Thursday, September 29, 2016

From Ian:

As Hives Collapse Worldwide, Bees Hold Steady in the Land of Milk and Honey
Honeybees across the world are in a sticky situation. Their numbers are dwindling dramatically due to colony collapse disorder (CCD) for reasons that are not fully understood.
Yet the honeybee population in Israel is holding steady.
That’s great news at this time of year, when sweet Jewish New Year dishes push honey demand to its peak. And most importantly, bees play a crucial role in agriculture by pollinating vegetables and fruits.
Israel takes measures to ensure that its bee population declines no more than 10 percent each year, compared to 30%-50% in the United States, where the problem is so severe that Häagen-Dazs ice cream has donated $1 million to honeybee research since 2008, and President Obama initiated a national strategy to promote bee health.
“We try all kinds of things,” Israeli Honey Board CEO Hertzel Avidor tells ISRAEL21c, such as supporting Israeli research into all the biological and botanical angles on CCD, from boosting bees’ immune systems to developing nectar-rich plants.
The council helps Israel’s 500 beekeepers implement innovative tactics to support a collective 110,000 hives. (The slight reduction in bees does not affect Israel’s honey supply because each year more colonies are introduced to offset the loss. Climate is the main variable in reaching an ideal annual yield of 3,000 tons, Avidor says.)
Hillel Neuer: UNHRC: Australian MP Blasts Silence on Syria Massacre & Distorted Focus on Israel
Testimony before the UN Human Rights Council by the Hon. Michael Danby, MP from Australia, September 26, 2016.
Thank you, Mr. President.
My name is Michael Danby, member of the Australian Parliament. I have the honour to take the floor today on behalf of United Nations Watch.
Australia has announced its candidacy next year to join this Human Rights Council. I support this bid, in the firm belief that Australia can contribute to the global protection of human rights—and to this Council’s founding promise, of renouncing the bias, selectivity and politicization of its discredited predecessor.
Australians have a historic connection to the United Nations and its human rights system. After World War II, Australian Foreign Minister Dr. H. V. Evatt played a key role in establishing the UN. As President of the General Assembly in 1948, he helped draft the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, whose core guarantee, reaffirmed by the Vienna Declaration, is the right to life.
Sadly, however, this is being violated. The most glaring example is the massacre of innocent civilians in Syria. As we assemble, over the past few days the world has witnessed the unprecedented escalation of the murder and maiming of hundreds of men, women and children in Aleppo.
When a UN-backed humanitarian convoy—bringing life-saving aid to hundreds of thousands in that besieged city—was deliberately bombed last week by waves of airstrikes, this Council ought to have convened an urgent debate—and still should.
Australian MP Blasts UNHRC Silence Over Syrian Massacre

David Collier: BDS open the season at SOAS, back into the snake pit
Riya is desperate to skip to talking about what BDS wants these students to do, but first she needs to circumvent the small issue of why Israel is so evil it needs to be (B)oycotted, (D)ivested from and of course (S)anctioned.
This is always an incredible element of any session. And it invariably follows the same pattern of history.
Firstly, 1917. Balfour. The idea that the British gave away the land of the indigenous people to European colonists. In line with this, Riya managed to discuss Balfour without even mentioning the word ‘Jewish’.
Then they skip to 1948. As if the week after 2nd November 1917, was 9th November 1948. This is done for a simple reason. For the Palestinian narrative to hold true, European colonists simply turned violent against an indigenous civilian population so as to ethnically cleanse the villages because they had to make room for more European colonists. It was as Riya suggested a ‘pre-planned expulsion’.
Therefore the entire context of the political and military battles that were to lead to ‘Nakba’ has to be removed. There is no violent opposition to immigration. No massacres of ancient Jewish communities in Jerusalem, Tzfat, Hebron. No attempt at building bridges. No partition plan. No Arab rejectionism. No Arab irregulars. No civil war. No regional conflict. No calls by Arab states for another genocide of the Jews.
