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From Ian:

Western Democracy's Future Depends on Israel's Victory
If the Biden administration forces a "ceasefire" that leaves our closest ally in the region short of victory over an enemy that seeks to destroy it, sooner or later we shall all pay the price.

Israel is battling, above all else, for its own survival. In a hostile region, it is also the sole standard-bearer of individual freedom, tolerant pluralism and self-rule. Contrast the condition of ethnic minorities, women, gays and dissidents in Israel with that of their counterparts anywhere else in the Middle East. We should give thanks every day for the sacrifices Israelis make at the fragile frontier of freedom.

Every Islamist terrorist Israel kills is one fewer threat to the rest of us. Every setback Israel can deal to the Iranian puppet masters of Hamas, Hizbullah and others inflicts a loss on the regime that is sworn to eliminate us, the "Great Satan."

There is no historical evidence that appeasing enemies committed to our extinction ever keeps us safe.

If Israel can somehow be bullied into forgoing victory over this enemy, our own capacity to wage wars inflicted on us will be dramatically diminished, setting a standard no nation taking necessary measures to protect itself would ever be able to meet, a standard to which our enemies will certainly never hold themselves.

If this is the way we fight modern wars, our enemies will have freedom to commit acts of bestial savagery on us, knowing that our own scruples will give them an insuperable advantage.

In World War II, the British political and military leadership decided on a strategy called "dehousing" German civilians: bombing cities to a level of destruction that would demoralize their inhabitants and make them turn on their Nazi government. The British people tolerated this morally doubtful approach because they had fresh in their minds the memory of the Blitz, when the Nazis successfully "dehoused" many British citizens.

Israel suffered an atrocity on Oct. 7 comparable to the Blitz, yet has worked with restraint to limit inevitable civilian losses. If it can't even be allowed to do that, we are placing impossible shackles on the fighting ability of democratic nations.
WSJ: Denying weapons to Israel in the middle of a war is betrayal
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) editorial board slammed former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats in an editorial on Tuesday for their signing of a letter urging President Joe Biden to stop the transfer of weapons to Israel.

"Denying weapons to an ally in the middle of a war is the definition of betrayal," the newspaper's editorial board wrote, labeling Pelosi a "sunshine ally."

The letter was signed by dozens of Democrats after Israel mistakenly killed seven World Central Kitchen aid workers last week.

American hypocrisy?
In the editorial, the WSJ noted that the US was holding Israel to a standard that it, itself, had failed to meet.

"They ignore the Hellfire missile attack that killed seven children as the US sought to avenge the deaths of 13 Americans in Kabul as Mr. Biden pulled US forces from Afghanistan in 2021," the editorial said, adding that, unlike the US in that instance, "Israel has a history of accountability for such mistakes."
Are the American Hostages American Enough for Biden?
Joe Biden knows something about accusations of dual loyalty. In 2016, then-Vice President Biden delivered a speech at Dublin Castle heralding the “progress” Catholic Americans have made since John F. Kennedy made the trek to Ireland 50 years ago and was “attacked for being too close to a pope.”

Now, as five American-Israelis languish in Hamas captivity, Biden is turning his back on that progress.

This Sunday marked a grim milestone—six months since Hamas terrorists took hundreds of Israelis hostage on Oct. 7, including six American citizens—hopefully five still living—who remain in Gaza. But Americans can’t be blamed for forgetting. Joe Biden is more likely to call on Israel to accept an immediate ceasefire than to call on Hamas and Qatar to release our own citizens. We hear more about humanitarian aid for Gazans than about American citizens being killed and tortured in Gaza.

At a time when the president’s party insists we “Say his name!” or “Say her name!” Biden has not mentioned dual citizens Edan Alexander, Omer Neutra, Hersh Goldberg-Polin, Sagui Dekel-Chen, or Keith Siegel. The president released a statement about Itay Chen on March 12, five months after the attack. This was only after his murder was announced, which supports Dara Horn’s poignant observation that dead Jews are more beloved than living ones.

The White House talks regularly about Evan Gershkovich (70-plus hits on the White House website), the Jewish Wall Street Journal reporter being held on false charges in Russia, as it did about Brittney Griner (more than 200 hits), a basketball player imprisoned by Russia until she was released in a controversial prisoner swap.

The six Jews whom Hamas kidnapped are as American as Gershkovich and Griner are, which raises the question: Why does the White House ignore these Jewish U.S. citizens?

It seems that Alexander, Neutra, Goldberg-Polin, Dekel-Chen, Siegel, and Chen are only half-American. One of the oldest anti-Semitic tropes in history is that Jews are only in business for themselves and their homeland. They just pass through countries without any sense of loyalty. They weren’t European enough in the Middle Ages, not German enough to the Nazis, and not American enough for the Biden administration to “say their names” and move heaven and earth to secure their release.

In today’s society, we like to pretend these disgusting sentiments are a relic of a less enlightened time. Stop pretending. The accusation of dual loyalty is a go-to attack on both the left and the right.

“They forgot what country they represent,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) wrote on Jan. 6, 2019 of those opposing the anti-Semitic boycott-Israel movement. Less than two months later, Tlaib’s sister-in-hate Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) said about AIPAC, “I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”

JPost Editorial: Hamas's failure to exploit Ramadan for terror is a win for Israel
The warnings were dire and ominous. Following the attack of October 7 and the resultant Gaza war, Hamas was going to exploit the holy month of Ramadan to recruit West Bank and east Jerusalem Muslims as part of their terror campaign against Israel.

It wasn’t just a paper tiger either. Two weeks before the March 10 beginning of the holiday, Hamas arch-terrorist Ismail Haniyeh called for Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank to march to Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa Mosque at the start of Ramadan.

Speaking during an assessment at the IDF Central Command ahead of Ramadan, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warned that Hamas, along with Iran and Hezbollah were planning to turn Ramadan into “the second stage of October 7, and ignite the ground.”

“Hamas’s main goal is to take Ramadan, with an emphasis on the Temple Mount and Jerusalem, and turn it into the second phase of their plan that began on October 7,” he said. “We must not give Hamas what it has not been able to achieve since the beginning of the war.”

