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From Ian:

Daniel Pipes: Why Palestinians Need an Israel Victory
How to escape this 25-year dead end?

The study of history shows that wars typically conclude not through negotiations but through defeat and victory. According to the military historian Victor Hanson, "Conflicts throughout history become serial when an enemy is not utterly defeated and is not forced to submit to the political conditions of the victor." Defeat means giving up war ambitions. Victory means successfully imposing one's will on the enemy.

It's a simple, universal truth that Palestinians well understand. In July 2017, Fatah declared that the "campaign for Jerusalem has effectively begun and will not stop until a Palestinian victory and the release of the holy sites from Israeli occupation." Nor are they alone; thinkers and warriors in all eras concur on victory as the goal of warfare. For example, the ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu wrote "Let your great object be victory." U.S. general Douglas MacArthur stated that "It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it." Victory is an intuitive human goal that only overly-sophisticated moderns could lose sight of.

Therefore, to gain Palestinian acceptance, Israel must return to its old policy of deterrence, of punishing Palestinians severely when they aggress. One example: When three family members were murdered in July 2017 while sitting down to Sabbath dinner in the Israeli West Bank town of Halamish, the Israeli response should have been to construct new buildings in Halamish and extend its boundaries.

That's deterrence; it's more than tough tactics, which Israeli governments already pursue; it means developing consistent policies to break rejectionism and encourage Palestinian acceptance of Israel. It implies a strategy to crush irredentist Palestinian ambitions so as finally to end the demonizing of Jews and Israel, recognize historic Jewish ties to Jerusalem, "normalize" relations with Israelis, close the suicide factories, and shutter the entire machinery of warfare. This process will be neither easy nor quick: it requires Palestinians to suffer the bitter crucible of defeat, with its attendant deprivation, destruction, and despair. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut.

A change of heart implies, not just a permanent absence of violence against Israelis but shutting down completely, everywhere from the United Nations to the university campus, the Palestinian-driven campaign of delegitimizing Israel.

If Palestinian defeat is good for Israel, it is ironically even better for Palestinians, who will finally be liberated from ugly ambitions, revolutionary rhetoric, and genocidal fantasies. An educated and skilled people can then improve its life by building its polity, economy, society, and culture. Think of this as a miniature version of post-1945 Germany. And if diplomacy is now premature, issues such as Jerusalem, borders, and resources can be fruitfully discussed after a Palestinian defeat. The two-state solution, an absurdity at present (it means asking Israel to strengthen its mortal enemy) will make good sense after a Palestinian defeat.
Inside Israel: Digital Warriors Gather in Jerusalem
T here is no such thing as an armchair warrior.”

That admonition — to get involved and not consign yourself to sitting and carping — was repeated over and over in different ways by participants at the first-of-its-kind #DigiTell18 Conference, hosted by Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy. The aim of the conference, held at Jerusalem’s YMCA Hotel, was to bring together 60 activists from 15 countries on six continents, all of whom are on the front lines in the battle against anti-Israel bias and disinformation on the Internet.

Among the participants were some of the biggest names in Jewish digital media, including blogger “Elder of Zion,” who works anonymously — and intensively — on behalf of Israel; others represented global organizations like Stand With Us, a pro-Israel advocacy group. What united them all was a shared commitment to counter anti-Semitism and its contemporary version, anti-Zionism, on social media, and to protect Jews in Israel and the world over. The stories they shared served as proof that work in the digital room can bring about positive changes.

For instance, one participant related how he shamed a restaurant owner into dropping his anti-Israel business practices. When the restaurateur posted an “Israelis not served here” sign in his window, this digital warrior publicized the story, leading thousands of people to give this restaurant a one-star rating on its social media page. As a result, the restaurant’s ratings dropped from 5 to 1.5. After a local journalist picked up the story, the owner removed the sign, though he never apologized. In this way, thousands of people around the globe created change with their keyboards.

Another participant, a high-school student from Holland, described how he and his friends succeeded not only in preventing the appearance of Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh at a BDS-sponsored event in Amsterdam, but also at several other locations. Odeh, who is responsible for the murder of two Israeli students in 1969, served jail time in Israel, and then lied about it on her immigration application in the US. As a result, she was recently deported from the United States. The BDS movement is now using her as a featured speaker around the world to spread anti-Israel hate.

