance: defending a war, defending a state, defending Zionism, defending Jewish existence in universities, on boards, in justice work, and in civil society. Defending the existence of Jews itself.

All this defense leads me to a core philosophical question: What would it look like if American Jews decided to play philosophical offense? The conspiracy theories of antisemitism aren’t true; rather they are a series of boundaryless lies. But we will also never be able to prove they are wholly false because they are not driven by rationale or reason. So, what if instead of defensively saying what we aren’t, we took a different approach and we chose to assertively say what we are?

It might look something like this: Jews are experts in civil disagreement—we have thousands of years of lived experience and documented evidence of how to argue with respect and how to engage in meaningful debate. We can help to heal the brokenness of public discourse with this knowledge. Jews possess ancient wisdom about justice. Amos, Micah, Isaiah—these are the voices to which we could be turning. Jews know about the value of work-life balance, the dangers of over-reliance on technology, the importance of face-to-face connection—God explained these things to us through the gift of Shabbat long ago. Jews have lived experiences to share that could help others understand current events—about immigration, refugeeism, persecution, and survivorship. Jews love to dance around the Torah, to braid bread, and to ask questions. We have so much to offer, to teach, and to share. Maybe we should start telling people about these things and countless others rather than defending ourselves against a cruel and unyielding conspiracy theory.
Antisemitism Task Force Co-Chair David Schizer Discusses His Work
The conversation focused on the task force’s first report and the experiences of Jews and Israelis at Columbia.

Late last month, Columbia Professor David Schizer sat down with journalist and Columbia College alumna Jen Maxfield Ostfeld for a conversation titled, “How Columbia is Ensuring Its Campus is Safe and Inclusive,” as part of the AlumniTalk series hosted by the Columbia College Alumni Association.

Schizer is Harvey R. Miller Professor of Law and Economics and Dean Emeritus of Columbia Law School and co-chair of Columbia’s Task Force on Antisemitism, alongside Ester R. Fuchs and Nicholas Lemann.

The online discussion focused on the Task Force on Antisemitism’s first set of recommendations, which came out in early March and covered Columbia’s rules on protests and demonstrations. Additional reports are forthcoming that will document and analyze the discrimination and bias reported by many Jewish and Israeli members of the Columbia community. These reports will recommend a range of responses to sensitize and educate the entire community and to promote a more inclusive atmosphere.

The Experience of Jewish Students
“We have heard some things that are really heartbreaking,” he said. He mentioned a Jewish law student who shared the experience of attending a pro-Palestinian rally and being spit upon. “There's a way in which communal bonds are fraying, and in which students no longer feel comfortable in settings where they used to,” he added.
The problem with the Palestinian Church Has Christianity reconciled itself with Israel's existence?
Perhaps bad journalism informed the Oregon senator Jeff Merkley, who decided on Sunday to declare, “On this Easter, let’s ponder Netanyahu’s indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, which has killed more than 20,000 women and children, and his restriction of humanitarian aid, which has pushed Palestinians to the brink of famine.” Merkley, knowingly or not, here followed in the centuries-old tradition of using this major Christian holiday to accuse Jews, falsely, of murdering children. Happily, such messages have become rare in Western Christian preaching, and many churches actively reject them.

Yet religiously sanctioned anti-Semitism is alive and well, across denominations, in Arab churches in Israel. Giles Fraser, an Anglican vicar who has lived in Israel for several years, explains why he chooses to pray at a Pentecostal church in south Tel Aviv rather than one that matches his liturgical preferences more closely:

The rector of St. Andrew’s Ramallah and St. Peter’s Birzeit, Father Fadi Diab, preached in Southwark Cathedral, my cathedral [in England], earlier this month. He spoke very movingly of the great suffering of the people of Gaza, linking it to the sufferings of Jesus on the cross. I totally understand that. But nevertheless, he didn’t take the opportunity to condemn Hamas.

There are bad eggs in every Church. But there is no doubt that there is a radical anti-Israeli side to Palestinian Christianity, to such an extent that parts of the Church have developed something of a distaste for the Jewish underpinnings of Christianity, including even the very presence of the Hebrew scriptures within the Christian Bible. The Palestinian Anglican priest Father Naim Ateek has written: “Since the creation of the state [of Israel], some Jewish and Christian interpreters have read the Old Testament largely as a Zionist text to such an extent that it has become almost repugnant to Palestinian Christians.”

In the 2nd century, the Christian teacher Marcion argued that the Old Testament taught of a violent malevolent God, as opposed to the good God of the New Testament. He was rightly condemned by the early Church as a heretic. Elements of Marcionism continue in the Palestinian Church today.

Fraser goes on to recount meeting a Jewish Israeli who had been baptized into the Church of England and ordained as a priest. Of course, the convert said, the Jerusalem Dioceses wouldn’t ordain him, since in their eyes he remained a Jew.
Poilievre wades into Middle East conflict during speech to Montreal-area synagogue
Blames Oct. 7 attacks on Iran, says Conservatives would 'defund antisemitism'

It can be one of the thorniest issues for Canadian politicians — highly divisive and filled with decades of fighting, with potential for political blowback from one side or the other.

While conflict has raged in the Middle East in recent months, federal Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has tended to focus on bread-and-butter domestic issues, such as inflation and the Liberal government's carbon tax.

In the House of Commons, Poilievre has referred to Israel or Gaza only a handful of times.

However, during a speech at a Montreal-area synagogue last week, Poilievre provided one of the most comprehensive glimpses since becoming Conservative leader of his relationship with Israel, his views on the conflict in the Middle East and the history of the Jewish people.

His speech at Beth Israel Beth Aaron Congregation — an Orthodox synagogue in Côte Saint-Luc, Que. — also potentially foreshadows the approach a Poilievre government would take on issues such as the Middle East, which he described as a difficult question, and antisemitism.

Officials from Poilievre's office have not yet responded to requests from CBC News for comment.

The synagogue is located in Liberal MP Anthony Housefather's riding of Mount Royal. Housefather, a longtime Liberal who is Jewish, is currently reflecting on his future in the party after most of his fellow caucus members voted on March 18 in favour of a controversial but non-binding NDP motion to work toward the recognition of the State of Palestine as part of a negotiated two-state solution.

Conservatives, three Liberals, including Housefather, and independent MP Kevin Vuong voted against the motion.
Labour cuts ties with organisation named as Islamist by Gove
Labour has cut ties with a Muslim organisation, identified by Michael Gove as Islamist, which is to be investigated for extremism.

The party told The Telegraph it had adopted a policy “to not engage” with Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend). Labour MPs have previously attended events organised by the group. Mend has warned that Labour’s stance risks alienating Muslim voters.

Researchers into extremism have identified at least half a dozen Labour politicians who have attended Mend events.

The group is one of three described last month by Mr Gove, the Communities Secretary, as “giving rise to concern because of their Islamist orientation and views”. He said all would be investigated for extremism.