Public Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir presented a plan to severely restrict Muslims, including Israeli Arabs, from entry to the Temple Mount during the month. According to his program, only worshipers over 70 would be allowed to enter.

That plan, initially endorsed by Prime Minister Netanyahu, prompted a huge backlash from the Muslim world amid threats of even more violence if it was implemented. It was eventually shot down, after opposition from the Israeli security apparatus including the police, the IDF, and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency). The discussion concluded that entry for Palestinians will follow the previous years’ regulations.

Knesset member Mansour Abbas commended Netanyahu at the time for the “responsible decision to allow freedom of worship for Muslim worshipers at al-Aqsa Mosque.” He urged the Arab public to exercise their right to prayers and fulfill their religious duties during the holy month while upholding law and public order.
An Urgent Message to President Biden from a Concerned Jew
Such expressions of hostility toward Israel coming from the White House are not merely insensitive to Jews experiencing anti-Zionist antisemitism in the U.S., they serve to increase it, making Jews everywhere less safe.

There are hostages who need this Administration to forcefully condemn Hamas and reject any ceasefire that does not require their release. Instead, we’ve seen statements of condemnation that are directed solely at Israel. And in the State of the Union address and elsewhere, the President even declared that Israel’s first priority should be neither the return of the hostages nor the elimination of the threat of Hamas, but should instead be humanitarian assistance for Palestinian civilians.

What happened to “there is no higher priority than the release and safe return of all these hostages”? What happened to “Israel must again be a safe place for the Jewish people” and “I promise you: We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that it will be”?

No other country in history has been expected to prioritize a neighboring civilian population over its own. Yet, this is the only way the Administration could possibly support the obscene and outrageous call for Israel to institute an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. The message from this Administration is that Jewish and Israeli lives — whether held hostage in Gaza or attacked in the United States — not only matter less than Palestinian lives, but should also matter less even to Jews and Israelis.

This is not merely unreasonable and morally unacceptable, it empowers terrorist groups like Hamas; it paves the way for Hamas tactics to become the basis on which to prevent Israel and any other country faced with an enemy willing to sacrifice its own civilians from ever winning a war.

Failing to provide Israel with both material and rhetorical support not only weakens Israel’s ability to defend itself against its murderous neighbors, it exacerbates exactly the internal Israeli political situation that this Administration is trying to prevent. And it drives sane, moral liberals in the U.S. away from the Democratic party, as we watch its members ignore — and even support — evil rather than demonstrating the moral courage to stand against it.

At the beginning of this war, President Biden led America and the world with moral clarity when he said, “As long as the United States stands — and we will stand forever — we will not let [Israel] ever be alone.” Those were the finest moments of his career and should be the foundation of his legacy.

Where is that President now? Both Israel and America need him.
Joe Biden Is Now Chasing The ‘Death To America’ Voter
It was Al-Quds Day last Friday. To celebrate the occasion, protesters in Dearborn, Michigan, chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” while a speaker named Tarek Bazzi declared the United States — a place that’s afforded him the liberty to openly support rapists, murderers, and terrorists — one of the “rottenest countries” on the planet. “It’s the entire system that has to go,” he explained to cheers of, what I assume, were American citizens.

As Seth Mandel notes, there’s Charlottesville every other day in America, and barely anyone on the left cares. Most progressives, let’s face it, either tacitly or openly support these days of rage.

Al-Quds Day, a kind of international Islamic Nuremberg Rally, was conceived by Ayatollah Khomeini and his gang during the Islamic Revolution, only a few months before Iranians murdered eight U.S. servicemen and took 66 American hostages. I assure you participants aren’t merely “critical” of Israel’s housing policy in Judea or (historically low) civilian-to-commandant kill ratio in the war against Hamas; they want all 7 million Jews in that tiny country dead or scattered into dhimmi.

Where is the outrage from the folks who have fainting spells every time a Republican criticizes far-leftist moneybags George Soros? Cowering in deathly fear that a progressive podcaster bro might accuse them of being “Islamophobic,” one imagines.

Leftist and antisemitic pro-Hamas “activists” are vandalizing buildings, threatening Jews, cheering on martyrs, and shutting down events. Where are all the government officials who keep warning us that anyone wearing a MAGA baseball hat is probably the next Timothy McVeigh? It’s not like radicalized Muslims ever engage in terrorism, I guess. But if parents who are sick of school boards undermining their children’s education and futures are smeared as a “domestic terror” by this administration, surely those chanting “Death to America” deserve a look.

Granted it would be weird. The same Jew haters who attend Quds Day rallies or write for The Washington Post are the people Joe Biden is now cynically trying to mollify in his effort to win the 2024 presidential race and “save democracy.” Delegations of Democrats are sent to placate these defenders of barbarism and terror, sometimes quite literally.

There is bad news for Democrats, though: Until the United States launches a strike on Tel Aviv — which is what “ceasefire” proponents are chanting in New York — these people will not be placated.

To earn these votes, our president now spreads Hamas propaganda himself, as do most of the media, which have functionally or openly taken the side of the terror group. Indeed, no matter how many ceasefires Hamas rejects, Democrats still demand Israel unilaterally stop fighting the people who hold American hostages. It is a demand we would never make of any other nation — a demand we would never abide by ourselves.

Caroline Glick: The Biden Administration's War against the Government of Israel
Based on what he referred to as a conversation with his contacts in the White House, [riot leader and entrepreneur Ami Dror set out in granular detail the White House's four-part plan to overthrow the government. The components involved actions on the ground in Gaza; the use of the U.N. Security Council; extortion of government ministers; and mass protests.

The purpose of the U.S. campaign for humanitarian aid, [Dror] explained, was twofold: undermining the control of the Israeli Defense Forces in Gaza and blackmailing government ministers.

"At the start of the war, the Americans demanded that [Israeli Minister Benny Gantz] join the government. He was their man. The man that would ensure that Netanyahu and Ben Gvir didn't set the world on fire. He... promised that he... would take the government apart. After six weeks, he... promised that by January 1 they would deliver the goods... the final deadline the Americans gave him was Ramadan. When he didn't deliver for the U.S., the administration understood that they can't trust Gantz. Maybe he'll be a comfortable prime minister in the future. But the Americans seized full control over management of the war [against Netanyahu]." — Ami Dror.

