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From Ian:

German University's course claims Israel harvests Palestinian organs
An academic seminar at a German university claims Israel’s military harvests organs from Palestinians and the Jewish state is responsible for a genocide.
“Our sons were robbed of their organs,” was the title of a part of the seminar’s course material, Rebecca Seidler, an academic who blew the whistle on the anti-Israel material, told the weekly German-Jewish newspaper Jüdische Allgemeine Zeitung in a Thursday article.
The paper reported that the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) offers a course on “The Social Situation of Youths in Palestine,” which contains the allegedly anti-Semitic material.
After reviewing the content of the course, Seidler, who was slated to conduct the seminar, complained to the university’s management. The Dean of the faculty of Social Work and Health, Christa Paulini, dismissed Seidler’s criticism in a telephone conversation as being overly-sensitive.
Seidler told the JAZ that material showed “a picture of a genocide on the Palestinians, an ethnic cleansing as well as a complete disenfranchisement of Palestinians by Israel.”
The seminar syllabus also covered the “victims of torture in Israeli prisons,” said Seidler. The JAZ wrote the seminar conveyed “anti-Semitic stereotypes.”

Syrian refugee arrested for killing woman in Germany machete attack
One woman was killed and two people were injured on Sunday by a man wielding a machete in the southwestern German city of Reutlingen, near Stuttgart.
Police said a 21-year-old Syrian asylum-seeker was arrested for the attack, according to German news service dpa.
According to Presse Portal, the suspect was known to authorities.
Bild reported that he attacked his victims outside a kebab shop in the city.
The attack comes as Germany is on edge, following a rampage at a Munich mall on Friday night in which nine people were killed, and an ax attack on a train earlier in the week that left five wounded.
Germany: The Terrifying Power of Muslim Interpreters
Interpreters Decide on Asylum
Non-Muslim refugees, in particular, complain of the pressure exerted on them by Muslim interpreters. As Gatestone Institute has already reported, Christians and other non-Muslims are beaten, threatened, and harassed in German refugee homes. One of the reasons that German authorities do not intervene has to do with the Muslim interpreters, says Paulus Kurt, head of the work groups for the Central Committee of Eastern Christians in Germany (ZOCD):
"Interpreters belonging to the Islamic religion often stick with the defendants. I am aware of statements in which interpreters have pressured and supposedly said to Christians, on the way to the police or beforehand: 'If you complain, you can forget your application for asylum.' I often noticed that statements were retracted because Christians were threatened."
The effects of these abuses of power are devastating: interpreters in Germany have great influence on who is granted asylum. In a November 2015 open letter to Frank-Jürgen Weise, the head of their agency, employees of the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), pointed out the potential problems of this system within their agency:
"A Syrian is someone who identifies himself as a Syrian in writing (checks the proper box on the questionnaire), and the interpreter (usually not sworn in, or from Syria) confirms it. The interpreters are neither employed by the Federal Agency, nor are they in any way sworn in to the legal system of the Federal Republic of Germany. Ultimately, examination of the asylum application is left solely to these interpreters -- insofar as it involves the verification of nationality and, therefore, the country of persecution. In our view, a decision-making process such as this, which is practiced on a massive scale, is not in keeping with due process."

Edgar Davidson: If World War 2 had been conducted like the current 'war on terror' (satire)
If World War 2 had been conducted the way Western Governments are now conducting the Jihad war being fought against them we might have had the following kind of behaviour:
The Scene: May 1940. We have just gone through the 254th consecutive night of German bombers blitzing London. The British Government announces its total surprise that on this particular night London should have been chosen to be attacked. The PM goes on the radio and makes the following statements about the current "War on Airplane bombers":
Nobody should jump to conclusions about who might be responsible for this particular bombing, especially as we have no conclusive evidence yet that any of the previous 253 bombing raids were in any way related.
In fact, our intelligence on previous raids reveals they were carried out by men from different cities with nothing whatsoever in common other than the fact that the cities all happened to be in Germany. What we must not do is infer from this that the German people mean us any harm whatsoever especially as their Government adheres to the Nazi philosophy which we know seeks worlds peace.
