Friday, March 25, 2016

From Ian:

No More Hug-A-Terrorist
How hard is it to understand that radical Islamist jihadis have declared war on the West? In simple English this means: they will find you and kill you wherever and whenever they can.
Time and again, many of us concerned Muslims have highlighted the dangers of political Islam/Islamism, which stems from one of three sources: the Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabi/Salafism or Khomeinism.
The West has been asleep at the wheel, waffling about how to address the issue with "sensitivity." Calling out the truth should never be subject to political correctness.
The world needs to take the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to task and challenge it about what it is doing to stem the tide of violence emanating from the Muslim world. The world needs to understand that ISIS is not trying to set up a Caliphate. OIC is the Caliphate.
Police thwart Jerusalem stabbing attack by teenage girl
Security forces on Friday afternoon thwarted a stabbing attack by a teenage girl in East Jerusalem, a spokesperson for Israel Police said.
The incident occurred at the entrance to the neighborhood of Isawiya, the police said.
The would-be attacker was overpowered and arrested at the scene.
The police said that the girl, coming from the direction of Isawiyah, approached a unit of Border Police officers next to a gas station in the French Hill neighborhood, which abuts Isawiyah. She then pulled out a knife and began to slash at the security forces. The troops overpowered the girl and detained her. There were no injuries.
The incident comes hours after a Palestinian woman was arrested in Hebron on Friday morning when she approached Israeli security forces at a checkpoint near the city’s Tel Rumeida neighborhood carrying a knife.
Soldier who shot disarmed Palestinian attacker facing murder charge
An IDF soldier caught on camera as he shot dead an apparently disarmed Palestinian assailant in the West Bank appeared in Jaffa Military Court on Friday, where it emerged that he is now the suspect in a Military Police murder investigation.
The soldier was arrested Thursday. He was filmed in Hebron shooting the Palestinian shortly after the latter had stabbed another soldier. When the suspect shot him, the Palestinian was already lying on the ground wounded, as a result of troop gunfire during the stabbing. The Palestinian was one of two stabbers who attacked troops near the Tel Rumeida neighborhood in Hebron, wounding one of them.
The soldier, from the Kfir Brigade, confirmed to the court Friday that he had carried out the shooting, and repeated his earlier statement that he believed the Palestinian had been wearing an explosive vest and therefore posed an ongoing danger, Army Radio said. He arrived in court after a night of questioning.
The soldier’s lawyer, Eyal Beserglick, also said that his client had acted out of the belief that the Palestinian had an explosive device.
“The investigation revealed that the shooting apparently took place when there were already at least several bullets in the attacker’s body,” Beserglick said. “When there was a real danger of an explosion at the scene, after a stabbing incident, what is expected of an outstanding soldier who sees his friends shy away from the same attacker? Who has a genuine fear for his friends’ lives and only then his own?”
Analysis: Severe military punishment awaits IDF soldier who fired on wounded attacker
Judging by the initial IDF response to the ghastly shooting of a Palestinian knife terrorist who had already been shot and was lying on his back, no longer posing a tangible threat to anyone, the soldier responsible for this grave breach of the rules of engagement will meet severe punishment in the military justice system.
The attacker, who together with a second terrorist repeatedly stabbed a soldier in Hebron on Thursday, had already been shot once – justifiably and in line with regulations – preventing him from continuing his mission to kill IDF personnel.
Then a soldier from the Kfir Brigade, standing a few meters away, as seen in a video released by B’Tselem, cocked his firearm and fired a single shot – without justification – at the downed attacker, in violation of IDF rules.
The disturbing images will doubtlessly circulate quickly on social media.
Well before the IDF received the video, the soldier’s commanders took swift and firm action. They held their own investigation, suspended the soldier on the spot, and delivered him to the Military Police, where he will be questioned.
Military sources stressed that no one in the IDF “waited for this video to emerge,” adding that regional battalion and brigade commanders concluded that a grave breach occurred, and acted.