Once the history has been sufficiently flattened, the accusations of current crimes begin. The first fact presented is that since the beginning of 2016, 103 Palestinians have been ‘shot dead’ by Israeli armed forces. There is no attempt to provide context, such as this. Apparently Israelis just go around shooting people.

Amid ‘Denial’s Hollywood fanfare, Deborah Lipstadt stays focused on spreading truth
“Oh, I’m having a good time!” laughs historian and professor Deborah Lipstadt when asked how she is. “Nothing I did prepared me for the trial and nothing I imagined — even in my wildest dreams — prepared me for this ride. It’s amazing!”
Lipstadt is referring to the film “Denial,” which recounts the true story of her historic, high-profile, legal battle against Holocaust denier David Irving. Directed by Mick Jackson (“The Bodyguard”) and adapted by British playwright David Hare, the film is based on her book, “History on Trial: My Day in Court with David Irving.” Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz plays Lipstadt.
In 1996, Lipstadt and her publisher Penguin Books were sued for libel in England by Irving, whom she had called a Holocaust denier in her book “Denying the Holocaust.”
In such cases, under English law, the burden of proof rests on the defendant, so Lipstadt and her lawyers had to prove that what she had written about him was true. They had to show that Irving had ignored evidence of the Holocaust — rather than proving that the Holocaust had happened — by using expert witnesses and working through Irving’s historical works to demonstrate where he had lied about it.
At the end of the 10-week trial, High Court Judge Charles Gray found for Lipstadt. In his judgment, he held that Irving had, “for his own ideological reasons persistently and deliberately misrepresented and manipulated historical evidence” to portray Hitler “in an unwarrantedly favorable light,” particularly in his treatment of the Jews. He also found Irving to be an “active Holocaust denier; that he is anti-Semitic and racist, and that he associates with right-wing extremists who promote neo-Nazism.”
The movie’s stellar cast includes Timothy Spall (David Irving), Tom Wilkinson (barrister Richard Rampton) and Andrew Scott (lawyer Anthony Julius). Fifth on the cast list is Jack Lowden, a young, award winning, up-and-coming stage and screen actor who — full disclosure — plays this reporter’s husband, James Libson. He was also Lipstadt’s solicitor and led the case with Anthony Julius.
Palestinian Leaders Slam Saudi Paper For Siding With Netanyahu
Palestinian leaders lambasted a Saudi newspaper for siding with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by criticizing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ refusal to accept the Israeli premier’s invitation to address the Knesset.
“Whoever wrote this editorial is totally unaware of the reality of this so-called invitation,’’ said PLO spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi. “It is a very obvious public relations trick that’s been overused. If Netanyahu wants peace, let him abide by the requirements of international law, the two-state solution, and the 1967 boundaries.’’
The editorial, published Sunday in the Saudi Gazette, suggested that the Palestinians “should not be too quick to dismiss the invitation,” adding that it was “reminiscent of the one issued by former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin to former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to visit Israel” that led to the signing of a peace treaty between the erstwhile enemies.
“For all its shortcomings, Camp David demonstrated that negotiations with Israel were possible and that progress could be made through sustained efforts at communication and cooperation,’’ it added.
“Netanyahu’s gesture was quickly rejected by the Palestinians as a ‘new gimmick,’” the Saudi newspaper editorial said.
For her part, Ashrawi said the Egypt-Israel scenario was not analogous to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Report: Hezbollah patrol hit by mine in Lebanon, near Israeli border
Lebanese media reported Wednesday that a mine exploded on a Hezbollah patrol close to the Israeli border in the Metulla region.
The Lebanese media said that a mine or bomb went off on the patrol on the Lebanese side of the border.
One was critically wounded and the Lebanese army had arrived to the scene, according to the reports.
Despite claims from the Lebanese media that the IDF had gathered on the border, the IDF stated that they do not respond to events that occur outside of Israel's borders.