"And the most important thing? ... President Biden's request from us: The American method of dealing with misbehaving states, includes the destruction (economic and legal) that is centered on the leadership on the one hand, and driving a wedge between 'the nation,' and 'the leadership.' In our case ... for this to work—the nation of Israel must show (in the streets!) that it is fighting the leadership. ... The American administration needs to see the nation in Israel fighting the government of Israel." — Ami Dror.

So far, the new protests have done more to turn the public against Dror and his comrades than against the government.

The riot leaders and the administration may well believe that the enemy is the Israeli government. But the Israeli public isn't buying it. On Oct. 7, the people's eyes were opened, and they will not be closing any time soon. Israel is waging war and will continue to wage the war against its actual enemies—Hamas, Hezbollah and their puppet master Iran—until victory.
Caroline Glick: 6 Months of War: Did Israel Just Lose to Hamas?!
Six months in and Biden tells Netanyahu "Ceasefire or Else", Nancy Pelosi turns on Israel, and the IDF exits Southern Gaza. Has Israel lost the war to Hamas?

00:00 Introduction and Current Situation in Gaza
02:35 Israel's War Goals and Progress
05:26 The Disinformation Campaign Against Israel by Biden
07:51 Domestic Political Subversion in Israel
29:39 The Importance of Support from Allies and Friends - How did we get here?

"Hamas's demand is for Israel to stand down and for Hamas to reassert control over Gaza."

"The Biden administration's position is to support Hamas's war goal of surviving the war intact."

Alan Dershowitz: The Dangerous US Rush to Save the Terrorist Group Hamas
Had the Biden administration maintained the strong support for the destruction of Hamas that it showed in the immediate aftermath of Oct 7, the fighting might already have subsided and all the hostages been returned. But every time the Biden administration weakens its support for Israel, it strengthens the determination of Hamas to raise its demands and threaten Israel, to the point that Israel cannot possibly agree.

Where are the threats and the pressure on Hamas, Qatar or Iran?

Although Hamas praised — indeed celebrated — the resolution, it has no intention of complying with its demand regarding hostages. Yet, it expects Israel to comply unilaterally with what is demanded of it.

Recent data show that it is not Israel that causing hunger in Gaza, it is Hamas: "Hamas, which has been hoarding food and stealing from Gazans, is the root cause of Gazans' suffering."

[Hamas] must be required to surrender and the people of Gaza must be de-radicalized. Any other endgame will only postpone a repetition of October 7. Except this time, with calls this week for "Death to America" from within the United States, just as terrorism came to a theater near Putin, this time it may be coming to a theater near you.

Who made David Cameron prime minister (again)?
What’s more, Cameron has often turned his narcissistic, preening gaze on Israel. He has always seen attacking the Jewish State as an easy way to score points with the right-thinking classes. As far back as 2010, using tropes now all-too-familiar among the anti-Israel set, he told MPs that Israel was running ‘a giant open prison in Gaza’. He even repeated this absurd falsehood in the Turkish capital of Ankara a few weeks later, when speaking to business leaders. Moralistic posing has always been his way.

Now he is, once again, giving free rein to these dangerous, moralistic impulses in the case of Israel’s war against Hamas. That Cameron has recently seen fit to lecture Israel about civilian casualties – civilian casualties that the IDF is going to great lengths to avoid, even as Hamas uses its own people as human shields – is particularly grotesque, given Cameron’s own bloody foreign misadventures in office. Indeed, his recent comments, about Britain’s support for Israel not being ‘unconditional’, were in response to the awful, accidental bombing of seven aid workers by the IDF. And yet, during NATO’s strikes on Libya in 2011, rebels, ambulance crew and civilians were accidentally killed – in what was then downplayed as ‘friendly fire’.

But the chattering classes have short memories, it seems. Cameron’s posturing over Gaza is being predictably lapped up. Those on the liberal-left, many of whom claimed to loathe him as PM, are now talking him up as if he’s a great statesman, all because he is markedly more hostile to Israel than his predecessors.

David Cameron’s return to the world stage may be warming the hearts of the right-thinking classes, but it should chill the rest of us. His vapid, virtue-signalling foreign policy has already ripped apart Libya and unleashed horrors across that part of the world. We really can’t allow Dave to do any more damage.

'Stop the war' Macron, Sisi, Abdullah demand immediate ceasefire in joint op-ed
World leaders from France, Egypt, and Jordan have officially called for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war on Monday.

In a joint statement by Jordanian King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, first published in the news sites Washington Post and Le Monde, the three said that "Only a two-state solution will bring peace to the Middle East."

"It is the only credible path to guaranteeing peace and security for all and ensuring that neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis ever have to relive the horrors that have befallen them since the October 7 attacks," the statement continued. "The establishment of an independent, sovereign Palestinian state on the basis of the two-state solution, in accordance with international law and relevant UNSC resolutions, to live side by side in peace and security with Israel, is the only way to achieve true peace."

The UN Security Council's decision to demand an immediate ceasefire was also acknowledged in the joint statement, and the foreign leaders' statement also emphasized the council's demand for the immediate release of all the hostages held by the terrorist organization.

"The war in Gaza and the catastrophic humanitarian suffering it is causing must end now. Violence, terror, and war cannot bring peace to the Middle East. The two-state solution will," the letter continued. "It is the only credible path to guaranteeing peace and security for all and ensuring that neither the Palestinians nor the Israelis ever have to relive the horrors that have befallen them since the October 7 attacks."

The letter addresses recent events in the Gaza Strip
The statement also warns Israel of their plans for their incursion into Rafah, "where 1.5 million Palestinian civilians have sought refuge," claiming such an operation would "only bring more death and suffering, heighten the risks and consequences of mass forcible displacement of the people of Gaza and threaten regional escalation." The leaders also said that UNRWA plays a critical in humanitarian operations in Gaza.

They condemned the accidental IDF strike on the World Central Kitchen’s aid convoy.

Spain to lobby EU on Palestinian statehood, as UN weighs membership
Spain intends to sway the European Union to support unilateral Palestinian statehood, Australia gave a nod in that direction, and the United Nations Security Council is considering whether to recognize Palestine as its 194th member.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is expected to meet with his counterparts from Norway, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Belgium later this week to focus on the EU’s position regarding the Israel-Hamas war in the Gaza Strip, government spokesperson Pilar Alegria said Tuesday.

