Friday, July 15, 2016

From Ian:

Jihadi Terrorism: You Think It's Just the Jews? Think Again.
Last night, at least 84 people were murdered in the French city of Nice by a Tunisian-born Islamist terrorist.
Whether you are pacifists or warmongers, gays or heterosexuals, atheists or Christians, blasphemers or devout, French or Iraqis, jihadi terrorism does not discriminate. Every one of us is a target: Islamist terrorism is genocidal.
When Islamist terrorists target Muslim dissident bloggers, faraway Yazidi women or Israeli girls, it should concern us in the West. Islamists are just sharpening their knives on them before coming for us.
If we do not speak out today, we will be punished for our indolence tomorrow.

Chloé Simone Valdary: Black Zionist Slams Pro-Palestinian Group — Cites Arab Slave Trade
A prominent African-American Zionist used social media to ‏blast a campus group for drawing parallels between racial violence in this country and the occupation of Palestinian lands by the Israeli military.
“I’m just like, wait a minute SJP. Let’s be real,” Chloé Simone Valdary said in the brief video, posted on both her Facebook and Twitter feeds on July 12. “The majority of people in your organization are Arabs. Let’s be real. Today Arabs still engaged in the African slave trade. I’m just putting it out there.”
“You want to exploit my people’s history?” Valdary said. “You want to exploit Jewish people’s history and twist and turn it to use towards your political gains?”
“Don’t act like you have solidarity with my people,” Valdery said, adding: “You need to stay in your lane.”
In recent years pro-Israel groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee have intensified outreach to non-Jewish and African American communities, in an effort to built a wider base of support. Valdery has collaborated with both AIPAC and the Zionist Organization of America. In 2014, Tablet Magazine heralded Valdary as an “African American firebrand” who “wants to ignite a Zionist renaissance.”

Caroline Glick: The Left’s ‘grassroots’
Foreign states have chosen to use undiplomatic means to influence government policies. The Knesset needs to make sure that these means are brought out in the open so we can know what we’re dealing with.
This finally returns us to Herzog and his fellow leftists, and their unhinged, libelous response to the passage of the toothless NGO law this week. Those libels were part of an ongoing campaign by Herzog and his comrades to delegitimize the government and Israeli society as a whole as an illegitimate gang of brownshirts in training.
Now that we understand the collaborative relations between the Left and foreign governments, we realize that these statements are part of the deal.
Herzog and his colleagues, who benefit from these subversive operations by foreign governments, help them along in their efforts to delegitimize the country.
After all, that’s what friends are for.
The time has come to put an end to this travesty.
As the Left showed on Tuesday, yet again, it has no intention of cleaning up its act. Subversion is the only card it has left. To save our democracy, the Knesset needs to stop beating around the bush and get to work.

10 children among 84 dead in Nice terror attack; France declares national mourning
A French official on Friday said 10 children were among the 84 people killed when a gunman rammed a truck through a crowd of thousands celebrating Bastille Day on the French Riviera on Thursday evening.
The driver was shot dead by police and no one immediately claimed responsibility for the Thursday night attack on France’s national holiday, which rocked a nation still dealing with the aftermath of two attacks in Paris last year that killed a total of 147 people.
French President Francois Hollande on Friday morning said the rampage was “undeniably” a terror attack.
Police sources said the driver had been formally identified as a 31-year-old Franco-Tunisian man whose identity papers were found in the vehicle after the attack.
Police have not yet released the attacker’s name, but media reports have identified him as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.
Before Nice, Palestinian terrorists used cars as lethal weapon
Transforming a vehicle into a simple but deadly weapon of terror — as happened to such bloody effect in Nice on Thursday — is a tactic well known to intelligence agencies.
A truck smashed into revelers celebrating France’s Bastille Day, killing at least 80 and injuring scores as its plowed two kilometers through the crowd.
In Israel, car-ramming attacks have featured heavily in a wave of Palestinian terrorism and violence that has killed at least 34 Israelis, two Americans, an Eritrean and a Sudanese since October last year. Some 215 Palestinians have been killed in the terror wave; Israel says most were attackers or would-be attackers who died in the course of carrying out attacks. Additional car-ramming attacks, some of them lethal, were carried out by Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank in late 2014.
