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The Egypt border attack: Key questions
There are several critical questions that the joint Israeli-Egyptian investigation into the deadly terrorist attack on the two countries’ shared border on Saturday must address.

During the incident, which lasted several hours, three Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed by an Egyptian police officer. The first two were killed at around 6:00 a.m., according to the IDF, and the third some two hours later, during a shootout that broke out after back-up forces arrived to search for the gunman.

Israeli forces led by the regional brigade commander killed the gunman soon afterwards.

The first key question is whether the terrorist, who was armed with an AK-47, acted on his own, or as a member of a larger terrorist group that has infiltrated Egypt’s security forces.

Egypt’s initial claim, that the terrorist had entered Israeli territory in pursuit of drug smugglers, is unconvincing, and reflects pressure within Egypt to smooth over the incident with a convenient narrative rather than attempt to ascertain the facts.

It is fair to assume that Israel has made it clear, behind closed doors, that this explanation is illogical and unacceptable in light of the assailant’s conduct; he remained in Israeli territory for two hours after the initial shooting, before he again fired on Israeli forces.

The second question must address the role that a significant drug smuggling run, which occurred at 2:30 a.m. that same night, and in the same area, may have played in the attack.

Both incidents occurred in the desolate Mount Harif border region, and the attempt to smuggle some 1.5 million shekels’ worth ($400,000) of narcotics into Israel, at the same time as the attack is unlikely to have been a coincidence.

Was the smuggling run, which the IDF thwarted, an attempt to distract the military?

A third question that needs to be given consideration is whether the attack was the result of a jihadist-Islamist group seeking to undermine the ongoing security cooperation at the border between the Israeli and Egyptian militaries.
Three Israeli soldiers killed on Egyptian border laid to rest on Sunday
The funerals of the three soldiers who were killed by an Egyptian police officer at the Israeli-Egyptian border on Saturday, were held on Sunday afternoon.

Sgt. Lia Ben-Nun's funeral began at 4:30 p.m. at the military cemetery in Rishon Lezion. Ben-Nun was 19 years old and from Rishon Lezion. She was promoted to the rank of sergeant after her death, the IDF announced.

"She was stunning from the outside and the inside, a huge ray of sunshine, full of joy of life. Everyone loved her, there is no one who didn't," Lia's sister Ofir said at the funeral. "We were two sisters, now I'm one. We would understand each other without speaking, she was always here for me and I for her... I want to believe that there was no mistake here. I don't want to be angry with the army, because she loved it so much. She was at peace with what she did and was proud of it."

St.-Sgt. Ohad Dahan was laid to rest at 5 p.m. in the military plot of the cemetery in the southern Israeli town of Ofakim.

Dahan was 20 years old when he was killed. He was from Ofakim and posthumously promoted to staff sergeant from sergeant. Dahan was one of the three soldiers who engaged the terrorist in a firefight, ultimately killing him.

Dahan's partner Dana Salita, paid tribute to him: "How did you leave me, you promised me that you would take care of me. Why didn't keep the promise? Everyone who knows me knows how much I would talk about you everywhere, how proud I was of you. I know how much you were waiting for a clash [with a terrorist], how much you wanted to protect everyone around you. I was waiting for you to call, to tell me about your heroism. You were my strength. I have no words. I came in uniform today, you always said that our uniform is a privilege."

St.-Sgt. Uri Itzhak Ilouz's funeral took place at 5 p.m. at the military cemetery in Safed, in Israel's north. Ilouz was 20 years old when he died and like Dahan, he was posthumously promoted from sergeant.

Uri's sister, Gal, said that he had a hard time in the army, but that he "sacrificed for everyone, cared about everyone." She remembered the first time they had fought in their lives. "We never fought and he came to ask for forgiveness," she said. "My life, I want you here. I didn't think I would lose you. There is a crazy amount of people here, which shows how much of a hero and how loved you are."

Egyptian border terrorist was carrying Koran, likely motivated by extremism
The terrorist who killed three IDF officers at the Egyptian border on Saturday was likely motivated by religious extremism, according to new information from Army Radio on Sunday morning.

In addition to a Koran and a firearm, he was found to be carrying a knife that he used to cut the zip ties at the border barrier, and six magazines of ammunition.