Soldier who shot subdued terrorist: 'I did the right thing, at the right time'
The IDF soldier who was filmed shooting a Palestinian terrorist in the head Thursday, whilst he lay incapacitated on the ground, said in the aftermath of the incident that what he did was "the right thing."
While speaking to family members in a private conversation hours after his initial arrest by Military Police, the soldier said: "I did the right thing at the right time in order to prevent anything else bad from happening."
The soldier added that he feared that the terrorist, who had already succeeded in stabbing another solider, was going to try to attack other soldiers. "He wore a thick coat and therefore I feared that he would stand and detonate an explosive belt."
"After I saw the terrorist moved," the soldier continued, "I shot him. I just feared that the terrorist would blow himself up."
A lawyer representing the soldier in the matter told Army Radio later Thursday evening that his client was "not guilty" of any wrongdoing and urged the public "not to forget who was defending" them.
New video corroborates Hebron soldier’s testimony, supporters say
But in the latest video, seen below, rescue crews are shown moments before the shooting, with the conversation clearly focused on the possibility that the stabber continued to constitute a threat to those around him.
“That terrorist is still alive, the dog! Don’t let him attack us!” one medic is heard saying after apparently seeing the Palestinian moving.
“It looks like he has a bomb on him,” shouts another voice. “Until a sapper comes, nobody touches him!”
The video appears to corroborate the suspect’s own testimony to investigators according to which the Palestinian was still “moving underneath his jacket, where he could have been hiding explosives or weapons,” as the soldier’s attorney Benjamin Malka explained Thursday.
This warning, however, was not unique to this incident. It is standard IDF operating procedure to assume that an assailant has an explosive device to carry out a secondary attack on first responders.
Other soldiers can also be seen in the two videos from the scene standing next to the two Palestinian assailants, making it unclear how serious the threat of an explosive device was considered by the people on the scene.
Hevron backs soldier who shot wounded terrorist
The Jewish community in Hevron responded on Friday to the media uproar after an IDF soldier was filmed by an Arab activist of the radical leftist NGO B'Tselem shooting a wounded terrorist in the city the day before.
Politicians including Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu rushed to condemn the soldier, followed shortly afterwards by the UN, but the Hevron Jews defended him for shooting dead the terrorist who minutes earlier together with an accomplice stabbed and wounded a soldier.
"The Hevron Jewish community sends a blessing and encouragement to the IDF soldiers who defend citizens of Israel from the cruel terror assaults every single day," read the statement.
"The incident yesterday is still being checked, and one cannot judge without a check of the incident down to its details," added the residents, in a subtle swipe at the politicians and military brass who rushed to condemn the soldier.

Palestinian Role Models: Teachers Or Terrorists
Palestinian teachers recently took to the streets in major cities in the “west bank” to protest their low wages of just 2,400 shekels a month (roughly $615). This is below even the average monthly salary the PA pays to its civil servants of 2,882 shekels ($752).
While teachers and civil servants struggle to get by, there is another “public service job” that pays much better: terrorist.
According to, in 2012, the average monthly salary paid to terrorists was 3,259 shekels ($850). However, terrorists who kill enough Jews to be sentenced to 5-10 years in prison, like al-Hroub’s husband for example, make 4,000 shekels ($1,043) per month (that’s 8,000 shekels a year per Jew he helped murder). While the worst, mass-murdering terrorists make a whopping 12,000 shekels ($3,129) a month!
So here we have a society that pays the average terrorist 859 more shekels ($242) a month than the average teacher! And that doesn’t even include the stipends awarded to wives and children or the bonuses of up to $50,000 the terrorists receive upon being released from jail.
What’s more, when Palestinian teachers protest, they aren’t supported, the PA sets up roadblocks and checkpoints to shut them down. But when a terrorist murders a Jew or is released from prison, public celebrations are held and streets are named in their honor.

Brendan O'Neill: The West won’t even defend its own values. How can it be expected to defeat Isis?