David Collier: Now the Labour party attack Jewish festivals, as Passover celebration is mutilated
An attack on the Jewish religion

What has any of this got to do with the religion? Isn’t JVL simply an ‘anti-Zionist’ movement? Firstly, it is important to remember a simple lesson. Never believe a word that JVL says. They claim they are not even anti-Zionist at all, except everyone there wants to see Zionism, and Israel, taken apart. To gain any acceptance by left leaning Jews at all, they spin lines about ‘having trouble with Israeli policy’. With the media they feign moderation. It is little more than a masking exercise, and this week they were unmasked again. This time not over Israel, but Judaism.

In six days Jewish people across the world will be sitting down to celebrate Passover. It is an important, ‘biblically derived‘ festival. It is one of the most important dates in the Hebrew calendar. Jews all over the world are currently engaging in a ‘spring clean’ in preparation, and on Friday night will read the story of the Exodus from Egypt in a text called the Haggadah.

A few days ago, Jewish Voice for Labour uploaded a replacement text onto their website. The entire version is available for download on the internet.

In total it is fourteen pages long and last night I went through it. It is an attack on Jewish tradition, Jewish prayer, Jewish culture and the Jewish religion. It makes a mockery of one of the most important dates in the Jewish calendar. This is reproduced for the masses by a group inside the Labour Party that claims it represents Jews. What has Zionism got to do with a Jewish festival? Why can’t Jews sit down as they have always done, and celebrate a religious festival like everyone else? Why is our basic identity under attack? These are the tags, that JVL chose to use to place it on their website

Nick Cohen: Corbyn has won the battle for the left
Every denunciation of high finance on the modern left sooner or late invokes ‘the Rothschilds’ rather than ‘the Goodwins’. Meanwhile, ‘Zionist’ has become an all-purpose signifier of evil. Yesterday, I was passed left-wing propaganda urging the removal of the earthy Brummie MP Jess Phillips that has been knocking around for a year now. What can her enemies say against her, I thought. I should have known better. The first charge was that she was a ‘Zionist MP’. Of course it was. It’s now the first charge against every traitor to and deviant from far left orthodoxy.

‘If you are antisemitic, you will be driven out of the Labour Party,’ Owen Jones, who appears to have given up on journalism to become a Labour spin doctor, assured frightened Jews last week. Yet the leader he serves was a member of a private Facebook group that promoted holocaust deniers, and has endorsed every variety of Arab anti-Semite including one who raised the medieval ‘blood libel’ that Jews baked bread with the blood of Christian children from the grave. When it was forced to explain his support for a mural depicting the a hook-nosed global conspiracy yesterday, Corbyn’s office first claimed that ‘Jeremy’ was defending free speech: a ludicrous statement given that, in 2006, he was at a rally in Trafalgar Square denouncing the Danish cartoons of Muhammad, and has never to my knowledge been on a platform fighting for freedom of speech – and I should know as I have been on most of them. Finally, it admitted that five years after the event, and five years too late, and only when he had finally been cornered, ‘Jeremy’ accepted the work was offensive and he expressed ‘sincere regret’ at failing to look more closely at the mural.

This is the way it goes with Corbyn. His supporters say he has spent his life fighting anti-Semitism, a defence that would seem less spurious if they could supply sceptics with a single example of solidarity with Jewish people. For, and on the contrary, rather than finding examples of Corbyn fighting anti-Semitism all we can find is examples of the leader of the opposition allying with anti-Semites with a thoroughly modern sneakiness.
CAA issues its “J’accuse!” against Jeremy Corbyn, denouncing him in comprehensive disciplinary complaint to the Labour Party
Campaign Against Antisemitism has denounced Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour Party in a comprehensive disciplinary complaint.

Our complaint, which we are releasing publicly for download:
Restates our previous, ignored disciplinary complaint from 2016, which charged him with bringing the Labour Party into disrepute for dismissing antisemitism and endorsing the views of his brother;
Denounces Mr Corbyn over his membership of, participation in, and lies about the antisemitic “Palestine Live” Facebook group;
Reports Mr Corbyn for his alleged continued membership of the antisemitic “History of Palestine” Facebook group;
Calls out Mr Corbyn’s lies about a second inquiry into Ken Livingstone’s comments about Hitler supporting Zionists;
Denounces Mr Corbyn’s defence of a mural that even he now admits was antisemitic; and
Includes complaints about various other Labour Party figures.

The complaint will be vigorously pursued by Campaign Against Antisemitism, and our lawyers if necessary.