In July, a bag full of explosives was located in a wooded area of Metulla near the Lebanese border and was believed to have been smuggled into Israel by Hezbollah according to the defense establishment .
Defense sources estimated that the explosives were smuggled into Israel from Lebanon with the intention of being used in a terror attack.
Palestinian Militia Assisting Assad in Destruction of Aleppo
A Palestinian militia has been fighting alongside forces loyal to the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the ongoing battle for the city of Aleppo, the Long War Journal reported on Wednesday.
The Quds Brigade, also called the Liwa al-Quds, is predominately made up of Palestinian fighters drawn from the al-Nayrab and Handarat Palestinian refugee camps near Aleppo, according to one of the group’s commanders. The Quds Brigade, also known as the Syrian Arab Army Fedayeen, is commanded by Mohammad al-Said.
Lately, the group has been fighting alongside the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Iran-led Shiite expeditionary forces against Sunni Islamist rebels for control of the Handarat camp. Since Handarat is located near Castello Road, which leads to rebel-held eastern Aleppo, capturing the territory would “consolidate the pro-regime forces’ siege in the north and position forces next to the neighborhood blocks of eastern Aleppo,” the Journal wrote, citing a Syrian source who spoke to Iranian media.
There are also unconfirmed reports that Hezbollah has joined the SAA in the battles for Handarat heights in the northern parts of Aleppo.
In April, Lebanese journalist Hanin Ghaddar observed that the Palestinians had lost credibility in the Arab world for failing to speak out about the atrocities committed by the Assad regime.
Obama: Congress vote overturning veto of 9/11 legislation ‘a mistake’
President Barack Obama said Congress’ vote Wednesday overturning his veto of September 11 legislation was “a mistake” and “basically a political vote.”
Families of Sept. 11 victims will now be allowed to sue Saudi Arabia for its alleged backing of the attackers.
Obama said that a few lawmakers, whom he didn’t name, and who backed the bill were not aware of its potential impact.
Speaking during a CNN town hall event, Obama said he understands why the override went through, given the perceived political peril of voting against 9/11 families before an election.
“I understand why it happened. Obviously all of us still carry the scars and trauma of 9/11. Nobody more than this 9/11 generation that has fought on our behalf in the aftermath of 9/11,” he said.
But, Obama argued, the right and harder thing to do would have been to let his veto stand.
I wish Congress here had done what’s hard,” he said. “It was, you know, basically a political vote.”
Joint Chiefs Chairman Rejects Obama Plan to Share Syria Intel with Russia
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford has just gone where no JCS chairman has ever gone before! Unsurprisingly, it took a Marine general to stand up to President Barack Obama in the wake of yet another of his dubious national security decisions.
The same mindless Obama/Kerry negotiating team that brought us an Iran deal undermining our national security, recently sought to bring us a similarly questionable deal with Russia. This one mandated the Pentagon’s participation in an intelligence-sharing agreement with the Russian Central Command in Syria—built upon a ceasefire paving the way for peace negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland.
But, unlike the Iran nuclear deal where the JCS Chairman did nothing, our current Chairman, General Dunford, publicly voiced his objection.
Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee on September 22, Dunford made clear the military would refuse to execute what was the central element of Obama’s new Syria policy, i.e., intelligence-sharing with Russia—despite the president’s order it be done.
Calling it a bad idea, Dunford said, “The U.S. military role will not include intelligence sharing with the Russians.” Sitting at Dunford’s side during the testimony was his civilian boss, Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who raised no objection.
Source: Arab Countries Press U.S. To Provide Anti-Aircraft Missiles To Syrian Rebels
Arab countries supporting the Syrian rebels have stepped up pressure on the United States to allow the provision of anti-aircraft missiles to the rebels, an Arab intelligence source told Breitbart Jerusalem.
He said that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan, among other countries, have been lobbying Washington to address the air supremacy that the regime and their Russian patrons have benefited from, as has become apparent in their latest air campaign against the rebels in Aleppo that left the city in ruins.