Too often, the message is that the West is rotten, racist; that we invite terrorism, maybe even deserve it, with our thoughtless foreign policy or racist traditions. The post-9/11 cry of ‘Why do they hate us?’ has given way to a new self-loathing mantra: ‘Of course they hate us — we’re bastards.’
The refusal to big-up Western values has been institutionalised in the idea of Islamophobia, which is not just about protecting Muslims from assault or discrimination — a noble thing to do — but is about policing any expression of belief in the superiority of Western or enlightened values. In the words of the Runnymede Trust, which shaped the definition of Islamophobia, any suggestion that the Islamic way of life is ‘inferior to the West’ is an expression of prejudice, and everyone should be taught that the Islamic outlook is ‘as equally worthy of respect [as Western values]’. Laws and codes against Islamophobia represent the institutionalisation of relativism, the suppression of loud and proud defences of the virtues of Western life and thought.
And then we think we can take the fight to Isis? No, sorry: you can’t defend Western ideals overseas if you’re demeaning them at home in public, cultural and academic debate. Bravery is a function of belief; we take risks when we’re fighting for something we truly care for. The reason the West seems incapable of launching any kind of serious, boots-driven war on Isis is because it doesn’t truly care for itself or its values anymore.
How Brussels became Hub of Islamist Terror
Belgium, with a population of 11 million, has send 440 Islamists to fight on behalf of Isis in Syria and Iraq — highest per capita in Europe. Most of these Isis recruits come from Molenbeek district.
The troubles for Molenbeek began under the administration of district’s socialist mayor Philippe Moureaux, who ruled from 1992 till 2012. Under his reign the law and order collapsed, and businesses fled the district unable to cope with rising crime. The district with migrant Muslim population of about 40 percent, has since turned into a No-Go Zone for law enforcement.
President Obama has been quick to pounce of Senator Ted Cruz for his statement calling to “patrol and secure” neighbourhoods with large Muslim populations “before they become radicalized,” ignores the tragic reality of suburbs turning into ungovernable No-Go Zones across Europe.
But President Obama is not alone in his denial, European media and political class is unwilling to acknowledge the problem of Islamic radicalisation in their towns and cities.
Belgium not cooperating with US on counter-terror efforts, official says
Shortly after last November's attacks on Paris by a Brussels-based Islamic State cell, a top US counter-terrorism official traveling in Europe wanted to visit Brussels to learn more about the investigation.
When the official tried to arrange meetings, however, his Belgian counterparts were not welcoming, according to US officials familiar with the events. The Belgians indicated it was a bad time to speak to foreign officials as they were too busy with the investigation, said the officials, who asked not to be identified.
Belgian officials declined to comment on the incident.
The brush-off was one small sign of mounting US frustration over Brussels' handling of its worsening Islamic militant threat.
Report: Belgian Muslims Refuse to Help Police Find Terrorists
Police meanwhile are running into a brick wall because Muslims in the towns of Molenbeek, and also nearby Schaerbeek, where the bomb factory used by the el Bakraoui brothers is located, simply refuse to help.
During a recent raid near the Ahl Allah mosque following the Brussels attack, police were met not with cooperation, but rather, hostility. They were verbally assaulted and taunted by throngs of angry young Muslim men.
"There is no terrorist on this street. The police are making it up to make Muslims look bad," said 27-year-old Mohammed.
Purim party canceled, Haredi rockers give Belgian Jews a private show
When they boarded a plane for Belgium on Monday, the Haredi pop stars Gil and Arie Gat were on a mission to bring extra cheer to one of the world’s happiest Jewish events: Purim in Antwerp.
The brothers from Eilat, who became unlikely celebrities in Jewish circles worldwide following their 2013 appearance in the Israeli version of “American Idol,” were scheduled to perform at a concert that would’ve kicked off Antwerp’s famous Purim street celebrations, which non-Jews call Jewish Carnival.
But as the Gats were tuning up for a sold-out show in Antwerp, home to 12,000 Haredi Jews, terrorists killed at least 31 people in a series of bombings at Brussels’ airport and a subway station. The attacks plunged a grieving country and its Jewish community into lockdown. All gatherings were canceled as authorities instructed residents to stay indoors.