Western authorities have had to deal with three similar attacks elsewhere in recent years — two in Britain and another in Canada.
In May 2013, two Islamists smashed their car into British soldier Lee Rigby before attempting to behead him on a London street in broad daylight.
A Familiar Form of Terror
Part of the reason for this reluctance to label murder as murder is the inclination of many in the international community to treat Palestinian terrorism against Jews as being distinct from terror against non-Jews elsewhere. Those who think Israel has no right to exist assume Palestinian terror is in some way justified. Israelis and Jews are assumed to have somehow asked for it by insisting on their right to live in their ancient homeland.
But as the people of France and the United States have learned in Paris, San Bernardino and Orlando the last two years, terror is terror. Those inspired by Islamist groups make no distinction between Jews and non-Jews when they unleash their hate. Whether they use knives, guns, explosives or a vehicle, terrorism is just as awful.
It would be better if we didn’t have to get used to living in a world where terrorists sought to kill Westerners or Israelis. But just as more people are starting to understand that the war being waged against Israel shouldn’t be viewed as a different category of crime from the terror being visited upon the West, so, too, should we understand that when vehicles are used as weapons against Jews, it is just as much an act of terror as the atrocity that we have just witnessed in Nice.
Israeli leaders condemn Nice terror attack; Trump suspends VP pick after tragedy
Following a deadly terror attack that claimed the lives of up to 84 people overnight Friday in Nice, France, Israeli leaders condemned the horrific tragedy and offered their support to the French people in solidarity.
"The vile terrorism has returned in full force and destroyed the celebration of freedom, equality and fraternity," Israel's opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Zionist Union) said on his Twitter page Friday.
"This is our generations world war. my condolences to the French nation and the families of the killed and wounded."
President Reuven Rivlin sent on Friday morning a letter of condolence to French President Francois Hollande following the mass casualty terrorist attack in Nice.
Rivlin wrote, "It is with pain and sorrow that I must once again write and express my deepest condolences, and those of all the Israeli people, following the horrific terror attack in Nice."
He added that "Israel stands with France and the Israeli people stand with the French people, shoulder to shoulder in the face of this terrible evil, as should the whole free world. We must work united to reach the terrorists, their supporters and backers, wherever they may hide"
Abbas, who praises vehicle rammers to the sky, has just condemned the Nice attack
Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, elected to a four year term as president of the PA on January 9, 2005 and having successfully deflected all attempts by his citizens and foes at another election since then, has this afternoon brazenly condemned the very action that he fulsomely praises when it's done by Palestinian Arabs. Here's today's report from an Arab source:
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sent his condolences to his French counterpart Francois Hollande on Friday, following an attack Thursday night that left at least 84 people killed, including children, and at least 100 injured when a man deliberately drove a lorry into crowds during national celebrations in Nice, France. According to the Palestinian national news agency WAFA, Abbas declared his support and solidarity with the French people and the families of the victims, while condemning the attack which international media have deemed a “terrorist attack” reportedly carried out by a 31-year-old French-Tunisian. [Ma'an News Agency, July 15, 2016]
For a sense of how utterly devoid of sincerity and how rich in cynicism today's Abbas crocodile-tears statement is, consider just these three background items posted by us in the recent past:
23-Oct-15: When the people inciting the knifings/rammings/shootings need really good doctors, where do they turn?
24-Feb-16: Incitement and its harvest: What the numbers do and don't tell
08-Mar-16: The lethal anguish of "moderate" Abbas

Go to that last link and you will see Abbas quoted widely and publicly in the wake of one of the many recent Arab-on-Israeli vehicle rammings, saying of the attacker to her freshly-bereaved parents:
We consider her to be someone who is with Allah, may He be exalted and elevated, as a martyr who quenched the land of Palestine with her pure soul. I share your deep sorrow and anguish, and express my most sincere condolences to you and to your distinguished family,.. [08-Mar-16: The lethal anguish of "moderate" Abbas]
MEMRI: Threats Preceding Nice Attack
The July 14 attack in Nice, France was preceded by incessant incitement by the Islamic State (ISIS) and its supporters, calling for attacks in Europe and particularly in France. This incitement is conducted online in social media – most notably on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. It comes in every imaginable form: video clips featuring ISIS fighters encouraging the group's followers in Europe to carry out attacks, songs and audio recordings aimed at inspiring would-be attackers, essays and articles justifying attacks on women and children, posters with violent imagery showing European landmarks being attacked or glorifying terrorism, and so on.