“We want to stop the humanitarian disaster in Gaza and help kick-start a political peace process leading to the realization of the two-state solution as early as possible,” she told reporters.

Sanchez previously said he expects Madrid to extend recognition to the Palestinians by July, and that he believes there would soon be a “critical mass” within the EU to push several members to adopt the same position.

Last month, Spain, Ireland, Malta, and Slovenia said they would jointly work toward the recognition of a Palestinian state.

Israel says the initiative would be "prize for terrorism"
Israel told the four EU countries their initiative would amount to a “prize for terrorism” that would reduce the chances of a negotiated resolution to the generations-old conflict.

Since 1988, 139 out of 193 UN member states have recognized Palestinian statehood. Most Western countries, however, have maintained that such recognition should only come once a final-status agreement for two states is in place.

Israel condemns Norway for accusing IDF of ‘breakdown’ of int’l law
Israel’s Foreign Ministry lashed out at the Norwegian government on Tuesday after Oslo blamed Israel Defense Forces troops in Gaza for a “complete breakdown in compliance with international humanitarian law” in a statement marking six months since the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks.

“Even six months after the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, Norway—the only country among the like-minded countries that still maintains relations with the Hamas terrorist organization—continues its disproportionate and biased position that favors Hamas,” said Jerusalem.

The statement added, “It is shocking that the murders, rapes and other atrocities that the terrorists of Hamas committed did not change the Norwegian government’s position at all and that it still does not consider Hamas to be a terrorist organization.”

According to the Foreign Ministry, Oslo “displays a lack of proportionality and double standards towards the State of Israel, which is doing what every democratic country is supposed to do to protect its citizens.”

The condemnation came three days after Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide issued a statement claiming that Israel’s war against Hamas “undermines security and is highly devastating for both Israelis and Palestinians. And it threatens the stability of the entire Middle East.

Elizabeth Warren: ‘Ample evidence’ Israel committed genocide
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) believes that there is sufficient proof that Israel has committed genocide.

“If you want to do it as an application of law, I believe that they’ll find that it is genocide, and they have ample evidence to do so,” she told attendees at the Islamic Center of Boston in Wayland, Mass. on April 5, Politico reported.

A spokesperson for the senator told Politico that Warren meant to refer to “the ongoing legal process at the International Court of Justice, not sharing her views on whether genocide is occurring in Gaza.”

“For me, it is far more important to say what Israel is doing is wrong. And it is wrong,” the senator added at the mosque event. “It is wrong to starve children within a civilian population in order to try to bend to your will. It is wrong to drop 2,000-pound bombs in densely populated civilian areas.”

“Sen. Warren is right. Legally Israel is committing genocide in Gaza,” wrote Balakrishnan Rajagopal, U.N. special rapporteur on the right to adequate housing. “What so many including us, U.N. experts, have been saying for months. It also means that officials of your own government are legally complicit in genocide.”

“Based on all the evidence, Israel has done more in this war to prevent civilian casualties than any military in modern history,” stated the Republican Jewish Coalition. “But that doesn’t matter to Sen. Warren, who would rather join the chorus of Democrats trying to placate their rabidly anti-Israel base of voters.”

“Genuinely curious if the Democratic National Committee convention this summer is just going to ostensibly be a hate fest of Israel and anyone who thinks Hamas is bad,” wrote Meghan McCain, the commentator and daughter of the late senator and presidential candidate John McCain, “and how normal Americans will react to that.”

UN credibility on Israel, Palestinians ‘in serious doubt,’ after error about Gazan ‘journalist’
A United Nations office stands corrected after having “verified” the death of someone whom it referred to as a Gazan journalist. But despite the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights assuring JNS that it issued a correction, when the United Nations found out the person in question is alive, the error remains in several pages on the U.N. website.

The OHCHR issued a Dec. 14 press release expressing its “alarm” by “an unprecedented rate of journalists and media workers who have been killed in Gaza since Oct. 7.” The U.N. agency claimed to have “verified the killing of 50 journalists and media workers, and has received information that 30 more may have died, amounting to approximately 6% of all those registered with the Journalists’ Syndicate in Gaza.”

In the fifth of the release’s 18 paragraphs, OHCHR noted that “Mr. Mustafa Ayyash, the founder and director of the Gaza Now News Agency, was killed along with at least eight members of his family, including children, in an apparent airstrike on his house in Al Nuseirat Camp on Nov. 22.”

That claim remains in a document that appears several times on the U.N. website.

Among those whom the U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned on March 27, for “having materially assisted, sponsored or provided financial, material or technological support for, or goods or services to or in support of, Hamas,” was “Gaza Now and its founder Mustafa Ayash,” apparently very much alive. (The United Kingdom took similar actions.)

Amnesty describes death of terrorist who ordered teen’s mutilation and murder as ‘heart-wrenching’
Amnesty International has described the death of a Palestinian terrorist responsible for ordering the kidnap, castration and murder of a teenage Israeli as “heart-wrenching”, lamenting his “endless nightmare” and referring to him simply as a “writer”.

Walid Daqqah, who had bone marrow cancer, died on Sunday aged 62 in an Israeli jail.

Following his death, the human rights group issued a press release that described Daqqah as a “Palestinian writer”, noting he had been the longest-serving Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jail having spent 38 years imprisoned.

Daqqah was handed a life sentence in 1986 after being convicted of commanding members of the terror cell the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), to abduct and kill 19-year-old Israeli soldier Moshe Tamam in 1984.

The kidnap, a ransom bid that failed, turned into murder on Daqqah’s orders.

Tamam, who was on leave from the military when he was murdered, vanished after accompanying his girlfriend to her home in the city of Tiberias and returning by bus to Tel Aviv.

His body was found four days later near the entrance to the town of Mevo Dotan in the West.

Tamam’s killers gouged out his eyes, mutilated his body and castrated him before taking him to an olive grove and shooting him dead, according to reports at the time.