Labour MP Richard Burgon has praised Mend’s work as “vital” in holding people to account for Islamophobia.

Barry Sheerman, a fellow Labour MP, said he had attended a Mend event but was “disturbed” to subsequently discover that it allegedly hosted people with “deeply objectionable” views. He said he had not since had any engagement with it.

Told of the non-engagement policy, Mend said it was “unaware” of any such official Labour position but warned such a move would “harm the Labour Party, which is already haemorrhaging the Muslim vote”.

Mr Gove used Parliamentary privilege to name the three groups when he announced a new definition of extremism, which will be used to identify organisations that will be barred from contact with the Government or its agencies.

The other two were the Muslim Association of Britain and Cage, which was formed to campaign on the plight of Guantanamo Bay detainees. A full list of organisations is to be published by Mr Gove’s Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities within weeks.

Spain will unilaterally recognise Palestinian state by the summer says prime minister
Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said his country will recognize Palestinian statehood by July.

He made his remarks to journalists on Monday while visiting Jordan’s capital Amman during the first day of a Middle East tour, which will also take him to Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Sánchez tied the decision to events expected to unfold in the Gaza war ahead of European Parliament elections in early June.

He said there will soon be a “critical mass” within the European Union to push several member states to adopt the position.

At a European Council meeting on March 22, Sánchez sided with the leaders of Ireland, Malta and Slovenia calling to “take the first steps” toward recognizing Palestinian statehood in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Israel condemned those calls, saying recognition would be a prize for those who carried out the barbaric acts of October 7.

“The comments of the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, about recognizing a Palestinian state, as well as the joint statement by Spain, Malta, Slovenia and Ireland about their readiness to recognize a Palestinian state, constitute a reward for terrorism,” Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Haiat tweeted on March 25.

Similarly, Gilad Erdan, Israel’s UN ambassador, condemned on Monday those who would support the Palestinian Authority’s effort to press the United Nations to vote it into the world body as a full member, upgrading its status from ‘observer’.

“Whoever supports recognizing a Palestinian state at such a time not only gives a prize to terror, but also backs unilateral steps which are contradictory to the agreed upon principle of direct negotiations,” Erdan said.
South Africa: Safe-haven for Hamas, Islamic State and al-Qaeda Terrorists
"The South African government is the same thing as Hamas. It's an Iranian proxy, and its role in the war is to fight the ideological and ideas war to stigmatize Jews around the world. " — Frans Cronje, CEO Race Relations Institute, interview on Chai FM Radio, January 26, 2024.

The ANC's lax monitoring and prosecution of the terrorist presence in South Africa may have been the result of an understanding between the government and terrorist groups not to execute terror operations in the country while permitting fundraising to continue without interference from South African law enforcement agencies.

Adding to South Africa's concerns is the possibility that its citizens waging jihad in Mozambique may eventually return and apply their combat experience at home to target the ANC regime.
Squad member Ilhan Omar faces VERY tight race to keep her seat: Democratic Rep. who has heavily criticized Israel is tied with her Minnesota primary challenger, new poll shows
Rep. Ilhan Omar's Democratic primary challenger is tied with the progressive squad member in a rematch race in the latest poll and is campaigning as a progressive who can work with President Joe Biden.

Former Minneapolis City Council member Don Samuels is again challenging squad member Omar in the primary election on August 13 after coming within just 2.1 percent of the congresswoman in 2022.

It comes as Omar and other so-called squad members face backlash for their push for constituents to protest vote against Biden in the Democratic primary for backing Israel in its war with Hamas terrorists operating out of Palestinian enclave of Gaza.

Both Omar and Samuels earned 41 percent support among 519 Democratic voters in Minnesota's 5th congressional district, according to the Victoria Research poll released by Samuels' campaign.

Arabs attack Jewish shepherd whose mother was murdered on 7/10
A number of Arabs on Tuesday attacked Yedidya Talia, a Jewish shepherd from the Talia farm on Mount Hebron, near the town of Yatir.

The Arab attackers hurled rocks. One of the rocks hit Talia's head, and another hit his shoulder. Talia managed to call security forces to the scene, as he protected his body and attempted to protect his flock of sheep.

The forces arriving at the scene succeeded in arresting four of the attackers.

Paramedics arriving at the scene provided Talia with initial medical treatment and evacuated him to the hospital in moderate condition.

A statement by the Mount Hebron council read: "The violent attack in the pastures took place as Bezalel, Yedidya's brother and the manager of the farm, is serving in the Judea Brigade, as he has been since the beginning of the war. The Arabs, who apparently noticed this, used his absence to attack the shepherd."

Talia noted, "Some of the Arab attackers even worked in the nearby town of Yatir before the war broke out - something which really brings home how dangerous it is to bring Arab workers into [Jewish] towns."
Israel finally designates Yemen's Houthis as terror organization
Almost six months after the first Houthi missile attack aimed at Israel and six months after the first of many recurring Houthi attacks targeting international shipping routes in the Red Sea, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Tuesday signed a decree designating the Ansar Allah Movement, also known as the Houthi movement, as a formally recognized terrorist organization.

The unheeded call
The move comes two years after the previous attempt to designate the organization as a terrorist group. In January 2022, former MK and Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Tzvi Hauser called on Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to designate the Houthis as terrorist organizations.

He cited Iran’s supplying of the Houthis with long-range cruise missiles and maritime capabilities, featuring intelligence-gathering and potential hostilities against naval targets.

By that point, the Biden administration had canceled the Trump administration’s designation of the Houthis as a terrorist organization, Hauser told The Jerusalem Post, saying he wanted Israel to spearhead the fight against terrorism in the Middle East on the backdrop of the Houthi attacks against the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Hauser praised Israel’s decision and said he hoped the Israeli security apparatuses would carry out an internal investigation to understand how to better prepare for any upcoming threats in the future.

“At the basis of my call two years ago was a general, birds-eye stance vis-à-vis the regional issues, as such a step also constitutes an important alignment with the Saudis and the Emiratis against the Iranian axis,” he said.

Jordanian Activists Demand End to Peace With Israel
Expert Analysis
“Jordan’s current troubles are largely born of the regime’s unforced errors. The decision to feed into the pro-Hamas narrative has only emboldened the extreme voices in the country. This was as predictable as it is frustrating. Now the regime must find a way to bring down the temperature on the street, with the Gaza war months away from its end. One can only hope that the internal tension does not continue to escalate.” — Jonathan Schanzer, FDD Senior Vice President for Research

“Iran has long had its eyes set on destabilizing Jordan, which makes the Israeli-Jordanian security relationship all the more important. The king’s decision to distance himself from Israel, spew antisemitism, and foment unrest has put the kingdom in greater jeopardy.” — Richard Goldberg, FDD Senior Advisor

“U.S. and Israeli support is crucial to the Hashemite Kingdom. But the Jordanian government is playing a dangerous game by spewing anti-Israel rhetoric, making this cooperation increasingly unpopular domestically. If King Abdullah isn’t careful, he could end up getting burned by the flames he stoked.” — David May, FDD Research Manager and Senior Research Analyst

Jordan Chastises Israel Over Gaza War
Since October 7, Amman has heaped one-sided blame on Israel while refusing to admit displaced Palestinians into Jordan. On October 21, King Abdullah accused Israel of committing “cruel and unconscionable” acts in Gaza and said that Israel’s counteroffensive against Hamas was a “war crime.” Refusing to fault Hamas, Abdullah said in November that the “root of the crisis was Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories and its denial of Palestinians’ legitimate rights.” Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi charged Israel with “genocide” in December. Jordan’s Queen Rania delivered a speech in February in which she spoke about the October 7 attacks without mentioning Hamas. Rania acknowledged “the brutal October 7th attack” in the context of a “larger story” involving “the endless indignities of life under occupation.”