In his May 21 speech, ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Al-'Adnani reiterated his call for attacks in the West and said that those supporters in the West who cannot join ISIS by coming to the lands in controls must carry out attacks in their countries of residence. He especially emphasized the targeting of civilians (see MEMRI JTTM report ISIS Spokesman Al-Adnani Urges 'Caliphate Soldiers' To Target Civilians In Europe During Ramadan, May 21, 2016).
MEMRI: ISIS Supporters Express Joy Over Nice Truck Attack, Claim It Came In Retaliation For French And Coalition Airstrikes In Iraq, Syria
Following the truck attack in Nice, France on the night of July 14, 2016, which claimed the lives of at least 84 people, ISIS supporters online expressed joy, congratulated the perpetrators, and stressed that the attack came in retaliation for airstrikes by coalition jets, including ones from France, in Syria and Iraq, which killed innocent Muslims. ISIS sympathizers on Telegram also posted banners lauding the attack and vowing that members of the Islamic State would continue to strike France and the West.
The Dabiq Telegram channel posted a comment by an ISIS supporter with the username miqdad, who wrote: "Whether the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the first operation in Paris or not – and it eventually did – and even if it has yet to claim responsibility for the Nice operation, which is still vague at this point [meaning no one had claimed responsibility for it] – our hearts are still filled with joy of a level we have yet to experience! How can we not rejoice when we see the organs of the infidel Crusaders, who launched a war on Islam, strewn about here and there?! How can we not rejoice after being sad when they bombed Muslim lands in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere in cold blood?! Do we not deserve joy?!"
Pro-ISIS Telegram channels used the attack as an opportunity to spread messages aimed at intimidating Western citizens. The Kawasir Al-Nasher channel posted a message in English that read: "Oh crusaders, we told you... The next attack is coming soon, we are everywhere, Allah Akbar."
MEMRI: Jihadi Reactions To Nice Terror Attack: 'We Want Paris Before Rome'
The messages and images shared following the attack express jubilation at the deaths of infidels and a sense that France's participation in Operation Inherent Resolve (in France, "Chammal") has been avenged. Messages call for more attacks and for Muslim jihadi militants and sympathizers in France to carry out lone-wolf operations, and state that France had been warned of imminent vengeance against it. Moreover, many messages threaten of yet more deaths to come, and call for the French people to convince their government to put an end to the French attacks on ISIS.
On an ideological and religious level, several existing documents and fatwa were shared justifying terror attacks in general and the acceptableness of the collateral killing of the Muslims that might be among the victims, for the higher purpose of legitimately "spilling the blood of the infidels."
Several images and messages mentioned Francois Hollande, such as the one above: "And yes, Hollande! We will kill you as you kill us. A problem??? So be ready for what is coming next, you will not know where we will come from and where we will be!"
42% of French Muslim Youth Support Suicide Bombing, Young US Muslims Not Far Behind
France has been the target of the most devastating recent terrorist attacks because, apparently, almost half of young French Muslims support suicide bombing, probably the most extreme act of terrorism (compare with the Japanese Kamikaze pilots, who represented the Japanese Empire’s final, most desperate lashing at an overpowering enemy).
But a November, 2015 Pew Poll found that while a large percentage of Muslim youths in the West support suicide bombing, and out of those the largest percentage live in France, the numbers in the US are only somewhat better.
“The higher levels of support for suicide bombing seen among young American Muslims resembles patterns found among Muslims in Europe, where Muslims also constitute a minority population,” the Pew poll concluded. “In Great Britain, France and Germany, Muslims under the age of 30 are consistently the least likely to say that suicide bombing is never justified.
“In other words, the share who think suicide bombing against civilians can ever be justified, even if rarely, is higher among those younger than 30 compared with those who are older. About a quarter (26%) of younger US Muslims say suicide bombing can at least rarely be justified, 17 percentage points higher than the proportion of Muslims ages 30 and older (9%) who share that view. The age gap is about as wide in Great Britain (18 percentage points) but somewhat narrower in Germany (12 points), France (11 points) and Spain (7 points).”