During the exchange of fire in which St.-Sgt. Ohad Dahan was killed, the terrorist was the one who opened fire. The brigade commander drew closer to the terrorist in a military vehicle after he had been identified by an IDF surveillance drone. When he got out of the vehicle, the terrorist fired off several shots at a distance of several hundred meters. The first shot injured Dahan, according to military officials.

IDF confirmation and report on the Egyptian border terror attack
Shortly after midday on Saturday, the IDF confirmed an exchange of fire between Israeli forces and the terrorist, who was killed in the exchange.

During the operation, Dahan was shot and killed, and an additional soldier was lightly injured. The injured soldier was hit in his hand by shrapnel but was released from the hospital in the late afternoon.

The Egyptian army later said in a statement that the police officer was chasing drug smugglers, adding that "during the chase, the security man was involved in an exchange of fire that caused the deaths of three Israeli soldiers."

They did not add how the police officer ended up in a shootout with IDF soldiers when he should have been chasing drug smugglers.
Israel searches for answers after 3 IDF soldiers killed in Egypt border attack
Israel's Defense Minister and IDF chief say Israel is "probing the incident in a thorough, in-depth manner, together with the Egyptian military, and will draw necessary lessons."

Four Arab-Israeli conflict myths shattered by one terror incident
Sometimes you can learn everything you need to know about the Arab-Israeli conflict from even one relatively minor incident.

The confrontation between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian Arab terrorists in Jenin on May 29th might seem to have been a routine incident. Israeli troops briefly entered a Palestinian Authority-governed city in pursuit of terrorists. The Israelis came under “heavy fire,” according to an army spokesman and shot back. A terrorist named Ashraf Mohammad Ibrahim was killed.

It sounds like the kind of episode we’ve seen a hundred times before. But a closer look at the details – and their implications – shatters four of the most important myths about the Middle East.

Myth #1: If you let the Palestinian Authority have a police force, it will use it to fight terrorism
This was one of the major premises of the Oslo Accords (1993). Israel agreed to permit the creation of a 10,000-man Palestinian security force. The Clinton administration offered to train and arm them. The PA gradually expanded it to 30,000 men, making it one of the largest per capita security forces in the world.

Yet instead of arresting terrorists and shutting down their safe houses and arms depots, the PA has sheltered the terrorists, protected them from Israeli capture, and enabled them to operate freely.

Even worse, many of these PA “policemen” double as terrorists. Ashraf Mohammad Ibrahim, this week’s Jenin terrorist, was an officer in the PA General Intelligence Service, according to the official PA news service, Wafa.
The 'washing libels' that anti-Zionists obsessively use against Israel
Pinkwashing, greenwashing, redwashing and brownwashing are just some of the terms that have been coined to prop up what I like to call the washing libel. It’s a cohesive system through which anything and everything that portrays Israel in a positive light are painted either as a cynical attempt to obfuscate the inherent evil of Israeli Jewish society or worse.

The enemy that proponents of this family of libels work to fight against is the idea that the state of Israel is normal, and this campaign of denormalization can’t be carried out without double standards used to demonize and delegitimize Israel and the people living within it.

Israel is hardly alone on the world stage in using LGBTQ+ rights as part of the image of itself it wants to broadcast. Canada itself falls under this category. But no one attacks Canada’s public relations campaigns as part of a plot to cover up its history of residential schools, for example, nor should they.

The idea that LGBTQ+ rights in Israel exist for the sake of hiding some other form of oppression is patently false. There is no sinister conspiracy behind Pride parades being held in Tel Aviv. They would be taking place regardless of the existence of any conflict with the Palestinians. Attacking each and every positive thing that comes out of Israel, whether it be environmentalism, veganism or countless medical and technological advancements inverts reality by turning good into evil.

There’s one article published at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 2007 that represents the washing libel taken to its farthest logical extreme. Put briefly, Tal Nitsan argued that IDF soldiers not raping Palestinian women constituted racist dehumanization, and that moral and ethical standards being upheld in the army were simply proof of chauvinist nationalism. It shouldn’t need to be said that, contrary to her words, “rape and non-rape” are not “two sides of the same coin,” but the underlying pathology is remarkable. In this upside-down world, any seemingly good thing that comes out of Israel is, in fact, sinister and evidence of an underlying evil.