But that didn’t stop Arie, 51, and his younger brother Gil, 41, from completing their mission.
 BBC News alleges racial discrimination in Israeli airport security
There is of course no basis to Symonds’ crude allegation of racial discrimination and in fact a CIA report apparently instructed personnel that:
“Security personnel at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, commonly refer military-aged males traveling alone with backpacks to secondary screening, regardless of their nationality or skin color,” the report notes. “Israel’s security personnel focus on frequent travel to Islamic countries.”
That modus operandi would no doubt sound quite logical to anyone more worried about getting blown up than political correctness but nevertheless, readers of this stocking-filler piece – obviously intended to fluff up the volume of coverage on a particularly busy news day – went away with the inaccurate notion that security checks at Israel’s main airport depend upon the colour of one’s skin.
Brother of Brussels bomber won a taekwondo title in Israel
The older brother of suspected Islamic State terrorist Najim Laachraoui -- who reportedly carried out the suicide bombing at the Brussels airport and helped plan the Paris attacks in November -- is taekwondo fighter Mourad Laachraoui, who came to Israel last September to participate in the 13th Israel Taekwondo Open Championships 2015, and even took home a gold medal.
The terrorist's family this week condemned his acts, according to The Daily Mail. The father of the family also expressed concern that the terrorist attack will hurt the professional career of older brother Mourad Laachraoui, who is also on the Belgian Olympic team.
Israel Taekwondo Federation President Michel Madar confirmed to Israel Hayom that Mourad Laachraoui indeed won the gold medal in the 2015 Israel championships, but could not confirm whether he was indeed the brother of the suspected Brussels terrorist.
Right furious over distinction between terror in Europe, Israel
Former Foreign Minister and current Zionist Union Co-chairwoman Tzipi Livni has awakened controversy by her remarks differentiating between the terrorist bombings in Brussels and the wave of terrorism Israel has been experiencing for the past six months.
Speaking to Army Radio on Thursday, Livni said that "Islamic State terrorism in Europe is a religious war, whereas the stabbing intifada here [in Israel] is the result of nationalist aspirations."
In the interview, Livni attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying that "the world does accept the prime minister's theory that there is no difference between the terrorism striking Europe and terrorism in Israel."
"Instead of drawing a distinction between the two, he links the Arabs here who take a knife and want to kill Jews to extremist Islamic organizations like the Islamic State. In effect, the prime minister is leading us toward a religious war [in Israel] because he isn't differentiating between extremists and the terrorism that happens here," Livni said.
The FBI Is Apparently Paying an Israel-Based Tech Company $15,278.02 to Crack San Bernardino Killer’s iPhone
The FBI wants Apple’s help to access an iPhone belonging a Rizwan Farook, a terrorist, with “hopes of finding crucial evidence about the December 2, 2015 massacre in San Bernardino, California.” Apple doesn’t want to help the FBI, citing “an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers.” The FBI might not need Apple after all. On Wednesday, Ynet reported that Cellebrite, a Petah Tikva, Israel-based company that specializes in mobile forensics, may in fact be partnering with the FBI to help break into Farook’s iPhone.
According to a contract between the FBI and Cellebrite listed on a U.S. government website, it appears that the partnership between them is true, as it corroborates with Ynet’s report. And how much will Cellebrite, a multi-national, multi-million dollar corporation that is a subsidiary of Japan’s Sun Corp. be getting in return for their services? Well, according to the contract, which was initiated on Monday at 12:29 p.m., Cellebrite will receive $15,278.02. The company lists its Parsippany, NJ, location on the contract, which lasts until January 31, 2017.
The New York Times Mysteriously Erases Israeli Identity of iPhone Forensics Firm
Yet when the news appeared under a New York Times staff byline — that of Katie Benner — in the paper’s print edition, the Israel connection was mysteriously eradicated. Instead, what the newspaper reported was this:
The F.B.I. has tried many ways to get into the iPhone used by Mr. Farook, such as exploiting a previous bug that allowed unsigned code to be loaded and run on the device, Stacey Perino, an electronics engineer with the F.B.I. has said in a court filing in the case.