How the war in Gaza ended without anyone even noticing
Wars usually end with a formal act - a ceasefire being put into effect or one side surrendering and laying down its arms. But there are wars that you only realise ended long after the event. History may yet remember the early morning of 7 April, when the last forces of the IDF’s 98th Division crossed back into Israel, as the moment the war against Hamas in Gaza ended. Exactly six months after it began.

There is still one IDF brigade deployed in Gaza, securing the Netzarim Corridor bisecting the coastal strip. And air strikes and small cross-border raids are still taking place. Hamas is still launching ambushes against the IDF and occasionally a couple of rockets are fired towards Israel. But this is no longer the war in which, at one point, over 20 brigade combat teams were deployed inside Gaza.

Officially the war is still ongoing but it is in a holding pattern that could last for months, possibly years. Under pressure from the far-right parties in his government, Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday evening that a date has been set for the operation in Rafah. No-one in Israel is taking that seriously.

An operation in Rafah may take place one day. But it will almost certainly not take place until most of the 1.4 million civilians in and around Rafah move elsewhere. The IDF has made plans for that but American officials who have seen the plans are skeptical they can work. An attack on Rafah, Hamas’ last major stronghold in Gaza where an estimated 7,000 fighters are concentrated, is only worthwhile if they are still there when the attack takes place. But Hamas is demanding that as part of any hostage release and temporary ceasefire agreement, there will be unfettered movement throughout Gaza during the truce.
Netanyahu: ‘We will eliminate the Hamas battalions in Rafah’
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated on Tuesday that the Hamas battalions in Rafah will be defeated amid questions about whether a full-scale invasion of Gaza’s southernmost city will take place.

“We will complete the elimination of Hamas’s battalions, including in Rafah. No force in the world will stop us…. After what [Hamas] has done, it will not do this again. Neither will it exist,” the premier said at a reception for IDF recruits at Tel Hashomer base in Ramat Gan.

The remarks come after earlier in the week the IDF announced the withdrawal of ground forces from southern Gaza after four months of fighting in Khan Yunis and six months of war, leaving only one battalion left in the Strip.

Netanyahu on Monday night confirmed that the Rafah operation will proceed, saying that a date has been set for the military offensive.

“We are constantly working to achieve our goals—first and foremost the release of all our hostages and achieving a complete victory over Hamas. This victory requires entry into Rafah and the elimination of the terrorist battalions there,” the premier said.

The Israeli government has repeatedly emphasized that telling Israel to refrain from operating in Rafah is equivalent to demanding that it lose the war. Many of the 133 hostages still in the hands of Hamas after 184 days are believed to be held in Rafah. Two captives were rescued from the city by special forces in a daring military operation in February.

Netanyahu on Tuesday also repeated his oft-stated war goals of eliminating Hamas, returning the hostages and ensuring that Gaza never again poses a threat to Israel.
What the Demographics of Israel's Fallen Soldiers Reveal about the Country
So far, virtually everything I’ve written confirms the right’s narrative. Religious Zionists, settlers, and graduates of the state-religious system are indeed heavily overrepresented among fallen soldiers, though one must consider that non-religious Jews and graduates of the state system are also moderately overrepresented.

There is, however, a further detail that fits the right’s narrative less well. There is another group that is strongly overrepresented among fallen soldiers: kibbutzniks and moshavniks. Today, they make up 5.5 percent of all Israelis but 15 percent of fallen soldiers—a nearly threefold overrepresentation. Is this representation materially different from how it was the state’s earlier years, as the narrative we’re examining goes?

We know that in the Yom Kippur War, 18 percent of fallen soldiers were kibbutzniks, but only 2 percent of Israel’s population, a ninefold overrepresentation. We cannot compare this to the data from the present war with exact precision because we don’t know how many of the soldiers who fell since the start of the war were kibbutzniks and how many moshavniks. But we can say the following with a fairly high level of confidence: although kibbutzniks aren’t as overrepresented among fallen soldiers as they were half a century ago, they are still heavily overrepresented to about the same degree as Religious Zionists and settlers.

One disclaimer to that estimate. Above I noted that not all non-haredi settlers are Religious Zionists. Here, I should similarly add that not all kibbutzniks and moshavniks are secular. Nonetheless, these types of communities are predominantly secular and heavily left-leaning.

In an ever-evolving strategy in Gaza, the IDF pullback is a smart move
A month ago, the IDF’s 162nd Division pulled out of central Gaza, allowing hundreds of terrorists to reestablish a presence at al-Shifa Hospital. Troops from the 162nd then engaged them in a battle, lasting over a week, that was one of the most successful Israeli operations of the war. Ron Ben-Yishai believes the recent withdrawal is part of a similar plan, and he is confident it is a sound one:
Specifics cannot be divulged, but the 98th Division’s exit from Khan Younis is designed, in part, to open up opportunities for unexpected, intelligence-guided strikes that will catch Hamas terrorists off guard. . . . Relocating the 98th Division units from Khan Younis puts them less than an hour from any target location, including Rafah. It’s important to note that all intelligence, air, and ground-fire resources currently active in Khan Younis will remain in place, allowing uninterrupted intelligence and operational activities.

The shift to a new strategy offers two key advantages: first, it reduces the forces’ vulnerability to terrorist attacks by avoiding static positions, and second, it enables them to reach any current location in under an hour.

It is important to note one more issue: highly reliable sources say that the move of the 98th Division out of the area has been planned for several weeks and has nothing to do with the political crisis in relations with the U.S. government.

But even if the withdrawal is not a response to mounting pressure from the White House to ratchet down military operations, Rich Goldberg believes it still looks that way to outsiders. And that, Goldberg argues, is a problem in itself, even if the move makes sense from a purely military perspective:
The problem for Israel . . . is that in the Middle East, perception is reality. Look at the chessboard from Tehran’s point of view: Biden is giving Iran a $10 billion sanctions waiver and free flow of oil to China, offering carrots to the Houthis in Yemen amid nonstop attacks in the Red Sea, and holding Israel back from military operations in southern Lebanon to destroy Hizballah’s capabilities near Israel’s northern border.

Now comes a decision that looks a lot like backing down from Hamas destruction in Gaza, too. . . . What Israeli operations will be conducted—on any and all fronts where Iran fights—that put Tehran and its proxies back on their heels? And what steps will the White House and Congress take to make sure Tehran believes the United States still has Israel’s back?