De-Judaization and Palestine at UNESCO
For over two years, the Wiesenthal Centre has been tracking the odyssey of the Palestinian Museum that opened on UNESCO’s World Museum Day, May 18, 2016, in Bir Zeit, a suburb of Ramallah.
First tagged as “a safe space for unsafe ideas,” this $24 million shimmering glass building, designed by Dublin- based architect Heneghan Peng, was officially inaugurated by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas – but totally empty. The museum director had been fired, while the chairman pointed to future exhibitions that “explore the cultural meaning of martyrdom, the debate over who inhabited [the land] first... If we as an independent institution can’t tread into these tricky areas, then who is going to? ...Nobody is. That’s the power of culture.”
Since Palestine entered UNESCO in November 2011, it has turned that UN agency’s World Heritage Committee (WHC) into a battlefield, with an insatiable appetite for Jewish and Christian sites. Beginning with a 2012 claim to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem – based on a letter of endorsement from its three custodians, Coptic, Armenian and Franciscan. Palestine received the site despite a dispute over the letter’s bona fides.
Jewish-revered sites such as the Cave of the Patriarchs and the Tomb of Rachel have been rebaptised in UNESCO as mosques. Their wish list includes Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
A Saudi historian recently claimed that the Jews never entered the Holy Land – their true narrative developed in Arabia.
Imagine a delusional claim by Israel for the two mosques and Kaaba Rock in Mecca as a Jewish heritage site. Yet,the Islamicization of Jewish heritage has become par for the course.
As Europe suffers unprecedented terror, Aftenposten publishes essay: We are all Israelis.
Although the writing has been on the wall for a long while, that terror would hit European cities and villages, it is still astonishing to see that Aftenposten now concedes what has been known for a long while. You either fight terror, or succumb to terror. Dialogue is of no value. I sincerely hope that Europeans do not have to suffer their weddings, religious holidays, public transportation, school trips, student dorms, private homes or anything else bombed to smithereens but I do hope that the automatic narrative of evil Israel now gets a serious revision.
lifted from, google translate
Norway: We are all Israelis | Klaus Wivel
Whether we like it or not, the Islamic terrorism creates a kind of fraternization between Israel and Europe.
About the Author: journalist and foreign correspondent in the Danish Weekend newspaper. Wivel is the author of the book “The last Supper – A journey among the persecuted Christians in the Arab world.”
How would Europe respond? I thought so often, when I as a journalist in the years 2000 to 2005 covered the so-called Al Aqsa Intifada. Terror against Israeli civilians was virtually everyday occurrences.
In those years nearly a thousand Israeli civilians lost their lives, and over 5,000 were wounded in terrorist attacks – in a small country the size of Jutland, with slightly more inhabitants than Denmark.
Almost all Israelis know someone who was affected.
Wrong and rude on Iran and Israel
The Democrats are out selling Tim Kaine as a solid citizen, experienced politician, and a great choice for vice president on the Hillary Clinton ticket -- someone who could step in quickly as president if needed. The traditional pro-Israel community, led by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, are undoubtedly preparing to signal their comfort with him as a Clinton running mate, much as they did with the supposedly pro-Israel Barack Obama, twice. Kaine has voted in favor of foreign aid; he has traveled to Israel; he voted in favor of funding some weapons systems for Israel; he has raised a lot of money from liberal Jews (running for governor, senator, and head of the Democratic National Committee). Therefore, he must be a great supporter of the U.S.-Israel relationship. So great in fact, that he was happy to take money from the J Street political action committee and accept its endorsement when he ran for Senate. AIPAC, J Street, Kaine, all one big happy family in the pro-Israel club.
Of course, on the Iran nuclear deal, the single most important foreign policy decision since the vote on the Iraq war in 2002, Kaine was not only wrong, but extraordinarily disrespectful to Israel's prime minister. He chose to boycott Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before a joint session of Congress on the issue in early 2015, saying that he thought Netanyahu's aim was mainly to help himself with his own domestic politics in the Israeli elections, held two weeks later.
Democratic chair said cut from convention over Sanders email leak
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee chairwoman, will not speak at the party’s convention this week, reportedly because of the discovery of emails revealing tensions between the party and the Bernie Sanders campaign.
In a related issue, a top DNC official apologized for an email in which he suggests depicting Sanders, who is Jewish, as an atheist as a means of undercutting him during the primary season.