Joseph D. Glassman, Head of Political and Government Investigations at Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “We accuse the Labour Party, its MPs and institutions, of complicity with and promotion of antisemitic racism. In particular, most Labour MPs, with heroic exceptions, have merely wrung their hands and spoken fine words without at any point acting or putting themselves at risk. We are at an historic moment: there is no hiding place for them any longer. The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is now a racist party and to be silent now is to condone. We call on all Labour MPs and members to act and support our disciplinary complaint against Jeremy Corbyn. This is the point of no return: future generations are watching.”

Campaign Against Antisemitism is now organising a national demonstration against antisemitism under Mr Corbyn.
Ron Prosor: It's time for a change
If anyone needed proof that the council is detached from reality and has nothing to do with human rights, it came in the form of a council resolution on human rights violations in what it called the "occupied Syrian Golan Heights." It appears that the denizens of Geneva cafes believe that the residents of the Golan Heights had it better under the rule of a government that slaughters its citizens and uses chemical weapons against them than under a government that provides the citizens of an enemy regime with medical care and humanitarian aid.

It's time to put an end to the farce that is the United Nations Human Rights Council. The response of U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley to the council's recent decisions and her characterization of the council as "foolish and unworthy of its name" shows that the U.S. is losing patience. The Trump administration's record on the U.N. has shown that he doesn't only make threats – he also follows through and punishes U.N. organizations that take action against the U.S., its values, and its allies.

The Trump administration cut $65 million from the budget of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency. The U.S. and the nations of Europe must stand up and take action. They must cease to be a fig leaf that conceals the council's sins, leave the HRC to those who violate those rights, and establish a new body that will implement the U.N.'s original mandate in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, an organization that will hold human rights sacred rather than trampling them.
Israel couldn't have hoped for better
Thus, while the ousted McMaster's support for Israel stemmed solely from calculated security and defense considerations (and Tillerson was reticent toward the Netanyahu government), their replacements form a new type of troika. Unlike their respective predecessors, Bolton and Pompeo bring a highly principled dimension to their jobs, predicated on the recognition that both societies and cultures share a similar destiny, constitutive ethos, national legacy and vision.

These two avowed champions of the special relationship with Israel and its role in the decision-making process are expected to dominate Trump's inner circle and will likely render the final holdover from the president's inaugural appointments, Mattis, a lone minority voice.

Mattis, who doesn't view Israel with extraordinary empathy or fondness – much like McMaster – bases his approach to the Jewish state on its strategic contribution to the United States. We should note that in the Iranian sphere, too, the cautious, reserved Mattis will likely find himself exposed in short order against the more hawkish and proactive line espoused by Bolton and Pompeo.

This new alignment, it goes without saying, will significantly impact the fate of the nuclear deal with Iran, which we could see as early as May. In any case, from Israel's perspective, these personnel changes are expected to provide an immanently crucial security blanket against any impending challenge.
UN Watch: Same Day: UN Women’s Rights Commission Condemns Israel, Welcomes Saudi Arabia
The UN’s 45-member Commission on the Status of Women, meeting in its 2017 annual session, singled out Israel as the only country in the world subjected to a condemnatory resolution on women’s rights. Britain changed its vote from an abstention last year to a No vote this year.

The Jewish state was harshly and repeatedly condemned in the resolution for allegedly being the “major obstacle” for Palestinian women “with regard to their advancement, self-reliance and integration in the development of their society.”

The resolution made no mention of how Palestinian women’s rights are impacted by Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, or their patriarchal society, nor were Palestinian victims of honor killings mentioned.

The UN commission ended the session by ignoring the world’s major abusers of women’s rights, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and many others.
Ben-Dror Yemini: Despite anti-Israel resolutions, UNHRC undergoing a positive change
Before the council, there was a commission that had chosen Libya to lead it. It was so ridiculous, that the UN decided to replace the commission with a council. But the problems repeated themselves. The US quit during the Bush era and returned during the Obama era. And who knows, we may soon see another US withdrawal from the council.

The UN institutions aren’t impressed by America’s threats, although they are being realized. For example, the UNESCO budget cuts following the American withdrawal are expected to seriously affect the organization’s budget. But the anti-Israel resolutions, over which the US is withdrawing, have no effect on the automatic majority. There isn’t much logic there.

There is no need to rush into leaving the council, as the number of anti-Israel resolutions won’t be reduced. The council provides an open stage to bodies like the UN Watch, whose speakers are heard all around the world and who serve the Israeli interest.