Jordan’s Cold Peace With Israel
Despite its decades-old peace treaty with Israel, Jordan — which is home to more than 2.3 million Palestinians — has maintained a cold relationship with the Jewish state. Its official rhetoric about Israel has grown increasingly negative, if not vitriolic, and Israel-Jordan diplomatic ties are often tense. During the May 2021 Israel-Hamas war, Jordan effectively sided with Hamas by echoing the terrorist group’s talking points that wrongly blamed Israeli security forces on the Temple Mount for sparking the conflict. In a 2022 speech to the United Nations, King Abdullah also falsely accused Israelis of threatening Christian holy sites in Jerusalem.

Berkeley Student Group Shares Blood Libel Cartoon Targeting Law School Dean
A student group at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law published an anti-Semitic cartoon depicting the school's dean, who is Jewish, holding bloody utensils over a dinner table, a version of the ancient blood libel employed in anti-Semitic propaganda that accused Jews of using the blood of Christian children for baking matzah and other rituals.

Berkeley's chapter of Law Students for Justice in Palestine posted a cartoon depicting law school dean Erwin Chemerinsky holding a fork and knife dripping with blood over a dinner table, with the caption "No Dinner With Zionist Chem While Gaza Starves!" The graphic, which was posted on Monday, was deleted approximately half an hour later, but the Washington Free Beacon obtained a screenshot. Shortly after, the cartoon was reposted, but without blood covering the utensils.

The Instagram post came in response to an email from Chemerinsky last week inviting third-year law students to eat dinner in his home, according to the Law Students for Justice in Palestine chapter. The group is led by Malak Afaneh, a third-year Berkeley law student who has commended Palestinians for their "active resistance against the apartheid state of Israel."

"This dinner is the prime example of a normalization PR event that hopes to distract students from Dean Chem's complicity and support for the genocide of the Palestinian peoples," the group said in a caption under the cartoon. "While Dean Chem wants to wine and dine his students, he continues to approve of UC investments into weapons companies like Blackrock, Lockheed Martin, RTX, Northrop, and more."

Law Students for Justice in Palestine encouraged students to boycott "all of Chemerinsky's events" and demand that Berkeley divest "from ALL TIES to the apartheid state of Israel." Berkeley Law School declined to comment. Chemerinsky did not return a request for comment.

The grotesque cartoon comes after the House Committee on Education and the Workforce announced last month that it was requesting internal documents regarding Berkeley's response to the outbreak of anti-Semitism on campus.

Performative Actions Must Stop
In the wake of the Hamas attack on October 7, hatred toward Israel continues to rage on college and university campuses around the country. Some schools are holding true to their values about open inquiry—such as Vanderbilt University arresting anti-Israel students who disrupted the school’s functioning. Unfortunately, most are failing, including Columbia University, which is now investigating a vocally pro-Israel professor. This week, Sarah Lawrence College in Westchester County New York, has the prefect chance to live its stated values about embracing difference and diversity of views with a visit from Jodi Rudoren, Editor-in-Chief of The Forward, who will be giving the school’s 2024 Adda Bozeman Lecture.

There are planned protests and a clear response to them that the school should take. I suspect, however, that the school will not show real leadership, but will keep silent and continue its long tradition of performative statements over lived values.

According to the school’s announcement, Rudoren “will discuss the role of American media in shaping U.S. perceptions and politics towards the Middle East,” and the school has framed her talk by stating that: “The current war in Gaza is also a war for and against media coverage. The very language used to describe the events—”war,” “conflict,” “genocide,” Israel and Gaza, Israel and Palestine, Israel and Hamas—is contested and has different political and legal implications. How to describe and contextualize the attack of October 7 remains controversial.”

Under Rudoren, The Forward—one of America’s premier Jewish news platforms—has been ideologically open to a wide range of viewpoints notably since October 7th when Hamas brutally attacked Israeli civilians. The site has published heterodox pieces such as “Both the Israeli and Palestinian governments should be obligated to recognize the other’s right to statehood.” In response to the chaos and violence that has erupted on campuses nationwide with the Israel-Hamas war, Laura E. Adkins, former op-ed editor, wrote, “If you are a Jewish (or Palestinian) Harvard, MIT or Penn student or alum and have strong feelings about what’s happening that you want to turn into an op-ed, please reach out to me. At The Forward we are particularly invested in sharing first-person perspectives of how national debates affect the people who have to live with the consequences.”
Binghamton students must categorically reject BDS
SUNY BDS, an insidious unauthorized campaign run by students, faculty, and staff members on the campuses of the State University of New York (SUNY) seeks to defame the world’s only Jewish state and discriminate against Jewish students and faculty.

The SUNY BDS campaign targets Jews and Israelis. It is inherently racist and virulently antisemitic. Supporters call for the termination of partnerships between SUNY institutions and Israeli universities and organizations, the end of opportunities for SUNY students to obtain jobs in the Israeli defense manufacturing industry, and the divestment of $250 million in SUNY-associated pension funds and endowments in the Israeli bond market.

In light of SUNY BDS’s flagrant use of the university name acronym, the State University of New York has sent a cease and desist letter to SUNY BDS, threatening legal action. This may be the reason that according to SUNY BDS’s website, “SUNY” now stands for “Stop Unbearable Neoliberal Yuppies.”

On February 27, the office of New York Gov. Kathy Hochul released a statement: “To be clear, both Governor Hochul and the SUNY system do not endorse this group or their mission.” The letter also noted that Gov. Hochul has “repeatedly condemned all forms of antisemitism…”

In its official statement, SUNY BDS continuously charges Israel with perpetrating genocide against the Palestinian people. This is a lie.
Ithaca College President Rejects Anti-Zionist Group’s Demands
The president of Ithaca College, a school located in New York, has rejected the demands of an anti-Zionist group on campus that staged a “die-in” at the school’s Peggy Ryan Williams Center while events for newly admitted students took place there.

According to The Ithacan, the official campus newspaper of Ithaca College, President La Jerne Terry Cornish refused to accede to three demands made by Students for Palestine (SFP): issuing a statement acknowledging a falsely alleged genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, shuttering Ithaca Hillel’s Birthright program for Jewish students, and, in the paper’s words, an audit “that would provide access to information about if the college receives funding from any Israeli or Zionist corporations.”