The F.B.I. also tried tools made by the agency and a mobile forensics company, Cellebrite, which let older iPhones load and run code that could crack a device passcode, Ms. Perino wrote. Cellebrite describes itself on its website as a subsidiary of Sun Corporation, a publicly traded Japanese company; it has done work for a number of government agencies.
Yet none of those tools worked, Ms. Perino wrote in the court document that was filed March 10.

A quick look at the Cellebrite website discloses executives named Yossi, Ron, Alon, Leeor and Amir. None of them appear Japanese. The CFO and the co-CEO both list degrees from Tel Aviv University, which is not in Japan. (As an aside, the Times reference to the March 10 court filing about the failure of the Cellebrite attempt may have been overtaken by new events; there is a federal record of a March 21 purchase order by the FBI with Cellebrite.)
If the “Israel-based” or “Israeli” description of Cellebrite is good enough for wire stories on the Times website, why isn’t it good enough for readers of the print edition, or an article written by a Times staffer? Maybe there’s a good explanation, but without sharing that explanation with readers, the Times’ reluctance to identify the company as Israeli seems strange, as if the newspaper is somehow trying to deny the Jewish state credit for its widely acknowledged technological acumen.
London man arrested for incitement after tweet asking Muslim woman to 'explain Brussels'
A London man was arrested after posting on Twitter about a confrontation that he had with a Muslim woman who he had asked to "explain Brussels," Sky news reported on Thursday.
The tweet, which was posted on Wednesday afternoon, said: "I confronted a Muslim woman yesterday in Croydon. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said 'Nothing to do with me'. A mealy mouthed reply."
Many jumped to criticize the tweet, feeling Doyle's tweet was insensitive following Tuesday's bombings in Brussels, which killed at least 31 people and injured 270.
Israeli Flag Desecrated At Memorials For Terrorist Victims In Brussels
In the first one, a lady wearing a traditional Muslim headscarf was filmed by French television station RTL in Brussels’ Place de la Bourse, where an Israeli flag had been placed at a vigil to more than 30 victims of the bombings.
The woman appears to replace the Israel flag with a larger Palestinian flag, before tearing up the Israeli flag and hiding the pieces out of sight under a banner.
Mourners have been placing flowers, candles and flags to show solidarity with the victims of the attack.
In the second video a man takes a Palestinian flag and places it over the top of an Israeli flag at another memorial site. You can see that video below.
Muslim guy puts Arab flag over Israel's flag at Brussels attack memorial event

Brussels ISIS Fighter: My Dream is to Live in Europe Under Islamic Caliphate
Fusion recently sat down with a former ISIS fighter who was part of the first wave of Europeans to head for Syria to join the Islamic terror organization. Michael Delefortrie is now back home in Brussels serving a three-year probation sentence for his terrorist activities. He is unabashed in his continued support for ISIS and shares his dreams of a future caliphate in Europe, as he wears fresh clothes and an unrepentant grin.
Last year, Delefortrie was convicted in the largest terror trial in Belgian history (the short clip above explains). Despite this conviction, he remains faithful to his Muslim cause:
My dream is to still live underneath an Islamic caliphate, underneath Islamic Law. That's my dream.
He is then asked by Fusion's investigative journalist, "Do you think that's ever going to happen here?"
"In Europe? There will be a day, yes. This is a goal and it's Islamic goal," Delefortrie responded.
UN "Rights" Council on "capacity-building" for terrorists, Bayefsky, March 23, 2016

Four east Jerusalem residents indicted for ISIS-related terror activities
Four residents of east Jerusalem were indicted by The Jerusalem Magistrate Court on Friday for plotting and participating in terrorist activities, providing aid to a foreign terrorist organization and for attempting to illegally exit the country to join a terrorist group.
The four defendants, aged 20-25, had pledged their support to join ISIS. Their radical ideology became action after they established of a study group, which met several times each week and intensely studied the teachings of the Islamic State so they would be prepared to join.