Furthermore, despite the adoption of hostile resolutions, we are seeing signs of change. So there’s no need to give up. We must expose the lies and hypocrisy. And for that purpose—at least for now—Israel must remain in the council and take advantage of the stage it is being given.
Taylor Force's father says passing of law is good but 'not the end'
Days after the Taylor Force Act passed in the US Congress, the father of the late soldier for whom the legislation is named told Israeli media outlet Walla! that he was pleased with the bill's passage but that it was "not the end of the process."

"At the beginning... many people wanted this law to deal with many different issues, and we did not know what to expect, but we knew that there was a lot of support both in the public and in Congress," he said.

Force's son, Taylor, a US army veteran, was killed by a Palestinian assailant in March 2016.

Force said that he believes that the US will, in fact, retract its funding to the PA - something that has been threatened before, but not followed through. US President Donald Trump has also called for a defunding of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which provides aid to Palestinian refugees specifically.

Force also added that he hopes that other countries will now follow in the footsteps of the US and reduce or cut their aid to the PA to force the authority to end its payment program.

The shelling out of international funds for the families of murderers, he said, "is a global matter....and in the end, it only hurts people."
Palestinians slam Congress's passage of Taylor Force Act
The PLO excoriated Congress on Friday for passing the Taylor Force Act, a law that threatens to freeze State Department funds to the Palestinian Authority unless it ends its longstanding practice of compensating terrorists and the families of terrorists convicted in Israeli courts.

The PLO envoy to Washington, Husam Zomlot, dismissed the effort as politically motivated. The pressure “does not work, and severely damages the prospects for peace in the Middle East,” he said.

The Taylor Force Act, named after a US Army veteran murdered by a Palestinian in Jaffa in 2016, was signed into law on Friday by President Donald Trump, as part of an omnibus spending package passed by Congress the previous day.
IDF destroys house of terrorist who killed American Taylor Force

The bill, Zomlot said, “punishes” the PA, “which is the only agency committed to peace and nonviolence, and undermines the American-Palestinian bilateral relationship and decades of US investments in the two-state solution.

“The Taylor Force Act represents the most recent effort in this 30-year-old trend of legislations that deliberately targets the Palestinian people,” Zomlot continued, accusing the US Congress of “flagrant bias.”
HR talks Taylor Force Act on i24 News
HR's Daniel Pomerantz discusses the Taylor Force Act on Perspectives with Tracy Alexander on i24 News. Will it help discourage terrorism against Israelis, Americans and others?

Report: Palestinians apply unilaterally to 8 international treaties
The Palestinian Authority has applied in recent days for membership in a further eight international treaties, according to Israeli media reports.

In a unilateral move that has reportedly left officials in Jerusalem and Washington seething, Channel 2 News reported Saturday that the Palestinians are seeking membership in treaties including the International Convention against Apartheid in Sports, under the auspices of the United Nations, and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The application follows the UN Human Rights Council's adoption of five resolutions condemning Israel on Thursday during the Geneva-based body's 37th session, including a resolution calling on the international community to end all arms sales to Israel.

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon strongly criticized the move on Saturday.

"The Palestinian leadership is wrong to think that it can dictate facts on the ground via bypasses and unilateral moves. Instead of ignoring the US and Israel, the Palestinians need to stop supporting terror and incitement," said Danon.

In December, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced his intention to join 22 international conventions and treaties in response to US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
Solidarity with Israel central to German foreign policy, new FM says
Solidarity with the Jewish state is a cornerstone of German foreign policy, Berlin’s new top diplomat said Sunday as he boarded a plane to Israel for his first visit.

“Responsibility for and solidarity with the Jewish and democratic State of Israel, standing up for its security and against anti-Semitism — that’s at the center of our foreign policy,” he said. “And it’s the compass that I followed on my way to politics.”

During his two-day trip to the region, Maas is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Reuven Rivlin. He will also visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum and meet with survivors. In Ramallah, he is set to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

“Every trip to Israel is special, especially a few weeks before celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the state,” Maas said. That momentous occasion is an important date in Germany, he added, “because the friendship that we enjoy today with Israel is thanks to the great men and women that made it grow. For us, it is a great gift.”
IDF strikes target in Gaza Strip after 4 Palestinians cross border fence
The Israel Air Force struck a terror target in the southern Gaza Strip late Saturday night in response to several Palestinians infiltrating Israel to damage an engineering vehicle building Israel’s underground barrier with the Hamas-run enclave.