Through the college’s public relations office, Cornish told the paper that she has higher priorities.

“President Cornish told them that her sphere of influence and focus remains on representing the entire Ithaca College community, and that the best use of her voice is in advocating for dialogue across differences and in encouraging further opportunities for education, both inside and outside of the classroom,” college spokesperson Dave Maley said in a statement.

“President Cornish has great concerns about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and she stands by her previous statements to the campus community expressing her horror at the ongoing violence in Gaza and Israel; her support for the college’s Muslim, Arab, and Palestinian students; and her condemnation of all forms of hatred and bigotry, including Islamophobia and antisemitism,” Maley continued.

Government-Funded UBC Student Newspaper Features Column By Anti-Israel “Jew On Campus” Who Calls Zionism “White Supremacist” and Accuses Israel Of Genocide
In a March 21 opinion column in The Ubyssey, a Canadian government-funded student newspaper at the University of British Columbia entitled: “Why Hillel makes me feel less safe as a Jew on campus,” author Jess Goldman led readers down a meandering path of self-reflection, all while sharing demonstrably false and unsubstantiated anti-Israel misinformation.

According to the newspaper’s biography of the author, Goldman “is a queer Jewish writer, comics artist, amateur puppeteer, and half-baked Yiddishist.”

In the commentary, Goldman wrote that “to oppose Zionism is to oppose a settler-colonial project rooted in white supremacist expansionism. It is not anti-Semitic. In fact, I’d argue it’s the opposite.”

Beyond the faux-academic gobbledygook used by Goldman in an attempt to defame Zionism as something nefarious, nothing about it is “settler-colonial,” or rooted in “white supremacist expansionism.”

Zionism is the Jewish People’s national liberation movement which holds that Jews have the right to pursue self-determination on a collective scale in their historic and ancestral homeland.

To oppose Zionism, consequently, is to accept historical revisionism and deny the three thousand years of Jewish habitation in the Levant, an ignorance that Goldman is apparently enthusiastic to embrace.

As for Goldman’s bizarre take, that opposing the Jewish People’s collective right of self-determination is somehow “the opposite” of antisemitism is simply unintelligible nonsense. In fact, by any reasonable definition of antisemitism, denying Jews the rights one would give to others would fall under the rubric of Jew-hatred.

Activists take sledgehammers to defense contractor building over Gaza
Activists in Shipley, England, were recorded on Tuesday taking a sledgehammer to the roof of a factory owned by Teledyne, a US-based defense contractor targeted for ties with Israel.

“Breaching security, the activists scaled the factory to take the roof, forcing the site [to close] and rendering it unable to fulfill its shipment of weapons parts to be used in the Gaza genocide,” the activists’ group, Palestine Action, said in a statement.

A spokesperson for the local police force said that officers received a report at 5:04am of a break-in at the premises, and, upon deploying to the location, found four people on the roof of a building.

Videos posted online Tuesday show several activists smashing windows and damaging shingles on the roof, proclaiming their opposition to Israel’s military campaign against Hamas in Gaza. One activist is heard dedicating his action to the victims of alleged “gang rape” by IDF forces, possibly referring to a widely circulated but later retracted report by Al Jazeera last month.

Uniformed officers, presumably police or private security guards, are seen looking on from the ground.

A crowd was gathered at the foot of the building as of about 10am local time, according to the local Telegraph & Argus news outlet, which said that the number of onlookers had grown over the course of the morning.

The report said that West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, and police were present at the site.

Daniel Greenfield: Biden Admin Blasts Israel for Shutting Down Al Jazeera
Al Jazeera, an arm of the Islamic terror state of Qatar, originally the video dump for Osama bin Laden’s greatest hits, bought up much of Washington D.C. and corrupted the media so that everyone pretends it’s a news organization.

The United States not only knew that Al Jazeera was a terrorist outlet, but actually used to bomb it.

November 13, 2001 – The U.S. launches a missile attack on Al Jazeera’s office in Kabul, Afghanistan. In making the case that this was a deliberate attack, Al Jazeera’s managing director, Mohammed Jasim al-Ali, says “This office has been known by everybody, the American airplanes know the location of the office.” Although no Al Jazeera staff was hurt in the attack, the building was destroyed and some employees’ homes were damaged. In a letter to Al Jazeera dated December 6, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Victoria Clarke says “the building we struck was a known Al Qaeda facility in central Kabul.”

April 8, 2003 – U.S. bombs hit Al Jazeera’s office in Baghdad, killing reporter Tareq Ayyoub and wounding cameraman Zohair al-Iraqi. Al Jazeera’s Baghdad correspondent Majed Abdel Hadi calls the U.S. missile strike and Ayoub’s death a “crime.” At a briefing in Doha, Qatar, Brigadier General Vincent K. Brooks says of the Al Jazeera attack: “This coalition does not target journalists. We don’t know every place journalists are operating on the battlefield. It’s a dangerous place, indeed.”

After Oct 6, even as Al Jazeera screamed that Israel was killing its “journalists”, evidence showed they were actually terrorists. Now after Biden and Schumer’s betrayal, now that Israel is throwing caution to the winds and starting to do what it should have done all along, it’s moving to at least temporarily shut down the Islamic terrorist operation.

And the Biden administration is unhappy.

White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre said on Monday if reports are true that Israel is trying to shut down the news network Al Jazeera, it would be “deeply concerning.”

State Department spokesman Matt Miller said that the administration supports the work that Al Jazeera does of supporting terrorists.

Is CNN now part of Pallywood?
Recent reports from CNN and Al-Jazeera have highlighted the heart-wrenching story of Hala Khreis, a grandmother in Gaza allegedly murdered by Israeli soldiers. The story, featured on CNN, can be accessed through the following link.

This link was shared with me by an ex-Muslim Arab friend who, despite being supportive of Israel, was deeply disturbed by the notion of Israeli soldiers targeting defenseless grandmothers in Gaza.

Initially, like millions of viewers, I reacted with outrage and dismay: "Israeli soldiers targeting grandmothers!" However, recalling past instances designed to soil Israel's image, such as the video of Muhammad Al-Durrah's death during the Second Intifada, I couldn't shake off suspicions about the authenticity of this impeccably presented CNN report.