The answer to these questions will determine Israel’s fate—not the timing of any single move in Gaza.
Israeli experts believe Israel hid longest Gaza tunnel to trap Hamas
On Saturday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported the demolition of three significant Hamas attack tunnels in the southern Gaza area of Khan Yunis. One of these tunnels extended several hundred meters into Israeli territory and had been monitored by Israeli forces in recent years.

This tunnel, which the IDF discovered in 2019, was being monitored for Hamas use. "This tunnel was detected by the IDF during the construction of the barrier and since then has been clandestinely under IDF control. Inside the tunnel, IDF soldiers placed explosives and sensors," said Daniel Hagari, IDF spokesperson, during a televised statement on Saturday.

Construction of the IDF's underground barrier concluded in 2021, and the IDF has asserted for years that no more tunnels were penetrating Israeli territory.

Former Deputy National Security Advisor and Vice President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security, Dr. Eran Lerman, told The Media Line that he believes the IDF did not publicly announce their knowledge of this penetrating tunnel in an attempt to mislead Hamas in terms of what Israel knows regarding their tunnels.

The IDF spokesperson's statement said that Hamas did not use the tunnel for the Oct. 7 terror attack but added that destroying it is part of Israel's effort to restructure the security measures around the Gaza border. "As part of our renewed assessments for defense in the area of the Gaza Division, we destroyed the tunnel," said Hagari.

IAF kills Hamas ’emergency committee’ leader in central Gaza
An Israeli air strike on Monday night killed a top Hamas terrorist, who headed the organization’s “emergency committee” in the camps of central Gaza.

Hatem Alramery “was a Hamas military-wing operative in the field of projectile launches within the Maghazi Battalion of the Central Camps,” according to the IDF.

Also on Monday, an Israeli Air Force craft eliminated a terrorist in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza who participated in the bloody Oct. 7 invasion of the northwestern Negev.

Israeli forces are conducting targeted attacks in Khan Yunis after nearly all ground forces withdrew from the southern Gaza Strip on Sunday following four months of fighting in the former Hamas stronghold city.

The IDF also said that fighter jets struck a launch position, military compound and underground tunnel shafts after several rockets were fired from the area at Kibbutz Re’im in southern Israel on Monday.

“Throughout the past day, the IAF also struck and destroyed military compounds, launch posts, and numerous terrorist infrastructure sites throughout the Gaza Strip,” the military said.

In first, Israel’s ship-mounted Iron Dome downs target near Eilat
Israel’s C-Dome air-defense system intercepted a suspected drone over the Red Sea near Eilat shortly before midnight on Monday. The incident marked the first operational interception of the system, the naval equivalent of Israel’s ground-based Iron Dome.

“Following the sirens that sounded in the area of Eilat regarding the infiltration of a hostile aircraft, IDF Naval forces identified a suspicious aerial target crossing into Israeli territory. The target was successfully intercepted by the ‘C-Dome‘ naval defense system,” said the Israel Defense Forces.

“The target was tracked by the IDF, no injuries were reported and no damage was caused,” the statement continued.

The interceptor was installed on the Israeli Navy’s Sa’ar 6-class “Magen” corvette and became operational in November 2022.

Israel: Six Months after Terrorists Attacked
Israelis, of all political persuasions, feel besieged and misunderstood.

Six months after a day on which more Jews were murdered than since the Holocaust, Israel finds itself nearing the status of international pariah.

Does it reflect the ugly reality that much of the world has never accepted the existence of Israel as a Jewish state?

To visit the sites of the Oct. 7 atrocities, as well as to speak with survivors, feels as gut-wrenching as visiting a concentration camp, but it's as though the Holocaust were only months in the past, and the enemy as yet undefeated.

It is to meet with a farmer who displays the broken chair, stashed in a Kfar Aza safe room, that saved his family. On Oct. 7, the farmer's son jammed the chair under the handle of the door of the safe room, designed to protect against rocket attacks, not terrorists in the house.

This provides essential context about the degree to which Israelis experienced Oct. 7 as a threat to their existence and continue to believe their country will remain in peril if the enterprise of destroying Hamas' military capabilities is left unfinished.

Tens of thousands of Israelis are still displaced from their homes near Gaza and the border with Lebanon, many living in hotel rooms.
Lahav Harkov: The effort to document the events of Oct. 7 for posterity — and against the deniers
If journalists are writing, as Washington Post publisher Philip Graham once put it, “the first rough draft of history” about Oct. 7, the foundations for the later drafts are being prepared by historians, archivists, librarians and others — many of whom attended a conference at the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem on Sunday, the six-month anniversary of Hamas’ invasion of southwestern Israel.

The topic of “Telling War: The conference for documenting Oct. 7 and the war that broke out in its wake” focused on initiatives to collect testimony and preserve artifacts. But the topic of authenticating the massive collection amassed by the library’s staff and representatives of over 180 documentation initiatives loomed large amid the wave of atrocity denial that has grown online and in some corners of the news media.

Former IDF spokesman Ronen Manelis, who was involved in creating and screening a compilation of footage of Oct. 7 atrocities, lamented onstage that “there were Israeli spokespeople who spoke about events for which we do not have documentation, and that hurt our legitimacy. That created difficulties.”

As of this week, over 15,000 people have seen the footage in 650 screenings in 60 countries. Some people who see the 47-minute film that the IDF and Israeli embassies abroad have screened for limited, influential audiences such as members of Congress and figures in Hollywood, ask why specific crimes or situations are not shown, Manelis said.

“When it comes to sexual violence, we have more stories than solid proof, and that is part of the difficulty,” he said.

The lack of proof does not necessarily mean they didn’t happen, he pointed out: “Not everything can be documented, which should be understandable in light of the circumstances, but it bothers some people, and that is one of the challenges.”

Cochav Elkayam-Levy, the founder of the Civil Commission on Oct. 7 Crimes by Hamas against Women and Children and recipient of this year’s Israel Prize for Solidarity, has been dogged by accusations made by those who deny Hamas’ sexual violence.