The source said that the pro-rebel countries are divided on the issue, with some, like Jordan, believing that arming the rebels with antiaircraft missiles would only prolong the conflict and increase the strain of refugees knocking on its doors. Nor does Turkey, for its part, wish to break from the Turkish-Russian understandings that ushered in its intervention in northern Syria.
Saudi Arabia and Qatar, however, are ready to pay for and provide the supplies immediately.
“The Sunni bloc, chiefly Saudi Arabia, are alarmed at the prospect that Aleppo will fall,” he said. “They think it would instigate a domino effect that would demoralize the rebels and discredit them … that’s why they’ve been relentless in lobbying the US.”
Hayden Quotes ‘Monty Python’ to Mock Kerry’s Threat to Russia
Ret. Gen. Michael Hayden on Thursday mocked Secretary of State John Kerry’s threat to Russia the prior day to end bilateral engagement in Syria by quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.
“Our lack of leverage on Russian behavior and poor Secretary Kerry is out there. I’m reminded of a line from Monty Python: ‘Go away or I will be forced to taunt you a second time,’” Hayden said.
Hayden, a former director of the CIA and NSA, added there is no pressure or action the United States is willing to take against the Russians to force a change in their military actions in Syria.
The Obama administration announced that it would possibly suspend any coordination with Russia and bilateral engagement after Russian and Syrian forces continued their bombing assault on the city of Aleppo, ending any hopes of saving a recently brokered ceasefire.
ABC News reported that two of the largest hospitals in Aleppo were flattened overnight. Both hospitals are supported by Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS). The bombing assault trapped more than 90 patients and staff members in the basement of a hospital.
Hayden said that Obama does not want to take action in Syria with such little time left in his presidency because he does not want his predecessor to bear the consequences of his actions. The former CIA director added that Obama’s inaction in Syria and the humanitarian crisis there will be a part of the president’s legacy.

Poll: British Jews believe Labour 'too tolerant' of anti-Semitism
Meanwhile, a new poll has found that most British Jews believe Labour is "too tolerant" of anti-Semitism in general and anti-Semites within its ranks.
According to British daily The Independent, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism's Barometer study, which surveyed 1,864 British Jewish adults, found that nine in 10 British Jews believe Labour is soft on anti-Semitism.
"All other political parties scored far lower in the poll, which asked whether Jews believed they were guilty of leniency towards anti-Semitism amongst MPs, members and supporters," the report said.
The poll found that 87% of British Jews say the Labour Party is "too tolerant" of anti-Semites in its ranks. Only 49% said the same of Britain's Green Party, 43% said this of the U.K. Independence Party, 37% believe this is the case for the Liberal Democrats, and 13% said it of the Conservatives.
Joe Glasman, head of Political Investigations and Liaison at the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, said, "Jews are the canaries in the coal mine, and in large numbers are falling silent in Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party."
Corbyn ally under fire for questioning Holocaust Day
A senior activist in the UK Labour Party, who is close to recently reelected leader Jeremy Corbyn and was previously suspended for anti-Semitic remarks, sparked controversy again this week by saying that the national day to honor the victims of the Holocaust should not be solely about Jews.
“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Holocaust Remembrance Day was open to all people who’ve experienced holocaust?” Jackie Walker on Monday told a training session on how to confront anti-Semitism and engage Jewish voters. Her recorded comments appeared Wednesday on the Huffington Post.
When attendees at the session — which was organized by the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) at the annual party conference in Liverpool — told her that the day did in fact include non-Jewish victims, Walker said that “in practice it is not circulated and advertised as such.”
She told attendees that she had come “seeking information,” and that she still had not heard “a definition of anti-Semitism that I can work with.”
She also questioned the need for security at Jewish institutions, implying that attacks against them were not caused by anti-Semitism.
“I was a bit concerned… at your suggestions that the Jewish community is under such threat that they have to use security in all its buildings,” she said, according to the Huffington Post.