Given the saintly portrayal of grandmother Hala Khreis, several aspects of the report raise red flags, demanding a deeper investigation:
1. Hala Khreis' orphaned daughter, Sara, was interviewed in Istanbul by CNN. Considering that nearly 99% of Gazans are displaced within Gaza or are huddled near its borders, it's noteworthy that Sara, the central witness of this emotional narrative, had the privilege to travel to Turkey. Could this be a coincidence, or does it hint at the Khreis family's connections to Hamas, which also operates extensively from Turkey for propaganda purposes?
2. Sara, an 18-year-old who recently lost her mother, exhibits an unusual level of composure during the interview. Despite her tears and a trembling voice, her grief seems staged rather than spontaneous. One would expect a genuine display of distraught emotion from a young orphan, rather than what appears to be a calculated performance.
3. Sara's physical appearance is strikingly different from the typical Gazan. With fair skin and green eyes, she could easily be mistaken for a Northern European teenager sporting a hijab. Is this resemblance coincidental, or is it a deliberate tactic to evoke sympathy from European and American audiences, thereby heightening animosity towards Israel?
4. Sara reminisces about her mother preparing breakfast and offering Dhuhr prayers shortly before her death. However, Dhuhr prayers are typically offered around midday, suggesting that lunch, rather than breakfast, would have been served at noon. This discrepancy raises questions about the authenticity of Sara's recollections and of Sara herself.

Individually, these points may seem innocuous, but collectively, they suggest a narrative crafted to manipulate viewers' emotions and fuel anti-Israel sentiment. Whether CNN reporter Clarissa Ward was misled or complicit in perpetuating a potential smear campaign against Israel remains unclear.
No Due Diligence: Media Silent on Terror-Supporting Ministers of New PA Cabinet
Media outlets should always report the facts, while also asking questions about them.

Last week, however, they reported on the formation of a new Palestinian cabinet but hadn’t researched the background of its ministers, two of whom have been exposed as avid terror supporters.

Instead, media painted a flawed picture of the potential reform of the Palestinian Authority (PA) by either being uncritical of the new cabinet, or by mentioning challenges it faces that have nothing to do with terrorism.

Background Checks
Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) published damning evidence on two new Palestinian ministers on March 31, two days after media had reported on the formation of the new cabinet.

PMW discovered that:
The new Palestinian Minister for Religious Affairs, Muhammad Mustafa Najem, has said that “Allah turned [the Jews] into apes and pigs” and called to “afflict the Jews with the worst torment.”
He did so in a 2002 sermon aired on official Palestinian Authority television during the Second Intifada, a bloody period during which Palestinians murdered hundreds of Israelis.
The new Palestinian Minister of Women’s Affairs, Muna Al-Khalili, called one of the deadliest attacks in Israel’s history –the 1978 Coastal Road Massacre in which 37 civilians were killed, including 12 children — a “quality resistance operation.”
Her praise was quoted in an official Palestinian Authority daily in 2018.
Recently, merely three weeks after the deadly Hamas October 7 massacre in southern Israel, she spoke at a conference about emphasizing “the Palestinian people’s right to resist the occupation (i.e., Israel) that has continued for the past 75 years.” She also participated in a demonstration calling for the release of terrorist prisoners.

None of this has been mentioned by mainstream media, which means one of two things:
Palestinian reporters working for international media outlets have knowingly withheld information they most probably have been aware of.
Reporters and editors alike didn’t bother to run in-depth background checks on the new cabinet members.

In any case, it’s bad journalism.

But what’s doubly disturbing is the approach taken by some reports: At worst, they have been uncritical of the new cabinet that is meant to lead to a “reformed” PA. At best, they were selectively skeptical about the issues it faces — from corruption to non-democracy — ignoring the PA’s decades-old support for terrorism.
Skewed Statistics: A Look at the Numbers Behind Gaza’s Civilian Casualties
Have the media, politicians, and the average person all fallen prey to Hamas propaganda?

Nearly six months into the war between Israel and the Gaza-based terror organization, one of the key weapons in Hamas’ arsenal is its cunning use of propaganda to delegitimize Israel’s fight against terrorism and build international pressure on the Jewish state to rein in its military campaign before it can complete its mission of completely uprooting Hamas’ terror infrastructure.

One of the most effective tools is the cynical use of Palestinian casualty figures, especially the claim that the vast majority (usually 70%) of casualties have been women and children.

This claim, which originates in the Hamas-run Ministry of Health, has been uncritically parroted by a variety of Western politicians and media outlets, including Time Magazine, the Associated Press, the BBC, and Washington Post.

However, are these numbers accurate? Have roughly 70% of Palestinians killed during the current war not only been civilians but specifically women and children? Or is Hamas using the façade of a government ministry to spread propaganda aimed at harming Israel’s war effort?

Over the past few weeks, several academics with extensive backgrounds in statistics and Middle Eastern studies have independently published analyses that call into question the validity of Hamas’ numbers.
Guardian restaurant review of London Jewish deli manages to bash Israel
Life for the British Jewish community has indeed been much, much harder since Oct. 7.

The CST reported 4,103 instances of anti-Jewish hate in 2023, 2,699 (66%) of which occurred on or after 7 October. This figure alone, they note, “exceeds any previous annual antisemitic incident total recorded by CST, and marks an increase of 589% from the 392 instances of antisemitism reported to CST over the same time period in 2022″.

However, his suggestion that the decisions of Israel’s government has made life for Jews “so very much harder” is itself a classic (and codified) antisemitic trope – blaming Jews in Israel for the racist actions of non-Jews in the UK. Can you even imagine an American or British writer of Palestinian descent feeling the need to distance him or herself from Hamas’s antisemitic massacre while reviewing a restaurant specialising in Palestinian cuisine?

It’s amazing that this even needs to be stated, but the only ones responsible for increased antisemitism – in the UK or anywhere else – are those committing antisemitic acts. Even if you buy into his argument that Jerusalem’s military decisions since the barbarism of Oct. 7 have been the “worst” ones possible, or subscribe to the specific lie that Israel has intentionally “starved” Gazans, who, other than those who are already predisposed to hating Jews, would take their anti-Israel fury out on diaspora Jews?

Only at the Guardian – or an ASHJew character on the pages of Howard Jacobson’s The Finkler Question – would a Jewish restaurant critic writing a review abut salt beef, bagels and shmears feel the need to condemn and distance himself from the Jewish state.
‘Lebanese Sunni Muslim Group’ AP Captions Extend PR First Aid To Jema’a Islamiya Terrorists
Associated Press photo captions extend public relations emergency care treatment to Jema’a Islamiya, falsely casting the designated Lebanese terror organization as merely a civilian outfit providing medical assistance.

Nearly two dozen March 27 AP photo captions fail to note that a site in southern Lebanon targeted in an Israeli airstrike is affiliated with a designated terror group which collaborates with Hamas and Hezbollah.

A sampling of the misleading and incomplete captions which fail to hint of any elements other than civilian follows:

Meanwhile, the AP story about the strike on the Hebbariye site fills in with more information, but many news consumers may see only the captions, missing the article indicating that this was in fact a site affiliated with a terror organization. AP’s story noted

Wednesday’s Israeli strikes targeted a Lebanese Sunni political and militant organization, the Islamic Group, which has joined the Shiite militant group Hezbollah in its fight against Israel. (Emphasis added.) . . .

Israel said it killed an Islamic Group member involved in attacks against Israel, as well as several other militants.