“The incident that took place last night, damaging the security fence and an attempt to set fire to engineering vehicles, is another serious incident in a sequence of events in the fence area,” the IDF said in a statement.

The statement said that the airstrike targeted a Hamas training camp in Rafah, and according to official Palestinian news agency WAFA, the IAF struck the target with three missiles, destroying it.

No casualties were reported.

The strike came hours after a group of four Palestinians infiltrated into Israel near Kibbutz Kissufim and attempted to set fire to the heavy engineering equipment used to construct Israel’s barrier with the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s military has been investing extensive effort in locating cross-border tunnels from Gaza and has been building a ground-breaking underground barrier across the entire border with the Hamas-run enclave. Construction of the barrier is expected to cost over 3 billion shekels and be completed by the end of 2019.
Terrorists convicted of Samaria man's brutal murder
The Arab terrorists responsible for the murder of a 70-year-old Jewish man from Samaria last October were found guilty by a district court in Lod Sunday afternoon.

On October 4th, just hours before the start of the Sukkot festival, Yousuf Khaled Mustafa Kamil and Muhammad Ziyad Abu Al-Roub murdered their employer, Reuven Shmerling in a warehouse in the Israeli-Arab town of Kafr Qasim [Kfar Qassem].

The two terrorists, both residents of the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Qabatiya in Samaria, had crossed into pre-1967 Israel illegally in September of 2017, and had planned to carry out a terror attack against Jews prior to their employment with Shmerling.

Shmerling, a resident of the nearby Samaria town of Elkana, was to have celebrated his 70th birthday with his family the evening of his murder.

During the attack, Al-Roub and Kamil beat Shmerling stabbed him repeatedly with a butcher knife.
In Israeli court, a woman confronts Palestinian who stabbed her
An Israeli woman faced off in court on Sunday with a Palestinian who had confessed to stabbing her, in a case that suggested the swirl of political and personal motives that can drive such attacks.

Malek Saada, a 20-year-old from the West Bank, was working illegally as a baker in Lod, a mixed Jewish-Arab town south of Tel Aviv, when, a year ago, he ambushed Revital Danino outside her home, moderately wounding her before fleeing.

Captured by Israeli police, court papers showed, Saada confessed to the attack and said he had "purified himself" in advance at a mosque and targeted Danino because she was wearing religious Jewish garb.

"(The attack) was definitely nationalistic in nature," Saada's lawyer, Alaa Tellawi, told Reuters, reiterating what he described as his client's position from the outset.

Testifying at the opening of Saada's trial, Danino, a 45-year-old school principal, raised another possible factor in the attack: drink.

"When he was close to me, he had a smell of alcohol, but his behavior was very decisive," she told the three judges, as Saada sat slumped in the dock, watching impassively.

Officials on both sides have said a wave of Palestinian street attacks that began in 2015 stemmed from a volatile combination of political tensions in the conflict with Israel and personal problems suffered by some of the assailants.
Amona evacuees to move into first new West Bank settlement in 25 years
Fourteen months after the illegal outpost of Amona was razed, its evacuees announced Sunday that they will be moving into their new homes in Amichai, the first newly constructed West Bank settlement in over 25 years.

Since February 2017, the outpost’s 42 families have been living in a dormitory in nearby Ofra.

While many have been slowly moving their belongings to the new Amichai settlement for the past several weeks, an official ceremony will be held on Monday marking the move-in day of the first 25 families. The remaining 17 families are slated to join them at the conclusion of the Passover holiday next month.

“After a long wait and a stubborn struggle – tomorrow it happens. Amichai residents enter their new community!” said Avichai Boaron, the head of Amona’s secretariat.

“We are looking forward to entering our new homes, which we were able to establish with the blood of our hearts, with determination and faith, love for the land and for Zionism,” he said.
Jewish shrine in West Bank defaced with swastikas
A Jewish holy site in the West Bank was found defaced with swastikas on Sunday morning, prompting local settler authorities to condemn it as “one of the most severe and blatant incidents of vandalism” of Jewish shrines.

Graffiti messages were also found at a site, which according to tradition contains the tomb of Caleb, son of Jephunneh, one of the 12 spies mentioned in the biblical Book of Numbers who were sent to report on the land of Canaan. It is located in the Palestinian village of Kifl Haris, northwest of the Ariel settlement.