Reviewing BBC reporting of vehicular attacks in France and Israel
After a shaky start, BBC News was soon able to provide its audiences with an accurate description of the horrendous attack on Bastille Day revellers in Nice on the evening of July 14th.
Terror attacks using vehicles have not been afforded the same clarity of description by the BBC when perpetrated against Israelis.
In August 2014 BBC News reported a “Suspected ‘attack’ on bus with digger in Jerusalem”.
On October 22nd 2014 a vehicular attack in Jerusalem in which two people were murdered was described as a “car ‘attack'”.
BBC reports on vehicular attack in Jerusalem on November 5th 2014 in which two people were murdered were headlined “Driver hits pedestrians in East Jerusalem” and a follow-up report described a “van attack”.
Media Blame Mysterious Driverless Truck For Jihadist Terror Massacre In Nice
After the brutal massacre of roughly 80 people in Nice, France, Thursday, some mainstream news sites seemed to imagine that the truck which mowed down scores of French adults and children drove itself, never dreaming that a human being with a certain religious outlook might have driven the truck murderously through the crowd celebrating Bastille Day.
Could the news sites have an inherent bias against trucks? Were they denied Matchbox cars as children? It couldn’t be because the same sites that loved the hashtag #NotAllMuslims that trended after the Charlie Hebdo attacks might be deliberately eschewing identifying the murderous terrorists as Muslims, could it?
Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro noticed something amiss:

Edgar Davidson: Nice attack: Israel responds* (satire)
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu today issued the following statement in the light of the tit-for-tat violence in France which yesterday in Nice claimed the lives of a Muslim truck driver, along with a number of Muslim civilians and French colonialists.
I strongly condemn the ongoing cycle of violence in France and call on both sides to show restraint. We mourn the loss of life on both sides. While I believe that France has a right to exist, our continued support for France's sovereignty cannot be guaranteed if the French continue with their disproportionate response and suppression against its Muslim citizens. I deplore the French Government decision to impose a State of Emergency that disproportionately hurts millions of French Muslims who are trying to see their families over the holiday weekend. The French government has to understand that there is no military solution to this conflict. They should immediately abide by the UN resolution we proposed last week to evacuate all non-Muslim French from cities such as Paris, Nice and Marseilles handing it over to the elected representatives of the moderate wing of ISIS.

CNN Commentator Uses Nice To Attack Israeli Politics, Brexit Boosting 'The Far Right' (h/t Alexi)
CNN intelligence and security analyst Bob Baer was on set for the network’s rolling coverage Thursday night of the terror attack in Nice, France but he seized on the tragedy to bash Israelis for responding to similar truck attacks by going “far to the right” along with those who support Brexit and the French political party National Front. With the bodies still yet to scattered out on the streets, Baer complained to CNN host Erin Burnett that the Israelis have suffered tragedies like what transpired in southern France but responded by “driv[ing] Isareli politics far to the right and put the whole population at risk as well as knives.”

Jewish Baby Boom Alters Israeli-Palestinian Dynamic
Israel’s peace camp and its international backers have long used one crude but powerful argument: Arabs make more babies than Jews and unless a separate Palestinian state is created, a demographic time bomb will turn Jews into a dwindling minority akin to white South Africans.
That prospect certainly seemed real when the Oslo peace process began in the 1990s. Fertility among Israeli Jews stood at an average of 2.6 children per woman, compared with 4.7 among Muslims in Israel and East Jerusalem and 6.0 among Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Yasser Arafat at the time famously declared that the womb of the Palestinian woman was his people’s most potent weapon.
Yet over the past decade, a demographic revolution with long-lasting political consequences has occurred. Jewish birthrates in Israel have spiked while Arab birthrates in the Palestinian territories and elsewhere in the Middle East have declined. This unlikely baby boom has made many Israeli Jews a lot less afraid of being outnumbered—one of the underappreciated reasons why the country’s voters have consistently rewarded politicians opposed to Palestinian statehood and to relinquishing land.
“When you are motivated by fear, you seek to preserve demography by giving away geography,” explained Yoram Ettinger, a former Israeli ambassador and right-wing activist who has been active in publicizing the impact of Israel’s rising birthrate. “But if you examine Israel’s demographics realistically, there is no need to think in such terms.”