Maj. Gen. Ori Gordin, the head of the Israeli army’s Northern Command, said Israel was operating against the Islamic Group and had struck a “large number of operatives” and was also conducting “very significant strikes” against Hezbollah.

“We are at war. We have been at war for almost half a year now, and it doesn’t end with Hezbollah,” he told a gathering of commanders.
5 Media Misquotes That Tarnished Israel’s Image During the War
There is a meme (a humorous image generally posted on social media) that has been widely shared online for years. It depicts a black-and-white image of 16th US President Abraham Lincoln upon which a superimposed quotation reads: “The problem with quotes found on the internet is that they are often not true.”

While it is clear to everyone that it is a fake Lincoln quote for the blindingly obvious reason that the internet was invented more than 100 years after his death, the same cannot be said of every false quotation.

Although most that appear online are the work of anonymous social media users, some of the world’s most trusted and influential media organizations have also been guilty of publishing dubious citations, particularly in stories about Israel.

Whether deliberate or by mistake, a mistranslation or a misquotation, here are some of the most outrageous examples of false quotes published by the media since the start of the war.

1. BBC News Claims Israel ‘Targeting’ Medics
In November 2023, the BBC was forced to issue an apology after one of its anchors misquoted a Reuters report during a live broadcast to claim that the IDF was targeting medical professionals during its raid on Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital, which had been used as a Hamas command center.

Reuters correctly quoted an IDF spokesman: “Our medical teams and Arabic-speaking soldiers are on the ground to ensure that these supplies reach those in need.”

However, the BBC instead announced on-air that the Israeli military was “targeting people including medical teams as well as Arab speakers.”

An apology was later read out by a second presenter, who announced: “What we should have said is that IDF forces included medical staff and Arabic speakers for this operation. We apologize for this error, which fell below our usual editorial standards.”
CP24 Reporter Acknowledges On-Air That “From The River To The Sea” Chant Is Antisemitic
On April 1, CP24 journalist Beatrice Vaisman reported from Toronto Police headquarters after the anti-Israel group, “Palestinian Youth Movement,” an organization with a documented history of spreading anti-Israel hate speech and of glorifying Hamas terrorism, held a press conference alleging that Toronto Police escalated violent actions against protesters during their hate-filled rallies.

During her report, protesters began chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which Vaisman immediately addressed on-air by properly stating as fact that this chant is indeed antisemitic.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, this chant is an unapologetic antisemitic rallying cry for anti-Israel advocates and terror supporters, calling for the destruction of Israel, removal of the Jewish state from the map, and for replacing it with a Palestinian state.

The hateful nature of the phrase and genocidal intent contained within, cannot be disputed, despite the efforts by the pro-Palestinian movement to portray the phrase as an innocuous expression of the Palestinian people’s yearning to be free from Israeli “occupation”.

As Michael Higgins observed in the National Post recently: “Protesters have adopted a phrase that has clear links to terrorists who wish to destroy Israel and its citizens. The phrase, in essence, means “Kill all the Jews.” Demonstrators wouldn’t put it that bluntly, however, because they would be unable to run the excuse of, “Well, we may be chanting Kill all the Jews, but that’s not what we mean.”

We thank CP24 and reporter Beatrice Vaisman for reporting the truth about how the phrase “From The River To The Sea” Chant is indeed antisemitic and we encourage you to say thanks as well.
Toronto Star Article Whitewashes & Downplays Violent Anti-Israel Protests
In her March 31 article in The Toronto Star entitled: “Several people arrested at pro-Palestinian protest Saturday as some allege excessive force by Toronto police,” staff reporter Nawa Tahir reported that a number of anti-Israel activists were arrested during a protest earlier that day.

However, Tahir gave an extensive platform for the provocateurs to accuse police of “using excessive force in their response.”

“Palestinian Youth Movement, a group that has held several protests in Toronto since Oct. 7, said the march was proceeding peacefully through downtown for several hours before police stopped protesters near Parliament and Gerrard Streets,” Tahir wrote.

While Tahir gave no background on them, the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) is more than just a “group that has held several protests;” it is an organization that has made little attempt to hide its glorification of violent Hamas terrorism against Israeli civilians.

In the hours following Hamas’ October 7 massacre in southern Israel, the group advertised an event, “All Out for Palestine,” which invited followers to “celebrate our steps closer to liberation,” and to “uplight and honour our resistance and our martyrs.”

Despite Tahir’s repetition of claims made by PYM, the assertion that the rally was “proceeding peacefully” is difficult to accept at face value. Widespread law-breaking, harassment, intimidation and threats are mainstays at anti-Israel rallies.
Palestinian Authority Security Forces by Day, Terrorists by Night
A wave of attacks perpetrated by individuals linked with Palestinian security forces is becoming a growing concern.

Muhammad Manassara, a former officer in the Palestinian police, executed a shooting attack at a gas station in Eli in February.

Mujahid Barakat Mansour, who had served as an officer in the PA presidential guard, committed a shooting attack in the West Bank on March 22.

Abu Rida al-Saadi, who wounded two Israelis on March 28 in the Jordan Valley, also held a position within the Palestinian security apparatus.

Since 2020, 78 members of PA security bodies have either executed or been implicated in attacks against Israelis.

From the onset of 2024, 10 such individuals have been killed.

The relative freedom of these personnel to carry weapons and navigate the West Bank provides them with an advantage in executing more lethal attacks.

Moreover, each assailant is incentivized with thousands of dollars in return for shooting at Israeli communities or passing Israeli vehicles.

Gazans Are Constantly Cursing Hamas Leader Sinwar
Basel, 30, who remained in northern Gaza, refuses to absolve Hamas from responsibility for the catastrophe that has befallen the Gazans. "People are constantly cursing Sinwar, but this isn't reflected in the journalists' reports."

"I'm one of the millions whose lives Hamas is gambling with for crazy slogans with no basis in reality."

"There's enormous anger and bitterness everywhere against Hamas," says Amal, a woman in her 60s. She has also heard about people "who were threatened after they expressed their opinion in public."

Nura, in her 60s, tells how someone proposed that they demonstrate, but others were afraid that Hamas would shoot at them.

As Basel puts it, "Hamas' military power in Gaza has been almost totally destroyed, but not its power to oppress us."

The U.S. Shouldn’t Reward Iraq for Allowing Attacks on Israel
Early yesterday morning a drone hit a naval base in the city of Eilat, located at Israel’s southern tip. It appears to have been fired by one of the many Iran-backed militias in Iraq, which have been integrated into Iraq’s military and political structure. Yesterday, Israel also struck a building next door to the Iranian embassy in Damascus, killing two generals in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Benny Avni observes that the strike on Damascus is a sign that Israel “is changing the rules of the game, with a direct hit to the Iranian head of the snake.” Avni also notes that one of the strike’s targets was likely involved in planning the drone attack on Eilat, which itself is the first of its kind. Now the question is how America will respond:
Congressional Republicans are calling on President Biden to disinvite Iraq’s prime minister, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, and scrap his scheduled April 15 Washington visit. . . . Following quiet negotiations between Washington and Tehran officials, Iran-backed Iraqi militias all but stopped attacks on American troops based in Iraq and Syria. The Iraqi militias are part of the country’s security apparatus, and Baghdad must be held responsible.