Sanders, an Independent senator from Vermont, turned in a surprisingly strong primary campaign, and only this month conceded to the front-runner Hillary Clinton, who will this week accept the nomination at the Philadelphia convention.
Sanders on Sunday told ABC’s “This Week” that Wasserman Schultz should resign immediately.
IsraellyCool: What Does The Post-Obama Democratic Party Think About Israel?
Since Bernie Sanders put Cornel West and James Zogby on the Democratic party’s platform nominating committee, BDS supporters have exulted in the inroads they think they are making into the Democratic party. West and Zogby, however, failed to get their anti-Israel, antisemitic positions actually included in the platform. Now, one of the emails leaked by Wikileaks from the DNC hack shows that the BDS agenda is still just fringe, even in the Democratic party.
Ben Norton at Salon can barely conceal his disappointment:
In one of the messages, from May 19, DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda sent Wasserman Schultz a link to the Washington Post article “DNC to offer Sanders a convention concession.” The piece revealed that the Sanders campaign was going to push the party to adopt “a more balanced position regarding Israel and Palestinians.”
The Post report noted that Sanders’ push for a more “even-handed” stance on the illegal Israeli occupation “has made some of Clinton’s backers nervous.”
“The Israel stuff is disturbing,” Wasserman Schultz wrote in response to the article.
The DNC chair is a longtime Clinton ally, and served as co-chair for Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign.
IsraellyCool: WikiLeaks Jew Hatred
Back in 2011, WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange denied he was antisemitic, after reportedly making some statements that suggested he might just be.
Julian Assange has blamed a number of journalists for a “Jewish” conspiracy against his whistleblowing website, WikiLeaks, according to the editor of Private Eye, Ian Hislop.
Well, it would seem Assange was full of beans – this is what the Wikileaks account tweeted yesterday (widely believed to be controlled by him).
If you recall, the ((brackets around names)) is a way for Jews and their supporters to get back at neo Nazis who have been highlighting Jewish Twitter users for targeting with this designation. And the word “tribalist” has its own clear connotation. As does the caricature of the mJew with black-rim glasses.
And he can’t claim ignorance. After this was pointed out to him, he just kept digging.
Economist Al Durah Cartoon Self-Destructs
Tom Gross caught it, Nidra Poller confirmed it emphatically: the two foreground figures are Muhammad al Durah and his father, Jamal. The wall behind them is the famous wall behind the two, “riddled” with bullets, allegedly shot “like rain” and “in cold blood” by the IDF.
The piece is supposed to accompany the article, which combines a sympathetic story of Palestinian distress at Realpolitik alliances such as Sissi and Bibi,
The shift has left the Palestinians, whose fate once topped the Arab agenda, feeling abandoned.
with an implied threat that, if we don’t pay attention to the plight of the Palestinians, they just might get violent.
What really stirs Arab emotions are scenes of Israelis killing Palestinians. Violence over the past year has left dozens of Israelis and more than 200 Palestinians dead. Most Palestinians, according to polls, back a return to an armed intifada (uprising). With the Arab world focused elsewhere, America in the throes of a presidential race and progress towards a two-state solution halted, they may see no other way to capture the world’s attention.
The article has no author, but appears not to be an editorial (although it would certainly fit nicely in the opinion section, written jointly by the Jerusalem and Cairo correspondents). Presumably, this kind of writing seems both professional and informative to the editorial team who published it. But when we read the cartoon against the grain, we get a remarkable comment on the inveterate lethal journalism that dominates European reporting on the Middle East.

Nidra Poller’s Comment on Economist al-Durah Cartoon
Presuming that Israel is blamed for the failure to conclude a peace treaty based on the everyone-knows-two-state-solution, the illustration suggests that no solution can erase the sin of “killing” Mohamed al Dura.
The father is trying to explain to his son that an Arab leader makes peace with Israel over the boy’s dead body.
The images of the father and son are, curiously, Westernized. It took me a while to realize they were meant to be Jamal and Mohamed Al Dura. Then I recognized the wall. The halo of bullet holes.
But this “reconstructed” wall has something like three times more bullet holes than the original video. As if the blood libel has increased in fury over the past 16 years.