If the sin of violating the framework that views Israel as the ultimate evil in the world makes anything that promotes Israel in a positive light taboo, anything that paints Israel’s enemies in a bad light is naturally seen as equally taboo solely because it doesn’t serve the agenda at hand. This willful blindness further hurts victims of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, whether they are Palestinians living in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip or Israelis living outside of it.
Jpost Editorial: American Jewry's strong connection to Israel is extremely vital
In his opening address, Hirsch made clear his opposition to certain elements within the current government but pointed out that the process of distancing from Israel was gathering steam many years before the last elections.

“I worry – deeply – that increasing numbers of liberal young adults, including those entering Reform leadership, express indifference to Israel, or worse: opposition not to the policies of Israeli governments, but to the very legitimacy of the Zionist enterprise and the Jewish state,” he said.

“To turn against Israel; to join our ideological opponents and political enemies in castigating Zionism, is a sign of Jewish illness, an atrophying of our intellectual and emotional commitment to our people. Israel is the Jewish people’s supreme creation of our age.”

Israel, as we know quite well, is far from perfect and is full of faults. But one does not turn from one’s brother because of imperfection or abundant flaws. Rather one still feels that kinship, warts and all.

Thankfully, the top leadership of the Reform and Conservative movements remains staunchly supportive of the Jewish state, but the trends Hirsch identifies are troubling and they warrant attention – and action.

The future of the Jewish people depends on the continued vitality of the powerful bond between Jews around the world and the Jewish state. We applaud efforts, by Hirsch and others, to ensure that the stewards of American Jewish life remain deeply attached to Israel and that they continue to share their love of the Jewish state with Jewish communities, congregations and individuals across America.

Germany’s Back-Channel Anti-Israelism
These NGOs are active in other arenas, too. Some of them encourage terrorism by protecting terrorists and their families. With their deep pockets they are able to provide batteries of lawyers to argue in the courts on their behalf, resulting in the emasculation of the government’s policies regarding deterrence of terrorist attacks. Others file petitions against the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), and succeed in tying their hands. In this way they instill in the soldiers a fear of being brought to trial, making them hesitant to carry out their missions.

A major method of these domestic NGOs is to engage in lawfare. The German political foundations, among other funders, provide them with the financial means to retain high-priced lawyers. They exploit known flaws in the Israeli judicial system; namely, the lack of any requirement for standing, unlimited jurisdiction, and rulings according to a nebulous doctrine of unreasonableness rather than to the legality of a case based upon existing law. These legal teams file unending series of petitions, dragging cases out for years or even decades, clogging up the courts’ dockets, and thereby impeding the government from enforcing laws and carrying out its policies.

In the final analysis, the goal of these German political foundations is to cause the government of Israel to lose governance in the Negev and other areas and obstruct its ability to defend its citizens. In essence, German political parties use funds provided by the German government to set policy for the Israeli government according to its own agenda, undermining it from within. Such hypocritical action in the field belies Germany’s public stance of friendship and cooperation with the unique Jewish and democratic State of Israel. One can only conclude that anti-Jewish sentiment still runs deep in the German political establishment.

But Germany is not alone in undermining Israel in this manner. Away from the public eye, most of the western European governments individually as well as the European Union as a whole funnel massive sums of money to zealous, Israeli NGO “subcontractors,” whose ultimate goal is to destabilize the government of Israel by defeating legitimate government policies, sowing divisions between various ethnic groups, hobbling the Israeli army and police, and other such seditious endeavors. This off-stage political interference by western democracies in the internal affairs of Israel, itself a western-style democracy, violates international protocol and is unacceptable not to say outrageous.

A bill that would rectify this intolerable state of affairs is currently being brought before the Knesset. Unsurprisingly, Germany is protesting loudly against it under the disingenuous pretext of promoting dialog and human rights in Israel but in actuality to preserve its back-channel grip on Israeli government policy and its ability to undermine the state. The European Union and individual member states have loudly expressed their opposition as well. Despite this self-righteous noise, the Knesset must pass this legislation without delay to preserve the sovereignty–and very existence–of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.
NYPD closes complaint against MK Rothman
The New York Police Department closed a complaint filed against member of Knesset Simcha Rothman of the Religious Zionism Party after he pulled a megaphone away from a protester trailing him in Manhattan on Saturday evening.