The Jewish fertility rate in Israel was 3.11 per woman in 2014, the last full year for which data is available, while among the Arab citizens of Israel and East Jerusalem residents it was only a notch higher at 3.17, according to Israel’s statistics bureau. Palestinian fertility rates have fallen to 3.7 in the West Bank from 5.6 in 1997, and to 4.5 from 6.9 children in the Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian statistics bureau.
“There will be no demographic time bomb,” Israel’s defense minister and right-wing politician Avigdor Lieberman said in an interview before his recent appointment. “Birthrates in the Arab and Jewish sectors will continue converging, while we also hope that a considerable part of Jews from Western Europe, and also from North America, will come here.” Jewish immigration last year, from countries such as France and Ukraine, was at the highest level since 2003.
What EU Wants Israelis Not to Know
In the three days since Israel passed a law mandating new reporting requirements for NGOs that are primarily funded by foreign governments, there’s one question I have yet to hear any of its critics answer. If, as they stridently claim, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with NGOs getting most of their funding from a foreign government, then why would simply being required to state this fact in all their publications exercise a “chilling effect” (the U.S. State Department) or “stigmatize” them (the New Israel Fund) or result in “constraining their activities” (the European Union)?
The obvious answer is that the critics know perfectly well it isn’t alright: An organization that gets most of its funding from a foreign government isn’t a “nongovernmental” organization at all, but an instrument of that government’s foreign policy. In fact, with regard to the EU, that’s explicit in its funding guidelines: For an Israeli organization that conducts activities in the territories to be eligible for EU funding, it must comply with EU foreign policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This, incidentally, also explains why 25 of the 27 organizations affected by the law are left-wing: The far-left is the only part of Israel’s political spectrum that shares Europe’s opinions on the conflict, and hence, that Europe is willing to fund.
Yet if an organization is an instrument of a foreign country’s foreign policy, it’s very hard to argue that it’s an objective “human rights organization,” as the organizations in question bill themselves. Rather, it’s an overtly political organization that seeks to pressure Israel into adopting the foreign government’s preferred policies. And making this known definitely could be “stigmatizing,” in the sense that Israelis might be less willing to trust an organization’s assertions once they realize it has a not-so-hidden policy agenda that could be influencing its reports.
Why Fayyad Will Fail Again
But what is also driving their opposition to the Fayyad unity plan is that hudna. It was denounced in an editorial published by the official PA news agency Wafa. It deplored the idea of a temporary truce with Israel because they saw it as a betrayal of “the Palestinian struggle.” Lest anyone doubt that hate that still is the foundation of their conception of Palestinian nationalism, Wafa, which was speaking for Abbas and his government, accused Fayyad of acting in a manner that would lead to the “Judaization” of Jerusalem.
If Fayyad had any sort of constituency, his proposal might encourage hope for progress toward peace. But the problem remains that Fayyad’s fan base is largely composed of Americans and Europeans with no sign that supporters of Fatah or Hamas have any interest in an alternative. Though Friedman wrongly blamed Israel for Fayyad’s failure, the problem for him has always been the fact that he is operating under different assumptions than that of the mainstream Palestinian movements. So long as Fatah is in charge in Ramallah, U.S. and European aid to the PA has always been a de facto subsidy for terrorism. Abbas and Fatah pretend to be for a two-state solution in the presence of Western journalists, but, in their own media, they made no such pretense, honoring and encouraging terrorism, and broadcasting incitement to hatred against Israelis and Jews. They continue to refuse to recognize the legitimacy of a Jewish state no matter where its borders are drawn. But they have no plan B. They are content to keep the conflict simmering, confident that sooner or later Israel will lose Western support and collapse.
Sadly, that foolish faith in something that will never happen is in accord with the Palestinian public’s support for terror and intransigence. That’s why Fayyad is bound to fail again. Until the Palestinian people rise up and throw off their corrupt and violent Fatah and Hamas overlords, Israelis will continue to stand their ground and wait for the day when someone like Fayyad will speak for more than just himself.
PM to Abbas: Stop paying terrorists, fire aides who incite violence
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday urged PA President Mahmoud Abbas to stop supporting terrorists financially, fire Palestinian officials who openly encourage the murder of Israeli Jews, and disavow ceremonies honoring killers.
In a video posted on YouTube with Arabic subtitles, the prime minister said: “Since over the past several years, you refused to meet me and sit down and negotiate peace, I hope you’ll hear this message.”