Conclusion: The Economist, a Western publication, defends a primitive, tribal notion of relations between groups and nations: unforgiving, unforgivable revenge.
But the illustrator did not think to reproduce the declaration scrawled in red over the heads of the al Duras in the original version: “What is taken by violence can only be taken back by violence.”
[RL: That is also the slogan behind of Arafat’s “No” to a negotiated settlement at Camp David 2000, and his launching of the Oslo Jihad in late 2000.]
In Israel, ex-Saudi general says Palestinian state would curb Iran aggression
A retired Saudi general visiting Israel this week to promote the Arab Peace Initiative said on Sunday that a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would eliminate Iran’s excuse for supporting regional terrorist groups.
Dr. Anwar Eshki, who was leading a delegation of academics and businessmen on an extremely rare visit seeking to encourage discussion of the Saudi-led peace plan, told Army Radio that normalized ties between Israel and the Arab world were contingent on the cementing of a peace deal with the Palestinians.
“There will be no peace with Arab countries before there is peace with the Palestinians,” said Eshki, whose group met with Israeli officials and MKs in Jerusalem.
“To my knowledge, there is no cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia in counter-terrorism efforts, and though they share the same approach in seeking a solution, we want Israel to put an end to what has caused this terrorism.”
Asked if he believed Israel to be the source of regional terrorism, Eshki said: “The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not the source of terrorism, but it does create fertile ground for acts of terrorism in the region.
Abbas's Harshest Critic
The Palestinian battle for succession has heated up in the past year. Many candidates vying to serve as the next Palestinian leader have tried to court President Mahmoud Abbas. Meanwhile others have expressed criticisms of the aging president’s leadership. Muhammed Dahlan, one of the many Fatah leaders who hopes to become the next Palestinian leader, has likely expressed the harshest criticisms of President Abbas and his leadership.
Dahlan, born in 1961 in the Khan Younis refugee camp, first rose to the top of the Palestinian leadership when the late Palestinian Authority president Yasser Arafat appointed him as chief of the Palestinian Preventive Security in Gaza in 1995. Dahlan quickly gained a reputation as a heavy handed and effective security leader, but resigned from the post in 2002 over differences with Arafat. In the subsequent years, he served in a number of top posts including national security advisor, minister of state and security affairs, and minister of civil affairs.
In 2007, with Hamas threatening to topple the Palestinian Authority in Gaza, President Abbas appointed Dahlan as national security advisor for a second time. He attempted to restore order to Gaza, but Hamas’s armed factions overwhelmed the PA’s security forces and took control of the small coastal enclave. In the following weeks, many Palestinian leaders in Ramallah pointed their fingers at Dahlan for losing control of Gaza.
Soon thereafter, Dahlan began expressing sharp public criticisms of President Abbas, but still won a seat on the Fatah Central Committee (FCC) in 2009. He gradually intensified his criticisms and in 2011, the FCC revoked his membership. Later in 2011, PA security forces raided his home in the al-Tira neighborhood of Ramallah and Dahlan fled to Jordan.
Qatar gives $30 million to pay Gaza public sector workers
Qatar said on Thursday it would give $30 million to help pay the salaries of thousands of Gaza Strip public sector workers left without a full wage package since 2013.
The donation was welcomed by Hamas, which said it would help ease the wage shortages that have tested already strained relations with the U.S.-backed Palestinian Authority, based in Ramallah.
There was no immediate comment from Palestinian Authority or Israel, who have long been suspicious of Qatar's regular donations to Hamas and other Islamist groups across the region.
The emir of the wealthy Persian Gulf state, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, said the payment of 113 million riyals seeks to "alleviate suffering and financial distress," according to the state-run Qatar News Agency.
Hamas violently seized control of Gaza in 2007, forcing Western-backed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas out of the enclave and triggering years of mutual distrust.
Internet hunt: Where’s “Waldo” (anti-Israel academic boycotters boycotting Turkey)?
Since then, I’ve only been able to find the slightest hint that the anti-Israel boycotters recognize their dilemma.
The Israel-boycotting American Studies Association told me that some members are “discussing” a possible boycott among other measures, but could not provide details. Robert Warrior, the ASA’s President and a supporter of the Israel boycott, did not respond to my email requesting details.