Speaking at the conference, she said that from the outset, she “warned to reach the highest standards of documentation. At the time, I didn’t know what it meant, but I’m glad I aimed for that standard.”
Freed Israeli hostage: ‘Gazan civilians sold me to Hamas’
Nili Margalit, 42, on a tour of Europe to raise awareness of the 133 Israeli hostages still in captivity, told France’s Le Point magazine on Monday that it was Palestinian Arab civilians, not Hamas, who abducted her from her home in Nir Oz on Oct. 7.

“They negotiated with Hamas to sell me. When they were paid, I was taken straight into a tunnel,” she said.

Margalit described the day of the attack. At 6:30 am she jumped up when she heard the alarms warning of incoming rockets and ran to her safe room. WhatsApp messages flooded in, some warning of terrorists in her kibbutz.

At 9:00 am, the terrorists, actually civilians, reached her home. They set fire inside her house and pulled her out of her safe room. They put her on a golf cart, covered her in a white sheet and drove her to the Gaza Strip border. She was surrounded by shouting Palestinian Arab civilians with Kalashnikov rifles.

She was then transferred to a car at the border and taken to Khan Yunis. At that point, she was “sold” to Hamas.

Margalit was taken to a “reception room” in a tunnel, which held about 30 people, some of whom she recognized from Nir Oz. The Israeli men had swollen faces and injured legs from being dragged on motorcycles.

They were divided up into smaller groups, including one for people over 70, the weak and sick. Margalit mentioned that she was an emergency room nurse. “Helping was my way of surviving,” she said.

Margalit was released on Nov. 30 along with seven others as part of a hostage-prisoner deal between Israel and Hamas.
Israel supporters rally & demand release of hostages six months after Hamas attack
Rebel News journalist Adam Soos speaks with pro-Israel demonstrators at a rally marking six months since the Hamas terrorist attack.

When Perceptions Ignore History
Despite a quick Israeli investigation and acceptance of responsibility for the unintentional strike that killed seven aid workers from the World Central Kitchen (WCK) in Gaza on April 1, governments and world leaders were quick to condemn and demand a ceasefire. An academic study in 2018 showed that hundreds of medical facilities were targeted in various conflicts worldwide, including strikes carried out by American forces, which resulted in civilian casualties.

Despite the history of unintentional civilian casualties as a "fact of war," with even the UN noting that 90% of wartime casualties are civilians, the rush to judgment against Israel continues.

In a war where psychological factors play an essential role, perception often becomes a reality. The false and contrived perception of Israeli intentionality in the WCK tragedy may be misperceived and create obstacles to defeating Hamas and restoring stability and security to the region.

Governments that benefit from fresh intelligence and understand battlefield reality know that Israel's behavior is within the limits of "just war" guidelines. To the degree that political expediency clouds moral judgment, any resultant policy adjustment represents a psychological victory for Hamas and other terror-based organizations.
Israel doubles down against foreign probe of WCK incident
Israel has doubled down in rejecting a substantive foreign probe second-guessing its own external investigation of the World Central Kitchen (WCK) incident in which the IDF disastrously mistakenly killed seven humanitarian aid workers on April 1.

This is the repeated message of multiple IDF and Defense Ministry sources to The Jerusalem Post, despite conflicting reports by KAN News and Channel 12.

The Prime Minister’s Office declined to respond to the Post’s request for a comment.

It appears that the discrepancy in the reports involves the agenda of some to broadcast Israel’s transparency and openness to seriously probing the issues involved, while others want to emphasize that the IDF’s own system for probing is second to none and trustworthy.

Multiple Israeli sources said the probe’s leader, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems CEO Yoav Har Even, a former IDF major-general, has been outside of the IDF for some time and beyond the chain of command, dispelling any concerns about whitewashing to achieve promotions, such as by officers still in uniform.

On a practical level, Channel 12 only reported that Israel is sharing its written findings with the WCK and related parties, something the IDF essentially already did.

Israel and the IDF are not permitting WCK or any foreign parties direct access to any IDF officers involved in the incident, a basic minimum requirement for performing a true probe that could seriously second-guess the IDF.
The Israel Guys: The TRUTH About the 7 Aid Workers Killed by an Israeli Air Strike in Gaza
Last week we reported on the 7 aid workers who were killed by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. Since then, the IDF have released their official investigative report findings. As a result, they dismissed several high ranking officers who they deemed did not follow official IDF protocol. However, the question remains: who was really at fault for these aid workers who were killed?

Was Hamas using them as human shields? Were the World Central Kitchen workers embedded with Hamas, like the photographers were on October 7th? Or did Hamas simply commandeer their vehicle, and force them to drive with them under gun point.

Either way, it’s seems clear that the blame lies squarely elsewhere than Israel. All the details and much more on today’s episode.

Dutton pushes back on PM appointing special adviser to Israel investigation
Israel has not yet responded to Australia’s request for a special adviser to monitor the probe, a move described by analysts as an unprecedented unilateral action in response to the conduct of a nation with which Australia enjoys friendly ties.

Dutton has faced questions about the Coalition’s steadfast backing of Israel in the face of a rising civilian death toll in Gaza, but the opposition continued to argue Albanese’s actions were driven by internal politics within the Labor Party.

“What the prime minister is doing here in appointing Mark Binskin is not hoping for some discovery of a silver bullet or something that’s being hidden by the Israelis,” Dutton said.

“What the prime minister is doing here is trying to find a pathway through what’s obviously a torn ALP. The caucus of the Australian Labor Party is split at the moment, and frankly, the prime minister’s response to people who are living in fear in Jewish communities in our country at the moment has been deplorable.”

Albanese said it was appropriate that Israel’s defence force was held to a higher standard than Hamas, a listed terrorist organisation that prompted the war after its October 7 attacks and capturing of yet-to-be-released hostages.

“Democratic nations have different responsibilities. They have responsibilities to comply with international law and that is what we expect of Israel,” Albanese said.
Hamas decided to wage war ‘amidst civilians’
The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says Hamas has decided to wage war “amidst civilians”.

Mr Sheridan told Sky News Australia that Hamas has put tunnels “under civilian buildings”.

“So, Israel is faced with this conundrum.

“Either it does nothing … or it goes in and destroys Hamas militarily.

“You can’t destroy Hamas militarily in Gaza without waging war in the civilian areas.”