He singled out the aide to Abbas and a Fatah Central Committee member who last month told the Palestinian news site Donia al-Watan that, “Wherever you find an Israeli, slit his throat.”
“First, your adviser, Sultan Abu al-Einein, recently called to slit the throat of every Israeli. Three days later, a Palestinian terrorist turned these words into action when he slit the throat of a 13-year-old beautiful girl, Hallel Yaffa Ariel, as she slept. She was a little, innocent girl. She didn’t deserve this,” the prime minister said in a message apparently recorded in his office in Jerusalem. “I ask that you fire this adviser because advocating genocide is not consistent with peace.”

Finally: Congress Asking UNRWA for Real Number of Palestinian Refugees
Both houses of Congress are at work to modify funding bills for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), as part of an effort to investigate the very legitimacy of the decades-old agency, Michael Wilner reported in the Jerusalem Post Friday. Both the House and the Senate want the State Department to, once and for all, define the term “Palestinian refugee,” and while they’re at it, reveal how many are receiving aid from UNRWA.
UNRWA was established in 1948 to assist the 750,000 Palestinians who had left Israel. Since then UNRWA has been a promoter of the Palestinian cause, funding as many as 5 million “refugees,” the majority of whom never left the homes where they were born in the Gaza Strip, the “West Bank,” eastern Jerusalem, or other Arab countries, to the tune of $1.23 billion annually, $250 million of which is donated by US taxpayers.
Many in Congress have been saying, since about 2012, that the majority of Palestinians are permanently settled, and should not be under the jurisdiction of a refugee agency.
Needless to say, Wilner points out, “such a finding would fundamentally change the narrative of the decades-old conflict.”
The first Palestinian census was completed 15 years ago, and the head of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) admitted then that the census was, in effect, “a civil intifada” rather than a scientific survey. In 2011 the Bureau attempted to correct that blatant misrepresentation, claiming that 2.6 million Palestinian Arabs inhabit Judea and Samaria.
For outgoing US aid chief, helping Palestinians was an uphill battle
After 11 years of helping oversee the US government’s aid efforts to lay the foundations for a future Palestinian state, the outgoing chief of the US Agency for International Development mission in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is unsure whether that vision has inched any closer to reality.
“It’s frustrating. It’s definitely frustrating,” said Dave Harden, who is leaving his post Friday and returning to Washington to become an assistant administrator of USAID.
“Frustrating” is a word Harden said repeatedly in an interview with The Associated Press. During his tenure, he saw three US envoys attempt, and fail, to advance the cause of peace. He worked in one of the world’s most complicated political arenas and headed one of the most scrutinized USAID missions, on account of American lawmakers’ concerns that American money could reach Palestinian terrorists.
Starting as deputy mission director in 2005 and later taking the helm of USAID’s mission in the Palestinian territories, Harden presided over some $3.8 billion in investments to help improve Palestinians’ lives — from paving roads, laying water lines and building schools, to funding the Palestinian version of the children’s television show Sesame Street and helping a Palestinian fair trade olive oil distributor supply oil to the Whole Foods supermarket chain in the US.
Palestinians furious over 'settler' Edelstein
The Palestinian ambassador to Greece, Marwan Toubassi, protested against Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein's (Likud) official visit on Thursday.
"As the State of Palestine's ambassador," Toubassi wrote, "I am disappointed to hear that Mr. Yuli Edelstein, the head of the Israeli parliament, was invited to Greece and was given a platform to speak to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the Hellenic Parliament."
"Mr. Edelstein, who arrived in Israel in 1987 as an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, lives in an illegal settlement and is a staunch supporter of building settlements on Palestinian land. He is opposed to the creation of a Palestinian state."
Toubassi claimed that "supporting the two-state solution and opposing illegal Israeli settlements are fundamental values, and Mr. Edelstein opposes them. He even supports initiatives such as the 'Greater Land of Israel Lobby,' whose members are interested in settling all of the occupied Palestinian territories."
More proof of Breaking the Silence's lies
Admit Deri, the head of Reservists on the Front, is pleased with a study released by Channel 10, showing that most of Breaking the Silence's claims of war crimes are baseless or invented.
Speaking with Arutz Sheva, Deri explained that the research confirms what his group has been saying for the past six months.