Other than that, I can’t find any evidence that Israel academic boycotters are organizing a boycott of Turkish universities. I’ve checked the Twitter timelines and Facebook pages for many of the usual suspects, and nothing. I’ve Google-searched, nothing.
Both Twitter and Facebook searches for “academic boycott Turkey” pull up moslty posts by Israel-supporters mocking the failure of Israel-boycotters to boycott Turkey, as well as some petitions condeming Turkey but not calling for an academic boycott. I signed this one.
I did find a statement from the group which came close to getting the American Anthropological Association to boycott Israel, but it was just a condemnation not a boycott call, Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions
PreOccupiedTerritory: Lacking Jews To Blame, Residents Of Exoplanet Forced To Solve Own Problems (satire)
The inhabitants of this rocky spheroid in orbit around the star Kepler have been coerced by circumstances into addressing and developing solutions for problems that Earthlings would avoid by accusing the Jews of causing.
Lacking Jews, which evidence indicates exist only on Earth, the Keplerings do not have the luxury of blaming misfortunes on the sinister machinations of some Jewish cabal. As such, said local resident Sane Person, their societies have evolved mechanisms for overcoming challenges that involve directly addressing the contributing factors.
“We’re not blessed the way Earth is with a minority that can be conveniently and universally blamed for all ills,” explained Person, whose planet lies approximately 1,200 light-years from Earth. “We actually have to do something about those problems. Whether it’s crime, the drastic shifts in atmospheric temperature, disease, what have you – our planet just doesn’t have Jews, and never did, so we have to find other ways of functioning when it comes to meeting our challenges.”
Theoretically, say scholars, denizens of Kepler-62f could blame the Jews on distant Earth for their problems. “A rational assessment of whether or not Jews are actually at the root of a given misfortune or problem has seldom been a necessary prerequisite for blaming them,” noted Julian Assange, a thinker who has dabbled in the phenomenon. “But for some reason we have yet to understand, the various sentient societies of that distant world have never gone that route, preferring instead to directly treat the issues that threaten them, and have learned to live with or mitigate the problems that cannot be definitively solved.”
Newsweek Singles Out Israel on African Refugees
In a sloppily written diatribe, Newsweek’s Jack Moore singles out Israel for criticism with regard to the wide-ranging African refugee crisis.
First, Moore unfairly criticizes Israel for approving less asylum applications than other Western countries, while he omits the critical context that Israel is a tiny country, with limited resources. In fact, on a per capita basis Israel is facing over three times the number of asylum claims as Europe.
(The population of Europe as of 2015 is 743,122,816 with 1,321,560 asylum claims which yields .0018 asylum seekers per capita. For that same year, Israel’s population is 8,412,000 with 46,437 African asylum seekers which yields .0055 asylum seekers per capita.)
In addition, Europe has been attempting to close its borders in an effort to keep African refugees from entering in the first place. Furthermore, while a portion of African asylum seekers are true political refugees, a great many are actually economic refugees, in search of better jobs, but not actually in fear for their lives or safety. Moore, of course, mentions none of this.
The Nuclear Deal Hasn’t Prevented Iran From Building a Bomb
On July 14, 2015, the P5+1 and Iran signed an agreement (the JCPOA) regarding Iran’s nuclear program. Under this “agreement,” Iran kept the capability to renew its efforts to produce a nuclear weapon. Iran also went on with developing and testing its long-range surface-to-surface missiles so they could eventually carry a nuclear warhead.
Despite the deal, Iran’s leaders continue to express their hostility toward Israel. For example, on June 3, 2016, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that the United States, Britain and Israel are Iran’s “main enemies.”
In early July 2016, the annual report by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (the German equivalent of the FBI), charged that Iran had made at least nine attempts to develop technology that could be used to build a nuclear arsenal. Most of those attempts failed due to the cooperation between German companies and the country’s intelligence agency.
The Obama administration will do whatever it can to keep what it sees as its biggest foreign policy achievement in tact. As long as Iran does not openly breach the deal and provoke the United States, the latter might not pay too much attention to Iran and its nuclear program.
Turkey seizes over 2,250 institutions in coup crackdown
In a new tactic against suspected coup plotters, Turkey on Saturday announced it had seized more than 2,250 social, educational or health care institutions and facilities that it claims pose a threat to national security.