In a video of the incident, Rothman and his wife, Chana, are seen walking along Madison Avenue with their bodyguards as several protesters yell at them in Hebrew. One man repeatedly shouts, “Go home. Free the country.”

At one point, Rothman spins around and grabs a megaphone out of the hands of a female protester who had been shouting into it and continues on, crossing 46th Street.

“A small group of violent protesters attacked me and my wife as we walked late at night in New York. They blocked our way, stepped on my wife Chana’s leg and cursed, including death wishes,” Rothman said in an explanatory message to the press.

“The guards called the police. We described where we were and continued to walk as we ignored the protesters. At some point, the demonstrators realized that we were ignoring them. Then they put a megaphone to our ears (an attack in every respect) and shouted.

“Both myself and the security guards repeatedly told them to stop and distance themselves and they continued.
Israeli lawmaker gets into incident with anti-reform protesters in New York City
Left-wing activists protested against Israeli lawmaker Simcha Rothman, sticking to him on his way to a hotel in Manhattan, where he stayed ahead of Sunday's "Celebrate Israel" parade as Israelis stage mass Tel Aviv rally against overhaul for the 22nd week

Regavim Report Shows There Never Were Pre-1948 Bedouin Villages
A new report published recently by Regavim (“Virtual Reality: The truth behind ‘the historic villages’ narrative of the Bedouin in the Negev) examines the Bedouin narrative according to which the residents of the Bedouin diaspora live in 46 historical villages, some of which existed even before the establishment of the State of Israel and some since the 1950s.

Based on this narrative, which has accompanied the public discourse in Israel for several decades, the Bedouins seek to promote recognition of all those villages and turn them into legal settlements in their existing locations, with all the benefits that this move would entail.

So far, 11 Bedouin villages were established based on this concept between 2003-2006, in the Abu-Basma and Neve Midbar regional councils, all of which, with one exception, have failed miserably.

The research was conducted using an advanced information system and included identifying each point from those 46 villages on maps from the 1940s to today, marking a radius of one kilometer, and analyzing the maps to identify settlements there.

The findings are unequivocal: in most of the villages there were no buildings at all before the establishment of the state, nor in the 1950s and 1960s, and not one of them was a village. In fact, over the years, the Bedouins migrated from the area, and settlement in the diaspora region in the Negev began to gain momentum only in the mid-1990s when aerial photographs clearly show a significant acceleration in illegal construction near the time they were recognized in the early 2000s.

“The ‘historical villages’ narrative has been proven to be a fake and a lie,” says Avraham Binyamin, director of the policy at the Regavim movement. “The Bedouins, whose caused failed in the courts, realized that they needed a different narrative to justify the takeover of the Negev lands and their demand for rights.”

“Unfortunately, the fabricated stories about ancient Bedouin settlements are seeping into the public discourse and preparing the whitewashing of additional takeovers, a move that has been proven ineffective,” according to Binyamin, who adds: “The Bedouin settlement should be normalized, but not based on unfounded arguments or through the illegal whitewashing of construction, but in planned settlements that provide all education and health services to their residents, according to Israeli standards.”
Terrorist murderers glorified by Fatah student movement in Birzeit University
Terrorist murderers glorified by Fatah student movement in Birzeit University student union election campaign

The video is an election campaign video by the Fatah Shabiba Student Movement at Birzeit University for student union elections at the university. It shows a procession held by the Fatah Shabiba Student Movement at the university as part of its campaign. Participating in the procession are masked men in military garb carrying posters of terrorists. A song is played in the background.

Lyrics: “Sort me [into Sai’qa], teach me to follow the path of the Sa’iqa
Enlist me and train me in the Shabiba camp”

Text on sign on man’s military vest: “The Lion’s Den (i.e., independent Palestinian terror cell) The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades (i.e., Fatah’s military wing)”
Text on poster: “Martyr Zafer Al-Rimawi”
Text on poster: “Dalal Mughrabi – the legend that does not die”
Text on poster: “Heroic Martyr Jawad Al-Rimawi”

Masked men are holding posters of Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin )left) and Yasser Arafat )right)

Text on poster: “[Fathi] ‘Abu Ra’ad’ Hazem”

A masked man with “Military publicity” written on his headband is carrying a child on his shoulders. The child is in military uniform and wearing a yellow headband of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Fatah’s military wing, while carrying a toy gun.