Jackie Walker’s latest comments spark outrage
Next she complained that Holocaust Memorial Day was too exclusive – ‘look at the website’ someone in the audience suggested. This would have informed her that HMD is a time to remember all victims of the Nazis, for example the Roma, and victims of other genocides too.
She then sought to trivialise the way Jewish schools (and other Jewish organisations and events) rely on security, and seemed unconcerned when reminded that Jews were targets for terrorist attacks.
Finally she completely garbles ‘the Livingstone theory’ (sic) – ‘if it is an antisemitic issue, if you deny it, it’s antisemitic’. I assume she was referencing the Livingstone formulation which in fact refers to the accusation that the issue of antisemitism is being raised in bad faith to deflect criticism of Israel.
Here’s is Jackie Walker’s response. If she’s now essentially backtracking on every single point she made, why did she make them in the first place?
Walker also spoke at the meeting. She dismissed antisemitism charges as bids to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters and silence criticism of Israel.
New Jackie Walker Facebook Posts: Holocaust “Not the Preserve of Jews”
New Facebook posts have emerged of Momentum boss Jackie Walker arguing that the Holocaust “is not the preserve of Jews”. She also suggested that Jews were proportionately not the main victim of the Nazis:
And she suggested that Jews shouldn’t use the word Holocaust:
Can Labour and Momentum allow her to remain as a member?
Jackie Walker: “All Holocaust Denial is Acceptable”
Momentum boss Jackie Walker is facing suspension from Labour (again) for criticising Holocaust Memorial Day. So this typo in her tweet explaining her comments is unfortunate…
Labour Anti-Semitism Cover-Up
Labour will keep their response to the Jackie Walker anti-Semitism row private following new procedures adopted after the Chakrabarti inquiry. The party is under pressure to expel Walker over her comments on the Holocaust, yet Labour say they will not update the public on any action taken against her, a new policy recommended by Baroness Chakrabarti. A Labour spokesman says:
“We don’t comment on individuals’ membership status.”
Previously Labour would tell the press as soon as a member had been suspended.
Just hours after Jeremy Corbyn told conference “every one of us has a responsibility” to stand up to anti-Semitism, Labour are covering up their response to anti-Semitic remarks made by members. The new policy aims to make sure those accused of anti-Semitism are not treated unfairly, its priority is to protect those facing investigation. Unless Walker herself discloses what action, if any, is taken, the public will be kept in the dark. A complete cop out from Labour that ends all transparency on how they’re dealing with anti-Semitism. Corbyn’s words yesterday weren’t worth the autocue they were written on…
Jewish Groups and Corbynistas Condemn Jackie Walker
Labour’s standing in the Jewish community is at a new low after the party refused to comment on what action it would take against Jackie Walker. The chair of the Jewish Labour Movement Jeremy Newmark says:
“If Royall, Chakrabarti and Jeremy’s speech yesterday have made any difference to anything we would have expected to see clear, open action against Jackie Walker’s provocative behaviour. Her remarks seem to have been carefully calibrated to cause maximum hurt and pain to many many people.”
The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism says:
“It is beyond disgraceful that she was readmitted to the Labour Party and remains Vice Chair of Momentum. Shortly after her outburst, Jeremy Corbyn promised to fight antisemitism with his every breath but this is just the latest in a string of incidents involving Jackie Walker. What is there to investigate? How many more chances will she be given? Enough is enough. Jackie Walker must be expelled from the Labour Party and Momentum immediately and condemned in the strongest possible terms. Until Labour matches its rhetoric with action, we remain of the view that the Labour Party is not safe for Jews.”
The Jewish Chronicle’s Marcus Dysch says it’s a
“Complete cover up so we don’t know who’s in, who’s out, or what action is taken.”