The perpetrators were “probably Palestinian,” according to a statement by Minhelet Kever Yosef, a Jewish organization that administers holy sites in the northern West Bank region of Samaria.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, called for “wall-to-wall” condemnation of the incident and said it proved the Palestinian Authority was “unable and unwilling” to protect Jewish holy sites.

“I expect a serious investigation of the matter, just like when Muslim or Christian holy sites are defaced,” Dagan said.

“I expect the government and the prime minister to condemn it and find a solution to the situation that will ensure that Jewish historical holy sites that were preserved for thousands of years are not damaged now that we are back in our land,” he added.
Khaled Abu Toameh: Pro-Abbas Palestinians launch support campaign
Supporters of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas launched an online campaign to voice support for him in his standoff with the US administration and Hamas.

The campaign, which carries the Arabic name “Fawadnak” (We Authorized You), was launched Thursday by a group called The Big National Campaign to Support President Mahmoud Abbas.

Organizers of the campaign, the first of its kind since Abbas’s election in 2005, said that more than one million people “interacted” with it in the first 48 hours through various social media platforms.

The organizers said that they see the campaign as a “referendum” on Abbas’s policies towards Hamas and the US administration.

Relations between Abbas’s West Bank-based PA and Hamas deteriorated after the bombing of the convoy of Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah in the northern Gaza Strip earlier this month. Neither Hamdallah nor Palestinian General Intelligence Chief Majed Faraj, who was part of the convoy, were hurt in the attack.

Abbas has since blamed Hamas for the apparent assassination attempt and demanded that the terror group hand over control of the Gaza Strip to his PA government. Hamas has denied any connection to the incident.

IsraellyCool: Jewish Voice for Peace Presents: Woke Seder 2018 (satire)
(SPOILER ALERT: This is actually a thing.)

Oh hi there! So happy you could make it! Hey, what did you think of our mock Israeli checkpoint at the front door? Scary, huh? I mean, as if a Palestinian would ever disrupt a Passover Seder in real life, right???

Excuse me, did you say that Passover celebrates the Jewish people’s flight from Egypt to Israel? OMG. Sorry, but I’m a little #Triggered by what you just said. Because it’s actually a stand against Colonialism and Islamophobia. No, really. It’s in our Haggadah.

Hey don’t sit there! That seat’s taken! What did you say? For the Prophet Elijah??? Oh don’t be silly. It’s for Rasmea Odeh!

So now it’s time that we wash our hands of the whole Farrakhan misundersta……wait, sorry. We’re just “washing our hands” washing our hands. With water. My bad.

Now it’s time for the Plagues. Go ahead and dip your finger in the wine (Don’t worry, it’s not from “Israel”!).
Universities urged to implement code banning calls for boycott in lectures
The Council for Higher Education has called on academic institutions to adopt a controversial code of ethics that includes a clause prohibiting faculty from promoting political agendas and boycotts of Israel in classes.

The code was initially written by Prof. Asa Kasher, the author of the IDF’s code of conduct, at the request of Naftali Bennett, the education minister and head of the Council for Higher Education, following continued complaints over politicization in academia.

Bennett, the head of the right-wing Bayit Yehudi party, has said that the code is not aimed against any political side, though critics have claimed it is an attempt to silence left-leaning political discourse.

The council outlined on Sunday five principles that comprise the code, including a controversial ban on lecturers from calling for or engaging in activity promoting an academic boycott of Israel and its academic institutions as well as a ban on promoting party propaganda in classrooms.

The code also prohibits lecturers from presenting personal political beliefs as those belonging to the institution.

Additionally, the ethics code also prohibits discrimination against students and in appointing new faculty or administrators to the institution due to their political views.
PreOccupiedTerritory: Jews Don’t Control the Weather? What Do You Call The Ten Plagues? by Trayon White, Washington, DC Council member (satire)
Listen, I know it was bad form to engage in antisemitic tropes and portray the Jews as a monolithic, sinister, all-powerful group. I apologized – of course I apologized; it would be wrong not to. But between you and me, there’s no shortage of evidence the Jews have been doing this sort of thing for thousands of years. just look at a bunch of the Ten Plagues.

Just look at the documented accounts, in the Jews’ own works. The Nile turning to blood – well, I don’t know about you, but if that’s not the sort of environmental engineering consistent with weather modification, I’ll eat my hat. Having the same Nile then produce frogs fits right in, as well.