Apparently, whatever deal was made between the White House and Iraq didn’t rule out attacks on Israel. It should.

Swastika sprayed on housing for Holocaust survivors in Belgium
A large swastika has been daubed on the alleged housing of elderly Holocaust survivors in a town in Belgium.

Along with the Nazi-era hate symbol, the graffiti is accompanied by the words “Gaza free”.

A picture of the suspected antisemitic incident was posted to X/Twitter on Tuesday by the official account of the European Jewish Congress. EJC wrote they were “utterly shocked that the home of Holocaust survivors has been vandalised in Fléron, Belgium. This is blatant, targeted antisemitism.

“It’s another disturbing incident in the wave of vile antisemitism that has swept the country since Hamas’s brutal attack on Israel.”

Coordination Committee of Jewish Organisations of Belgium, the key umbrella organisation representing the Jewish community in Belgium, tweeted: “A strong and unambiguous response is required, beyond condemnations.”

Karen Pollock CBE, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, wrote on X/Twitter: “This is absolutely awful. Targeting a home of survivors of the Holocaust. A new low.”

The Belgium police have been contacted for comment.
Officials condemn anti-Israel, antisemitic graffiti at 2 Pennsylvania synagogues
Two Philadelphia-area Conservative synagogues were vandalized in similar incidents over the past several days, the latest in a growing number of Jewish institutions to be targeted since war erupted in Gaza after Hamas’s October 7 massacre.

The incidents prompted rebuke from Pennsylvania’s Jewish governor, Josh Shapiro, as well as from national figures including CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who is Jewish and had his bar mitzvah at one of the targeted synagogues.

That synagogue, Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El in the suburb of Wynnewood, had a banner expressing solidarity with Israel tagged with a swastika over the weekend. Another synagogue, Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel in Center City, had graffiti spray-painted on the sidewalk by its entrance last week.

“This is the second message I’ve written like this in as many days. It’s two too many,” Shapiro wrote on X, formerly Twitter, Sunday while linking to a story about the Beth Hillel-Beth El graffiti. “Antisemitism and the vandalism of a house of worship of any kind have no place in this Commonwealth.”

Other Jewish institutions have been targeted across the country in the wake of the war, including in the Philadelphia region just weeks ago: “Free Gaza” graffiti was spray-painted on a Jewish-owned business in nearby Narberth on March 15. The business owner is an Israeli who has relatives being held hostage by Hamas in Gaza.

Last week federal authorities also charged a West Michigan man with damaging religious property after he spray-painted swastikas onto a Chabad house in Kalamazoo in November and defaced a large menorah posted outside the center.
Spaniards defend Easter tradition of ‘killing Jews’
A Spanish Easter festival has drawn criticism after encouraging people to “Matar judíos,” which translates to “Kill Jews.”

Semana Santa, otherwise known as Holy Week, is observed all over the Spanish-speaking world, but the Spanish region of León has its own unique take on the festivities.

Each year locals and tourists are encouraged to drink a special glass of wine-lemonade, which is accompanied by a call to “Kill Jews.”

Explaining the religious period to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Margarita Torres Sevilla, a professor of medieval history at the University of León, said: “It’s an expression here. For example, you tell me, ‘Have a drink with me? Okay, let’s go kill Jews.’

According to Torres Sevilla, people who take part in Holy Week might ask “How many Jews have you killed? Three, four, five” in reference to the number of drinks they have had.

The festival period is marked by 10 days of music, sermons and as many as 30 processions, featuring some 16,000 participants.

The drink that participants are encouraged to drink is made from red wine, lemons, cinnamon and sugar, sometimes with oranges and figs.

It’s a local tradition to drink 33 limonadas during the Holy Week, representing the age of Jesus when he was crucified.

The centuries-old tradition for revelers seeking limonadas is to say they are going out to “kill Jews” each time they drink one.

According to JTA, locals do not see the shocking phrase as antisemitic.
Israelis Attacked on Flight to Thailand
A woman attacked two Israelis during a flight to Thailand, according to video of the incident and testimony from one of the victims.

Dotan Simon, a resident of Zikhron Ya’akov, and a friend were passengers on an Uzbekistan Airways flight to the southeastern Asian country when the woman boarded during a pit stop in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent, Channel 12 reported.

The female passenger sat behind the two friends and from the start made hostile remarks about them keeping quiet while she sleeps, according to Simon.

Around two hours later, while they were talking, she said, “Shut up already! Stop with your Hebrew.”

A few minutes later, the woman got out of her seat and attacked them.

“She again started shouting, cursing, calling us ‘murdering Israelis,’ and cursing Israel and the Jews endlessly. She approached us, threw things at us, her hair clip, and at that moment the entire plane noticed the commotion and the flight attendants rushed to the scene and grabbed her,” Simon said.

Simon and his friend asked the flight attendants to call the police when the plane landed.

“We were afraid it would be worse than it was during the flight. Fortunately, immediately upon landing they seated all the passengers in place and took her off the plane first to keep her away from us.

“According to what I understood from passengers who were with us, a lot of police were waiting for her as soon as she got off the plane. It was a stressful event for us and not pleasant at all, but the main thing is that it ended peacefully, Simon said.
Fitch removes Israel from ‘credit watch negative,’ affirms A+ score despite war risk
Fitch Ratings on Tuesday removed Israel from “credit rating negative” and affirmed the country’s A+ credit rating — but with a negative outlook, citing uncertainty about the duration and magnitude of the war with the Hamas terror group and its toll on the government’s debt burden.

“Geopolitical risks associated with the war in Gaza remain elevated and escalation risks remain present, but Fitch believes the risks to the credit profile have broadened and their impact may take longer to assess,” Fitch wrote, elaborating on its reasoning for removing the credit watch negative outlook.

In October, the ratings agency put Israel’s A+ credit score on rating watch negative, citing the heightened risk of a major regional escalation amid the war with Hamas, which had put the country at risk for a rating downgrade. US ratings agency Moody’s in February cut Israel’s credit rating, by one notch, from A1 to A2, and changed its outlook to negative, citing the war’s impact on government spending, as well as fiscal and political risks.

Israel is close to six months into a war in Gaza after the brutal Hamas-led onslaught on October 7, in which Palestinian terrorists killed some 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and took 253 as hostages into the Gaza Strip.
A History of the Never Ending War
On Oct 7th, 2023, the Palestinian Sunni Islamist group Hamas, a US designated foreign terrorist organization (FTO), launched surprise attacks against Israel from the Gaza Strip firing over 7,000 rockets within 7 hours and breaching the Gaza-Israel border into Israeli territory.