Controversial President of UK’s Largest Student Union Fails to Apologize for ‘Zionist Outpost’ Comment Widely Condemned as Antisemitic
During a BBC radio interview on Tuesday, the controversial head of the UK’s largest student union failed to apologize for comments widely condemned as antisemitic, British media outlets reported.
National Union of Students (NUS) President Malia Bouattia was unrepentant when challenged about a 2011 article she co-wrote, characterizing the UK’s Birmingham University as a “Zionist outpost” because of its large Jewish population.
Bouattia told her BBC Radio 4 interviewer, “I would certainly review my language and would definitely want to explain the political context which I was discussing. I absolutely was not saying the things that it has been interpreted as [being antisemitic], if you will.”
Malia Bouattia asked if she regrets saying that “Birmingham Uni. is a Zionist outpost.” Not sure what her answer was but it wasnt ‘sorry!’
IsraellyCool: Montreal Student Asked to Remove Kippah At “Arabic” Concordia University
Howie Silbiger had just entered the hall building on his way to class when a young man told him to remove his Yarmulke, explaining that he shouldn’t wear one in “an Arabic university.”
“At first, my instinct was to ignore him, but then I decided to engage,” said Silbiger. “I have never backed down from a confrontation nor have I ever taken my yarmulke off for anyone. I steadfastly refused to remove it.”
The young man then took a step closer and shouted at him to take it off. “I looked him dead in the eyes and said, ‘if you want it off my head, go ahead try to take it off,'” reported Silbiger. “He took a step forward, I got mentally ready for a physical confrontation, I planted myself and glared at him. A small crowd was forming around us.”
For a few minutes the two stared at each other until the man told Silbiger “I’m not going to waste my time with you” and walked off.
Silbiger plans on reporting the incident to Concordia security, but has a message for fellow Jewish students. “I call on all Concordia University Jewish Students to proudly wear your yarmulkes. I know a lot of you take them off out of fear, but fear only encourages hate. Don’t be afraid, be Jewish, be proud!”
UK Media Watch prompts Daily Mail correction – admits that Bibi was cheered
We contacted Daily Mail editors to complain, and forwarded them the video of the cheering crowd.
They responded promptly. Though they refused to change the grossly misleading headline, they did agree to add an additional bullet point to the strapline and new text to the story to note the ovation.
Here’s the new bullet point in the strap line:
More importantly, here’s the new opening to the article:
Further in the article, they added this, noting a Facebook post by the prime minister in which he mentions the positive reception he received at the NYC show.
Though we’re of course pleased that editors made these changes, the story is still extremely misleading as the (still unrevised) headline represents pretty much the opposite of the truth.
Facebook Tells U.S. Judge it Takes Terroristic Threats Seriously
Lawyers for Facebook Inc (FB.O) on Tuesday sought to assure a U.S. judge overseeing lawsuits by victims of militant attacks in the Middle East that it took a “zero tolerance” approach to any communications that may promote terrorist threats or activity.
The comments came after U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis in Brooklyn on Thursday accused Facebook’s law firm of insulting the court by sending just a junior attorney to address him in lawsuits implicating violent attacks on Israelis.
The judge on Tuesday apologized to the extent his comments may have sounded like criticism of the first-year associate, but said he was concerned about whether Facebook’s lawyers at Kirkland & Ellis LLP were taking the matter seriously.
“We heard you loud and clear, and we apologize,” Craig Primis, a partner at Kirkland & Ellis, told Garaufis.
As a sign of the level of attention the judge’s critique drew at Facebook, the company flew Paul Grewal, a deputy general counsel, from California to New York to appear before him for what was otherwise a procedural hearing.
Polish prosecutors absolve priest who called Jews ‘cancer’
The Prosecutor’s Office in Bialystok has ended an investigation of a Polish priest who spoke of Jews being a “cancer” during a sermon, determining that no hate crime had been committed.
In a sermon on April 16 in Bialystok, Father Jacek Miedlar spoke of the “cancer which swept Poland,” apparently meaning Jews. He stressed that political correctness and tolerance enslave Poles.