Australian FM says Canberra to consider recognizing Palestinian state
Australia’s foreign minister Penny Wong said Tuesday that Canberra would consider recognition of a Palestinian state, a shift in policy as the international community looks for a two-state solution to end the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

In a speech on Tuesday, Wong backed comments by Britain’s foreign minister David Cameron who has said that recognizing a Palestinian state, including at the United Nations, would make a two-state solution irreversible

Wong also said that recognizing a state of Palestine could restart the moribund Middle East peace process and undermine extremist forces in the region.

“Recognizing a Palestinian state — one that can only exist side by side with a secure Israel — doesn’t just offer the Palestinian people an opportunity to realize their aspirations,” she said. “It also strengthens the forces for peace and undermines extremism. It undermines Hamas, Iran and Iran’s other destructive proxies in the region.”

The foreign minister also said that “there is no role for Hamas in a future Palestinian state.”
Penny Wong calling for a Palestinian state is ‘rewarding Hamas’
Israeli MP Sharren Haskel says Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong calling for a Palestinian state is “rewarding Hamas”.

Ms Wong called for a Palestinian state on Tuesday night, stating it is the key to peace in the Middle East.

“I’m actually quite shocked,” Ms Haskel said.

“Matter of fact this is coming only from a lack of understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and a lack of understanding of what is actually happening in the Middle East.

“Israel is fighting radical Islam and a declaration like that is actually rewarding terrorism.”

Boston: Palestinian terrorist flag waved at Israeli dance troupe
Pro-Palestinian activists waved the flag of a terrorist organization and praised violent action during a protest against Israel’s Vertigo Dance Company on Friday in Boston at the Boch Center Shubert Theatre.

The protesters waved the red flag of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which is designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the US State Department. Videos of the protest were posted on social media by Palestinian Youth Movement Boston, Party for Socialism & Liberation Boston, and the Boston Coalition for Palestine. One marcher waving the red flag wore a keffiyeh with a matching PFLP headband. A woman draped in a Palestinian flag can be seen carrying the red flag.

"Glory to the martyrs and glory to the Palestinian resistance," one of the protesters said.

“Long live the Intifada,” the demonstrators chanted.

"Long live the Intifada"
“Reject all forms of normalization wherever you see it. Glory to all our martyrs. Glory to the Resistance!” promotional images for the protest said. They were posted by PYM, PSL, BCP, Students for Justice in Palestine Emerson, Boston South Asian Coalition, BDS Boston, and Students for Justice in Palestine Suffolk University.

In the promotional posts, the red triangle used in terrorist propaganda to denote targeting for an attack was placed above a Vertigo dancer. The red triangle also appeared above the name Vertigo.

“Reject Zionism in all spheres. Zionists out of dance. Zionists out of Palestine,” the advertisement said, with red triangles above the words “Zionism” and “Zionists,” except for the last one, which was crossed out with a blood smear.

Some of the advertisement slides crossed out the face of the dancer with a blood smear, facing black-garbed figures carrying rocks and shields.

SNP minister condemns his own father over an anti-Semitic post of a Swastika merged with the Star of David as police U-turn over an investigation into the image
An SNP minister was yesterday forced to condemn an anti-Semitic post shared on his father's Facebook page.

Community Wealth & Public Finance minister Tom Arthur broke cover to criticise fellow SNP member Tom Arthur Snr over the post at the centre of a Swastika hate crime row.

In a humiliating public statement, Mr Arthur admitted the offensive image posted by his father falls 'far short' of his own stance against discrimination.

The SNP also slammed the vile meme as it confirmed Arthur Snr had quit the party in disgrace.

It comes after the Mail yesterday revealed the 72-year-old had shared an image of the Israeli flag that merged the Nazi symbol with the Star of David.

The woman who complained about the post said Police Scotland refused to investigate it under the new hate crime law as she is not Jewish.

But the force last night did a partial U-turn and opened a fresh investigation into the post under the Communications Act.

In an explosive statement on the scandal yesterday, Mr Arthur said: 'As an SNP MSP, I stand against discrimination of any kind.

'The online post shared by a family member falls far short of that position and I condemn the views expressed.

'Six months on from Hamas's barbaric terrorist attack which claimed the lives of more than 1,000 innocent civilians,

I will continue to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, the release of all hostages and for a permanent two-state solution to pave the way towards peace in the region.'

SNP chiefs revealed Arthur Snr was a party member when the offending image was posted last week, only hours after the new Hate Crime Act came into force.

A spokesman said: 'The SNP stands firmly against anti-Semitism.

Antifa and Pro-Palestinian Groups Join Forces to Shut Down ‘Libs of TikTok’ Speaker at Indiana University
Last week, anti-Israel and Antifa student organizations joined together in an attempt to disrupt an Indiana University College Republicans event featuring Indiana Republican congressman Jim Banks and Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichick.

Student protesters attempted to shout down the speakers and intimidate the eventgoers. University police officers were eventually forced to intervene, escorting a number of the protesters out of the event after they refused to leave and detaining several others.

The April 1 event, intended to be a meet and greet with Banks and Raichick, was quickly targeted by an Indiana Antifa cell, Red Orchestra_AFA, which is closely connected to the Torch Antifa Network and is one of a number of cells that utilizes the RiseUp communications system, according to reporting from the Post Millennial. The day before the event, Orchestra_AFA posted, “Indiana and fishers Indiana. Libs of TT homophobic bigot chaya raichik and far right bigot jim banks will be speaking at 2 locations.” The cell continued, telling its followers, “You know what to do.”

Groups holding anti-Israel and antisemitic views then quickly joined in condemning the event and asking students to disrupt and derail the speakers. On the day of the meet and greet, IU Alumni for Palestine posted an image of the speakers with their mouths covered and requested that their followers join them to stop “bigots on campus.” This group has campaigned in the past to cancel speakers who support Israel, such as Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of infamous Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who turned on the group to become an undercover Israeli intelligence agent.

Yousef was scheduled to speak last month at an event sponsored by IU Hillel in condemnation of Hamas, but the event was canceled due to “security concerns.” IU Alumni for Palestine have also posted content referring to Zionism as an “ideology of racism” and existing on a continuum of “white supremacy.”

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