"The material they published affirms what we put forward. This is very serious research that was conducted by journalists who previously stated their support for Breaking the Silence, like Raviv Drucker. In the end it came out that the group does lie. In a sample of ten Breaking the Silence testimonies, the project found that two claims of beating detainees and shooting innocents were complete lies, two were exaggerated and four were impossible to verify. Only two of the ten were accurate."
Deri feels that the message is clear: "We need to exclude this organization from all forums and not invite them to speak. I am happy that this is what's happening. In 2015 they didn't receive a single soldier's contribution, and this pulls the rug out from under them. We call on combat soldiers not to turn to them. This is the last place that should be resolving ethical issues. Today most combat soldiers understand their intentions and motivations."
Hallel Ariel - another victim of the Palestinian culture of hate

Mufti denounces terror victim's family visit to Temple Mount
Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, the mufti of "Palestine" and a preacher at the al-Aqsa Mosque, has condemned what he called the "extremist settler" visit to the Temple Mount earlier this week.
The event was organized by Hallel Yaffa Ariel's in her memory, and was accompanied by close police protection.
Sheikh Hussein described the visit as a step towards the escalation of "attacks" on the mosque. He added that it crossed a "red line" for Muslims around the world.
According to Hussein, the event exposed Israel's aggressive intentions towards the al-Aqsa Mosque, and proves the "falsity" in its claims that it maintains the status quo at the holy site.
"This criminal attack against the al-Aqsa Mosque's holiness is an additional stage in the series of escalations aimed at laying the groundwork for the enforced division of the mosque according to location and time. It was carried out as part of an effort to change the historic and present situation."
Brother, Sister of Kiryat Arba terrorist indicted
Military prosecutors have submitted an indictment for incitement against the brother and sister of the terrorist Mahmoud Tarayeh, who stabbed 14 year-old Hallel-Yaffa Ariel in her bed in Kiryat Arba around two weeks ago.
According to the indictment against the terrorist's sister, she praised the attack on Palestinian television, saying that the attack brought pride to her family and to her neighbors in Beni Nayim.
The indictment against the terrorist's brothers writes that he published incitement which called for more terror attacks against Israelis, throughout the recent wave of terror.
The two will remain in custody until the end of the proceedings.
Zoabi: Israel is 'occupied Palestinian territory'
MK Hanin Zoabi (Joint List), known for her anti-Israel statements, is at it again, and is clarifying that she views sovereign Israeli territory as “occupied” Palestinian territory.
In an interview on Thursday with Hamas's Palestine newspaper, Zoabi said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's threat to expel her from the Knesset is "an attempt to deter the Palestinian people in the 'internal' occupied territory (ie within Israel), because he sees the 'internal' Palestinians as a rebel cause, while he maintains good relations and security coordination with the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.”
"Netanyahu views us as an enclave of rebellion which can be subjected to siege, training, punishment, intimidation and terror, and he wants to make us give up our rights through intimidation,” added Zoabi, who stressed that she is not concerned about any threats and is ready for any trial against her even though she does not trust the Israeli legal system.
"We rely on our right and we are ready for confrontation, and this is not a legal conflict but a political one," she said.
Arafat's nephew makes his move to succeed Abbas
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has not made a significant move to signal whom he wants to succeed him as the head of the PA, the PLO or Fatah. Nonetheless, Palestinian leaders, vying for one or all three of the leadership roles, have launched their campaigns to garner support from the Palestinian public and international community.
Nasser al-Qudwa, known best as the nephew of Yasser Arafat, is one of those leaders.
Qudwa, born in 1953, first rose to the upper echelons of the Palestinian leadership when he served as PLO ambassador to United Nations in the 1990s and early 2000s. He gained a reputation as a shrewd diplomat with the ability to navigate the international scene. In 2005, after his uncle died, he returned to Ramallah and assumed the role of foreign minister in thenprime minister Ahmed Qurei’s government.
However, Qudwa, a strong personality, struggled with President Abbas, who had wanted to manage much of Palestinian foreign policy from his Mukata headquarters, and resigned from the position a year later.
Israel Freezes Postal Service to Gaza Over Alleged Weapons Smuggling
Haaretz reports: Israel is halting mail service to the Gaza Strip “in light of multiple attempts to smuggle banned items… used for terrorism against Israel,” Yoav Mordechai, the coordinator of government activities in occupied territories, posted on Facebook on Thursday.