A masked man is holding a poster of arch-terrorist Khalil Al-Wazir “Abu Jihad,” (i.e., responsible for the murder of 125. Text on man’s headband: “The Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades.”

Biden envoy said to meet Iran’s UN ambassador as West looks to restart nuke contacts
The Biden administration’s special envoy for Iran has reportedly held several recent meetings with the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations, as Western powers look to restart dialogue with Tehran on its expanding nuclear program.

According to a report Friday in the Financial Times, Robert Malley’s contacts with Amir Saeid Iravani were believed to be the first direct interaction between American and Iranian officials since then-president Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers in 2018.

The newspaper, which cited diplomats and analysts, noted Iravani was a senior member of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council before his posting to UN headquarters in New York last year. The council’s previous head, who was replaced last month, played a key role in the negotiations that led to the 2015 nuclear deal.

An unidentified close to the administration said the talks primarily focused on a potential prisoner exchange.

“The prisoner swap is going to be an opener for the talks,” a diplomat was quoted as saying. “It is unlikely there will be a nuclear deal, but there could be some sort of interim thing, or a freeze.”

Another US official said the administration “always believed diplomacy is the best way to verifiably and durably ensure Iran never acquires a nuclear weapon.”

“But we have nothing to announce, and we have not removed any option from the table,” the official said.

The daily described the outreach as part of a shift among US and European officials, who are concerned Iran’s continually expanding activities in violation of the nuclear deal could trigger a regional conflict.
Netanyahu: IAEA ‘surrender’ to Iran a ‘black mark’
The International Atomic Energy Agency’s “surrender” to Iran is a “black mark” on the U.N. nuclear watchdog’s record, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the beginning of Sunday’s weekly Cabinet meeting.

“About Iran, Iran is continuing to lie to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The agency’s capitulation to Iranian pressure is a black stain on its record,” said Netanyahu.

“We revealed information to the world when we brought to Israel Iran’s secret nuclear archive five years ago. This information unequivocally proved that Iran was violating the oversight agreements and that it was enriching uranium for military—not innocent civilian—purposes,” he added, referring to the Mossad’s 2018 theft of an entire archive of Iranian nuclear documents from Tehran.

Confidential IAEA reports released last week show that the organization has closed two investigations into Iranian nuclear sites.

The IAEA decided to close the probe on traces of man-made uranium at the undeclared Marivan site in Abadeh County, in the southern province of Fars. The Vienna-based intergovernmental organization “has no additional questions … and the matter is no longer outstanding at this stage” after receiving a “possible explanation” from Iran, according to the reports.

Mainstream Media Refuses to Cancel ‘Sublime’ and ‘Majestic’ Antisemite Roger Waters
Finally, in a surprising turn of events, it was the chronically anti-Israel outlet The Guardian that featured Waters’ antisemitism more prominently, referencing his feud with former Pink Floyd bandmate Dave Gilmour and Gilmour’s wife Polly Samson, who have both slammed Waters over antisemitism, in the first paragraph and unequivocally stating that Waters has used “antisemitic tropes” during previous concerts.

But even then, the publication diluted Waters’ offensive opinions as showing “support for human rights in Palestine,” which gives a new meaning to the word understatement.

Naturally, Waters’ has gleefully promoted the enthusiastic reviews on Twitter, which is surely the greatest advertisement to the masses that being antisemitic really doesn’t come with any consequences.

What’s more, these ego-boosting reviews will only embolden Waters. First, it was Nazi uniforms, but who knows what he’ll think he can get away with next.

New York Times Stokes Sympathy for Gaza Terrorists, “Devalues Israeli Lives”
A New York Times news article falsely depicts Gaza terrorist groups as “homegrown” and misleads readers about their goals by describing the groups as aimed at resisting “Israeli occupation.”

The article appeared in the Times under the print headline “The Civilian Anguish Behind Israel’s ‘Precision Strikes.’” It carries the byline of Raja Abdulrahim and says that “Ameera Harouda contributed reporting.”

The photographs on the article, dramatically depicting damage supposedly wrought by Israel, are attributed to Samar Abu Elouf, who has been backed by the Dutch foreign ministry’s Prince Claus Fund.