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More than 1200 Israelis and foreign nationals including 35 U.S Citizens in Israel were massacred. Hundreds were taken hostage, numerous women subjected to rape, numerous homes burnt and Israelis incinerated alive in their homes with the perpetrators recording these atrocities on camera.

There has been a global obsession with Israel and the Palestine question for more than seven decades. The October 7th attack was a symptom of this puzzle that dates back so many centuries, if not millennia. To understand it, we first need to look at the history of Israel - the most controversial piece of land in history.

A Bit of History:
Jews have had an unbroken presence in the land of Israel for over 3000yrs. In 70 AD Roman General Titus under Emperor Vespasian besieged and captured Jerusalem and destroyed the City and second Jewish Temple to crush the Jewish rebellion. In 135 AD Roman Emperor Hadrian again crushed Jewish revolts and exiled many Jews out of the Judean Province and city of Jerusalem. Emperor Hadrian also renamed the whole region ‘Palestina’ (a latin word) in place of the original name - Eretz Israel - to erase the memory of Jews in the land. The Roman Empire was succeeded by the Byzantine Empire in 313 AD.

Arab Invaders from the Hijaz invaded the Byzantine Empire and conquered it between 636 – 640 AD after the death of their prophet Mohammed. Jews lived under Arab rule here as dhimmis (lower class citizens) subject to jizya tax or subject to forced conversion. Jews not expelled into the diaspora continued to live through the different conquests like the Crusaders, the Mamluks, and the Ottoman Empire (1516- 1918).

By the mid-1800’s, Jews in the diaspora were beginning to flee different persecutions and pogroms in Europe and returning into Palestine under the Ottoman Empire, particularly more by 1881 with Jews fleeing pogroms from Czarist Russia.
JPost Editorial: Israel advocates must be recognized for their efforts
On Sunday night in Jerusalem, they, along with some of the most vocal high-profile pro-Israel online influencers, gathered to be honored, and in turn, honor the country with which they so closely identify.

These warriors for the truth include American actor and podcaster Michael Rapaport and singer Matisyahu, who have been unwavering advocates for Israel even before October 7.

Matisyahu, who just released a new song called “Ascent” with an accompanying video filmed at the site of the Nova Festival where hundreds of partygoers were massacred by Hamas and at some of the southern communities devastated on October 7.

He’s paid a price for his allegiance to Israel, with three shows on his recent US tour being canceled due to threats of pro-Palestinian protests outside the venues.

Rapaport – whose passionate, profanity-filled video diatribes against Israel-haters tell it like it is – has visited the country repeatedly since October 7 and has appeared twice in biting satirical sketches on Eretz Nehederet (Wonderful Country);

Minister of Diaspora Affairs Amichai Chikli, whose ministry hosted the event on Sunday at Binyanei Hauma, which streamed around the world, told an interviewer: “As we saw recently at the Oscars, it’s not obvious that someone from the film industry would take such a bold step to use his accounts to fight against antisemitism and Hamas and to stand with the state of Israel. We appreciate Michael’s efforts and courage to stand, sometimes against most of his colleagues, to speak the truth and to speak for his people.”

Other speakers and honorees at the event included Israel advocate Aviva Klompas, who has been an unwavering advocate on X, formerly Twitter, calling out anti-Israel and antisemitic posts and posting her own widely-read comments that present the reality of what’s happening in Israel and Gaza, and media influencer Stefan Tompson, of Visegrad24, and his X account that has focused much of its attention since October 7 to refute lies about Israel, and presenting the truth.

These heroes have gone against the grain of public sentiment by tirelessly stating Israel’s case and defending it against the blood libels leveled at Israel.

With Israel’s hasbara efforts in disarray and its most effective spokesman, Eylon Levy, sidelined for dubious reasons, it’s all the more vital that people like Matisyahu, Rapaport, Tompson, and Klompas are further encouraged and recognized for their unwavering efforts.
Founder of Club Z: American Jewish Students Are In A State of Emergency
JNS CEO Alex Traiman interviews Masha Merkulova, Founder and Executive Director of Club Z, a national organization that educates unaffiliated American Jewish teens about Zionism and the State of Israel. They discuss how parents and leaders have failed Jewish kids by not giving them a proper foundation so they can face anti-Israel environments. According to Merkulova, the mission of Club Z has become all the more important after Oct 7th in the wake of rising antisemitism

The ‘improbable friend’: For true progressives, Israel is an exemplar, says Ritchie Torres
Congressman Ritchie Torres’s first trip abroad, ever, was to Israel — as a newly elected 26-year-old member of the New York City Council, nine years ago. It was, he says, “one of the most formative and transformative experiences of my life.” And it helped make him “more visibly and vocally pro-Israel than most people,” and especially those of his Afro-Latino background.

Thus, while his Bronx Congressional neighbor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a fellow rising “political star,” was last month accusing Israel of carrying out “genocide” in Gaza, Torres, who calls the allegation “a blood libel,” was finalizing preparations for another of his many Israel visits, his first since October 7.

Arranged by the UJA Federation of New York, Torres’s short trip this week saw him meet the families of hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, visit the western Negev communities where 1,200 people were slaughtered, and sit with Israeli political leaders.

Shortly before heading home, he explained to The Times of Israel over a morning coffee why he believes “the elites” have bought into a false ideology about Israel and gotten the Israel-Hamas war so wrong, why he thinks nonetheless that the majority of Americans stand with Israel, why Israel exemplifies rather than contradicts truly progressive values, and why he respectfully disagrees with the Biden administration’s decision to allow last week’s UN Security Council ceasefire resolution to pass. “I see the goal of removing Hamas from power as nonnegotiable,” he said.

Torres, who is passionate, erudite and strikingly succinct — almost every sentence in our interview is a soundbite — said he had told Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, “You’re prosecuting a defensive war in the most complex warzone in human history.”

I imagined Gallant thinking to himself, Finally, someone who gets it…
From Intersectionality to Jihad | Rep. Ritchie Torres on how BDS Perverted The Progressive Cause
US Representative Ritchie Torres could easily be a multiple card carrying member of the intersectional Left: a gay Afro-Latino son on a Puerto Rican father, he grew up in public housing in the Bronx, the very Borough he now represents in Congress.

Yet Representative Torres is one of the most poignant critics of this corrosive movement that has taken over larges swathes of the Democratic Party, and consistently and proudly takes its proponents to task for their hypocrisy and antisemitism.

Torres has an impressive track record of fighting corruption and the economic exploitation or workers. He is a vocal and unequivocal supporter of American Jewry and of Israel.

Caroline Glick: Actress Patricia Heaton: Everybody Should Be A LOUD Supporter of Israel
Journalist Caroline Glick interviews Everybody Loves Raymond Star Patricia Heaton about her new non-profit o7c (October 7th Coalition). They discuss why she supports Israel loudly and vocally and what she seeks to do with her new organization. Raised Catholic, The Middle actress also explains how she survives in Hollywood in an atmosphere that is often antagonistic to religion and the Jewish State.

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