Security officials confiscated drones, scuba diving equipment and weapons components, among items being sent in the mail to the coastal territory via the overland Erez crossing earlier in the day.
The Palestinian Authority and Hamas had no immediate response.
Several Gaza residents told Haaretz they see the decision as a continuation of Israel’s policy of collective punishment and further proof that Israel controls all of Gaza. They said the postal services are very limited anyway and handle mainly package deliveries.
Former Green Party Candidate Makes Holocaust Denial Video
Monika Schaefer, who stood as the Green Party of Canada’s candidate in the Alberta riding of Yellowhead in 2006, 2008 and 2011, is denying the Holocaust in a homemade Youtube video.
Schaefer has also taken credit for convincing Green Party Leader Elizabeth May to submit a 9/11 conspiracy petition to Parliament in 2014.
In the YouTube video, Schaefer describes the Holocaust as “the most persistent lie in all of history,” claims that victims of Nazi death camps “were kept as healthy and as well-fed as was possible,” and asserts that “there were no gas chambers there”. She concludes by denouncing “the 6-million lie” and recommending that viewers read the works of Ernst Zündel, a German Holocaust denier deported from Canada in 2005.
B’nai Brith Canada tried to reach the Green Party to relay concerns but calls from the organization were neither answered nor returned.
“The lies spouted by Schaefer in this video are disgusting, and deeply offensive to Holocaust survivors, the Jewish Community, and Canadian values in general,” said Michael Mostyn, CEO of B’nai Brith Canada. “The Green Party must denounce Schaefer and distance itself from all Holocaust-denying groups and individuals. B’nai Brith has filed a report with YouTube concerning the Holocaust-denying channel on which Schaefer’s video was posted, and hope to see it shut down.”
Brazilian college seeks lecturer on Zionism as racism
A Brazilian federal university released a public notice saying it wants to hire a teacher who must teach that Zionism is a racist concept.
The ABC Federal University, in the Sao Paulo metro area, is seeking a teacher of “racial-ethnic relations” who must include in the curricula the subject “connections of whiteness and racist regimes: apartheid, Nazism, Zionism.” The job pays $2,500 per month.
The president of the Brazilian Israelite Confederation, Fernando Lottenberg, met with the nation’s minister of education on Tuesday to discuss the notice. In addition, Lottenberg spoke to the minister, Mendonca Filho, about adding Jewish history to the national school curricula.
Filho was “surprised and upset” by the ABC Federal notice, adding the case was “absurd,” according to a statement from the confederation.
New Mel Brooks Book Will Tell the Story of the Making of ‘Young Frankenstein’
For a guy who just turned 90 years old, Mel Brooks has been awfully productive of late. In the last few years, he’s lent his voice to animated characters, continues to perform live, and now, according to A.V. Club, the 2000 Year-Old Man has a new project on the way: the full story of the making of Young Frankenstein.
Young Frankenstein: A Mel Brooks Book, co-written with Rebecca Keegan, will give “the definitive behind-the-scenes story” of the production of one Brooks’ most popular films. The book will feature a forward from Judd Apatow, contributions from the film’s director of photography Gerald Hirschfield, and producer Michael Gruskoff, and an interview with Cloris Leachman, who played Frau Blucher.
For fans of Abby Normal and Schwanzstücke transplants, it’ll be a wonderful chance to get an inside look at the 1974 classic, a movie that Mel Brooks has said is perhaps the best film he’s ever made. Though I’d personally slot Young Frankenstein in around No. 4 (1. Blazing Saddles, 2. Spaceballs, 3.The Producers), a chance to see the inner workings of the voodoo that Brooks does so well is an exciting one. And if you’re on the fence about buying the book, I ask: Would you do it for Randolph Scott? (The answer, of course, is yes.)
Jews Taking Over the Temple Mount with Photoshop
We don’t have the means to take over the Temple Mount by force, at least not those of us without the necessary government connections, but we do have an imagination, and since yesterday we’ve been conquering the Temple Mount in increasing numbers, and you’ve been helping.
For the original story, and for much needed context, visit Summer Project: Flood the Internet with Subversive Temple Mount Images.
By the way, many Facebook users have already shared our parade of flags and added their own. Share with your friends.
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