You can argue about lice, wild beasts – or swarms of insects, if that’s your preferred translation – and livestock pestilence, but there’s no question the boils relied on wind patterns to spread the magic ash all over. Then, of course, there was hail, and it was special hail with fire inside the ice. Making it snow in DC is small potatoes compared to that.

Locusts might seem like a biological, not meteorological phenomenon, but look at the way the swarm was brought in: the east wind. The evidence accumulates. And this is the time of year the Jews are getting ready to mark these events, on Passover. You don’t need a blood libel to showcase Jewish brutality here.

Darkness – well, how else are you going to blot out the sun if not with some atmospheric interference?
French-Jewish Holocaust Survivor Found Dead in Burned Paris Apartment; Security Group: ‘Everything Suggests’ It Was Antisemitic Crime
An 85-year-old French-Jewish Holocaust survivor was found dead on Friday in an incinerated apartment in Paris, according to reports.

The incident, the Le Parisien newspaper said, took place at the woman’s home on Avenue Philippe Auguste in the French capital’s 11th arrondissement.

A French-Jewish communal security organization, the National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA), said five fires had been set at the apartment and the victim — named as “Mireille K.” — was also stabbed 11 times.

Police are investigating the case, and suicide has been ruled out, Le Parisien reported.

The BNVCA said a suspect was being questioned by police.

The victim had reportedly filed police complaints against a local resident who had threatened to burn her.

The BNVCA called for authorities to find and bring the perpetrator to justice, and also determine whether it was an antisemitic crime, “as everything suggests.”

Last year, the French-Jewish community was shaken by the murder in Paris of 65-year-old pensioner Sarah Halimi.
Saudi Book Fair Called Out for Display of Antisemitic Titles, Including ‘Mein Kampf’
A prominent US-based Jewish human rights organization has expressed concern over “vicious antisemitic conspiracy texts” that were available at the 2018 Riyadh International Book Fair.

In a letter to Saudi Culture Minister Awwad Alawwad, Shimon Samuels — director of international relations for the Simon Wiesenthal Center — wrote, “Mr. Minister, we are delighted at the initiatives of Saudi Arabia towards Muslim reconciliation with the Jewish people and even contacts with the State of Israel. We are therefore distressed to discover vicious conspiracy texts on display, at the Riyadh Book Fair, that counter-productively inflame antisemitism among the visitors and readers.”

According to Samuels, Mein Kampf was among the antisemitic titles featured at the ten-day fair, which ended on Saturday.

Samuels noted, “we understand that a publisher’s display at the Riyadh International Book Fair was closed down for selling Muslim Brotherhood books, considered to incite to violence and terrorism. Indeed, the fair supervisor, Abdul Rahman al-Asem, warned that, ‘any publisher who breaks the rules of the Book Fair will be banned from participating in it forever.’”

Therefore, Samuels urged Alawwad “to treat such publishers next year in the same fashion as your measures against the Muslim Brotherhood. Any publisher of antisemitism should likewise be treated as breaking the rules of the book fair and ‘banned from participating in it forever.’”
Poland marks National Remembrance Day for Poles who Saved Jews
Poland on Saturday marked its first-ever National Remembrance Day for Poles Who Saved Jews during World War II.

The new national holiday was an initiative of Polish President Andrzej Duda. Earlier this month, the Polish Senate approved a resolution making March 24 the official date.

March 24 was chosen because it is the date when, in 1944, Nazis murdered the Ulma family - Józef, Wiktoria, and their six children - in Markowa in southeastern Poland, for hiding Jews. The Jews they were hiding were also killed that day.

In 1995, Yad Vashem posthumously bestowed the titles of Righteous Among the Nations upon Józef and Wiktoria Ulma, presenting their medals to Józef's surviving brother Władysław Ulma.

On March 17, 2016, the Museum of Poles Rescuing Jews was opened in Markowa. The main remembrance day events on Saturday were held in Markowa, but additional events on various kinds were held across the country, including film screenings and exhibitions.

Over 6,000 Poles have been recognized by Yad Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations, more than any other nationality.
70 years of Israeli milestones in 165 seconds
You’ve seen our timeline of amazing achievements in the first 70 years of modern Israeli statehood. Now we’ve put all that inspiration, from Ben-Gurion to Wonder Woman, into a vibrant video timeline to watch and share in celebration of the upcoming Yom Ha’atzmaut – Israel Independence Day.

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