According to the prosecutor, Miedlar “referred to the historical content and the Bible, pointing to examples of negative behavior of the representatives of the Jewish community from the time of slavery in Egypt, and generally referring to modern times.” The speech did not stigmatize a particular nationality, the prosecutor said Tuesday.
On the same day Miedlar, a known nationalist, wrote in response to the decision on Twitter: “Bialystok investigation discontinued! Zero tolerance for ‘Jewish cowardice’. Salut!”
In Ukraine, Rivlin warns against ‘sin’ of forgetting Nazi atrocities
As Ukraine marks 75 years since the Nazi slaughter of tens of thousands of Jews in Kiev’s Babi Yar ravine, President Reuven Rivlin warned against succumbing to the “sin” of forgetting or denying the atrocities of the Holocaust.
“We must not play a part in the sin of forgetting or denial,” Rivlin told Ukrainian lawmakers at a special parliament session dedicated to commemorating one of the most notorious massacres of WWII.
“National leaders who support anti-Semitic, racist, or neo-Nazi ideas will not be welcomed as friends among the family of nations,” he said.
Rivlin was in Ukraine to participate in memorial events commemorating the 75th anniversary of the murder of more than 33,000 Jews — mostly elderly, women and children — on September 29-30, 1941, as Hitler’s forces advanced toward Moscow on the eastern front.
In his address, Rivlin also urged nations to look towards the future.
Chinese Investors Expected to Invest Billions in Israeli Start-Ups
Chinese investors are expected to fund some 500 Israeli start-up companies with up to $50 billion, as the two countries continue to strengthen ties in many areas including trade and travel.
The deals were discussed at the second annual Innovation China-Israel Investment Summit on Wednesday in Tel Aviv attended by over 1,000 Chinese investors.
“Over the past few years we have seen a series of investments coming to Israel from China, but only now are we beginning to understand the great potential of this cooperation for both countries,” said Amit Lang, director general of Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry, speaking at the conference.
“The importance we see in China as a strategic partner has made China the country with the highest number of Israeli trade missions in the world — in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and, starting next week, Chengdu,” Lang said.
He also noted that Israel and China are in negotiations to establish a free-trade zone in an effort to remove any obstacles to trade as well as encourage investment opportunities between the two countries.
This Incredible Team Can Build a Hospital Anywhere In Just 12 Hours
Immediately following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, the IDF sent a team of 122 medical workers, 45 physicians, and 95 tons of equipment to set up a field hospital to provide high quality medical relief. The 60-bed field hospital treated nearly 1,600 patients, performed 85 surgeries, and delivered 8 babies over the duration of the aid mission.
The IDF has set up similar humanitarian missions to both Haiti and the Philippines.
Managing the Chaos After The Worst Mass Casualty Disasters
During these humanitarian crises, independent medical teams from around the world came to provide what care they could. The result was chaotic. Inexperienced and unequipped delegations were treating thousands of patients.
To better coordinate care and to ensure that field hospitals are properly equipped and trained the World Health Organization has started a process that permits only certain field hospitals to provide medical treatment during humanitarian crises.
Field Hospital

Jerusalem Band 'Portnoy Brothers' Dedicates Dire Straits Cover To Peres
Jerusalem band The Portnoy Brothers dedicated a chilling rendition of Dire Straits’ hit “Brothers In Arms” to the memory of late Israeli statesman, Shimon Peres.
Released on the eve of Peres’ passing, the band’s soloist Sruli Portnoy said he was in shock at the serendipity of the timing, especially in light of the poignancy of the lyrics.
“The song is a perfect homage to Shimon,” Portnoy said.
“Lyrics like ‘Let me bid you farewell/ Every man has to die’ and ‘We are fools to make war on our brothers in arms’ capture the sadness of this day,” he added.
Portnoy said that in addition to being in awe of Peres’ indefatigable quest for peace, he also admired the Nobel Peace Prize winner as a poet.

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