The health ministry said patients at hospitals that are being seized will be transferred to state hospitals, highlighting the sweeping impact of the government’s crackdown after a failed July 15 coup attempt.
A top Turkish official also accused some European countries of downplaying the grave danger posed by the failed insurrection, an apparent response to Western concerns about possible human rights violations in the government’s crackdown.
“Some European colleagues think this is a Pokemon game, this coup attempt,” said Omer Celik, Turkey’s minister for EU affairs. “Come here and see how serious this is. This is not something we play in a virtual game. This is happening in real time in Turkey.”
Israel’s Gauzy to join Mercedez-Benz accelerator
Israeli startup Gauzy, which makes liquid crystal glass panels, or smart glass — used for applications from dimming the windows in a car to interactive shop windows — has been selected to take part in Mercedes-Benz’s accelerator program.
The program, set up in June, targets startups that are working on advanced technologies that can be incorporated into motor vehicles. Gaudy was among the 13 companies selected for the program, out of 300 startups that applied globally, the Tel Aviv-based company said.
Gauzy’s patented technology brings high technology to glass and allows for a number of applications, including controlling the transparency of windows to light, creating optical blinds within the glass, making the doors of a fridge fully see-through at a touch, and transforming the glass panels in bathrooms from transparent to opaque, for greater privacy.
“The choice of Gauzy by Mercedes-Benz is evidence of the official commitment by the automobile giant to long-term collaboration, whose fruits will be seen in the Mercedes luxury car category in the coming years,” Eyal Peso, the company’s chief executive officer said in a statement.
IsraellyCool: Steve Earle: “I’m Not Afraid Of Roger Waters; I Go To Israel”
American musician, record producer, author and actor Steve Earle was recently interviewed about his recent collaboration with fellow musician Shawn Colvin.
In the interview, Earle explains his views on boycotts.
Earle is a hero to many as well for his outspoken views on politics and social issues. The House Bill 2 issue here didn’t keep him from showing up.
“I don’t boycott anybody,” Earle said. “I don’t think cultural boycotts work. I understand why bigger acts do it, because they think they’re taking money out of the economy. But I’m not afraid of Roger Waters; I go to Israel,” he said, referring to the Pink Floyd co-founder who favors boycotts and sanctions against Israel.
Israel to Send Its Biggest Team Ever to Compete in 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil
Israel will send its biggest delegation ever to compete this summer in the 2016 Olympic Games, according to the Business Standard.
Team Israel will consist of 47 athletes, 10 more than the delegation sent to the 2012 Summer Olympics. The group will compete with athletes from around the world in 16 sports.
The Israeli delegation in the 2012 Summer Olympics, which was held in London, did not win any medals. In the 2008 Games in Beijing, Israeli windsurfer Shahar Zubari took home the bronze medal. The Jewish state has won 16 medals throughout its Olympic history, including a gold medal by windsurfer Gal Fridman in Athens in 2004.
Israeli tech set to shine at Rio Olympics
Israel will make its 16th appearance at the Olympic Games this August with its largest delegation of athletes ever.
But Israel’s representation in Rio de Janeiro extends beyond the sporting contests to the tech arena where startups will show their prowess in security technologies, live video transmission technology, public transportation navigation, AR systems, satellite technologies and sports tech.
Israeli company International Security and Defense Systems (ISDS), BriefCam and the EROS-B satellite will likely snag the most attention as they take on security.
ISDS, which has been providing integrated solutions for complex security projects since 1982, is the “Official Supplier” of security solutions for the Games.
“It’s an honor for ISDS to be the very first ever Israeli group to be part of the Olympic family,” Leo Gleser, ISDS president and a former Mossad agent, told JTA.
Warner premieres Gal Gadot ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer
Warner Brothers gave fans a sneak peek at the upcoming “Wonder Woman” on Saturday, showing the hotly-anticipated film’s first official trailer at San Diego Comic-Con.
The preview opens with the Amazonian heroine, played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, leaning over Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) after he has washed up on a beach.
“You’re a man?” she asks him, and he replies: “Yeah, do I not look like one?”
The teaser moves on to the brunette warrior — alias Diana Prince — moving away from the lush island of Themyscira into modern civilization.

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