The article says, “Because the armed groups are homegrown, they live side by side among the people and their command centers are spread throughout Gaza.”

The State Department notes that Palestinian Islamic Jihad “receives financial assistance and training primarily from Iran.” It also says the group “has partnered with Iran-and Syria-sponsored Hizballah to carry out joint operations.” The State Department says that Hamas “has received funding, weapons, and training from Iran and raises funds in Persian Gulf countries.” For the Times to describe the groups as “homegrown” while omitting the Iranian funding and training misleads Times readers by mischaracterizing paid and trained Iranian proxies as organic “homegrown” Palestinians.

Moreover, the reason these terrorists “live side by side among the people” is not “because” they are homegrown but rather because they find it convenient for propaganda purposes to maximize Palestinian casualties. Doing so generates sympathetic articles about “civilian anguish” such as the one from the Times.

NYC Celebrate Israel Parade Grand Marshal gives names to Jews slain by Nazis
The grand marshal of this Sunday’s Celebrate Israel Parade along Fifth Avenue, marking 75 years of the state of Israel, has dedicated his life to giving names to Jews slaughtered by the Nazis and dumped anonymously in mass graves.

Upper East Sider Harley Lippman, founder of IT consulting firm, Genesis 10, was honored last week in Poland for his work in discovering previously undiscovered Jewish mass graves from WWII and he said that his mission is more critical now than ever.

“With the rise of antisemitism at record levels, it’s more important than ever to show unity and support for Israel — not just among American Jews, but non-Jews as well,” said Lippman, 68.

“As we’ve learned from history, when people reveal their bad intentions, we have to pay attention,” said Lippman. “It’s not just Iran that wants to wipe Israel off the map,” he said, with plenty of hate right here in NYC, especially after the now-infamous CUNY Law graduation speech demonizing the Jewish state. “All the more reason for us to show our pride and commitment to the strong America-Israel relationship.”

The descendant of Holocaust survivors who said he lost 86 members of his family, many of whom were Polish, has worked since 2009 to locate graves of murdered Jews and hold memorials to honor and preserve their memory.

Lippman has identified some 50 Polish Jewish mass graves killed at the hands of the Nazis between September 1939 and March 1942 and dumped in mass graves, before concentration camps were constructed to carry out Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution.

Lippman made a PBS documentary, “Safeguarding Memory: Commemorating Jewish Mass Graves in Poland,” about this phenomenon.
Thousands participate in New York's 'Celebrate Israel Parade'

Muslim world awed after Israel's stunning U-20 soccer upset
News outlets worldwide reported Sunday on Israel's stunning victory at the Under-20 World Cup in San Juan on Saturday, in which it downed Brazil 3-2 and advanced to the semi-finals.

Colombia's Comutricolor called the game "o jogo bonito," or "beautiful game," a phrase popularized by Brazilian footballer Pelé.

Taiwan News chose the headline "Israel shocks Brazil," and even in Muslim country Indonesia, news outlets reported on the victory, saying that Israel as the first to reach the semi-finals.

The tense encounter featured extra-time goals and two penalty shots wasted by Israel, which will face Uruguay or the United States in the semifinals.

Italy also reached the last four in the tournament in Argentina with a 3-1 win against Colombia. Its next rival will be the winner of the match between Nigeria and South Korea on Sunday.

After a scoreless first half, Marcos Leonardo netted first for Brazil and Israel equalized with a header by Anan Khalaili four minutes later. Matheus Nascimento made it 2-1 for Brazil in the first minute of extra time, but Hamza Shibi scored Israel's second two minutes later from close range.

Dor David Turgeman scored the winner in injury time of the first half of extra time after dribbling past two Brazilian defenders in the penalty box.

"What an amazing goal," said Israel's Tay Abed. "It was a Brazilian-style goal. That's what Dor Turgeman can do. He's a fantastic player. He's been one of the best players in this tournament."
Israel celebrates stunning victory over Brazil to reach U-20 World Cup semifinals
Israel's national under-20 soccer team on Saturday achieved one of its greatest accomplishments in the history of Israeli soccer, defeating the Brazilian national team 3-2 in overtime in order to advance to the semi-finals of the U20 World Cup being held in Argentina.

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