The investigation revealed that the group often praised ISIS and had taught that the Islamic State's practice of Islam is the most righteous way according to Islam. These meetings often took place in the cemetery in the neighborhood of Sur Baher, or in the home of one of the suspects, Lukman Atun. During these meetings, the defendants would watch videos of Islamic State sermons and killings. In addition, the defendants attempted to spread ISIS ideology to others, and had provided counsel to other locals on how they should prepare themselves to leave to Syria.
Radical sheikh: We'll sacrifice our souls for Al-Aqsa
Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the radical Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement which has been outlawed by Israel, is calling on the Muslim public to “give up their souls” for the Al-Aqsa Mosque as Jews ascend the Temple Mount for the upcoming Jewish holidays.
“We will sacrifice our souls and our blood for the sake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” Salah wrote on Facebook, adding, “The Israeli occupation repeatedly threatened to break en masse into the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the coming days during their holidays. And what are we doing about it?”
“May Allah have mercy on those of us who are staying at the Al-Aqsa Mosque day and night during the next few days, or are holding on to it, or come to it, or praying all the morning and night prayers in it,” he continued.
“Shame be on those of us who are watching (what is happening), or are silent about it, or are frozen with fright. Thousands of blessings to those who cling and hold on (to the mosque) and to those who repeatedly say: We will sacrifice our souls and our blood for the sake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque,” wrote Salah.
Palestinian Sheikh Calls for Annihilation of Jews, “Most Despicable of Allah’s Creatures”
A Palestinian sheikh called Jews “the most despicable of Allah’s creatures” and urged their annihilation during an address at the al-Aqsa Mosque that was posted to the internet last week.
Sheikh Ali Abu Ahmad began by slamming a Jordanian plan to install security cameras at al-Aqsa this week. Jordan’s Islamic Affairs Minister said that the cameras will “document all Israeli violations and aggressions,” and that no camera would be placed within mosques. Abu Ahmad rejected this claim, saying that the cameras will instead be used “to monitor the Muslims who confront the Jews, so that they can be arrested by the Israelis, by the Jordanians, or by the Ramallah Authority of Disgrace.”
“The Al-Aqsa Mosque has been suffering under occupation ever since the defeat of the Caliphate in Istanbul,” he added. “The Al-Aqsa Mosque is being defiled by the Jews day in and day out.”
Abu Ahmad concluded by praying for the death of all Jews, saying, “Oh Allah, annihilate all the Jews! Oh Allah, enable us to kill them! Oh Allah, make the ground swallow them up, along with their homes!”
Khaled Abu Toameh: Two Palestinians sentenced in Hamas court for spying in Gaza
A Hamas court in the Gaza Strip on Thursday sentenced two Palestinians to 12 and 15 years in prison for spying for the Palestinian Authority.
The two, Sami Nisman and Naim Abu Ful, previously served as officers in the PA security forces in the Gaza Strip.
Nisman, who received 15 years in prison, carried the rank of general in the PA’s General Intelligence Force. Abu Ful (who was sentenced to 12 years) was a major in the PA’s National Security Force. The two were sentenced by a Hamas “military court,” which found them guilty of “breach of public order.”
The two officers were part of what Hamas described as a PA-engineered conspiracy to instigate unrest and instability in the Gaza Strip.
Operation to rescue Yemeni Jews was 2 years in the making, son says
Manny Dahari had been working from America for two years with the US State Department and Jewish Agency to get his family out of Yemen — and this week he succeeded.
On Sunday night, 17 members of the Yemenite Jewish community were brought to Israel from the civil war-stricken country, a few days after two other Yemeni Jews arrived.
Many of the details about their escape are still being kept secret, Dahari told The Times of Israel over the phone. According to Saudi sources, however, the Houthi rebels who controlled the area where the family lived were bribed to allow safe passage for the 19 Jews.
From the Houthi-controlled city of Sanaa and the nearby village Raydah in western Yemen, the 19 Jews flew to Amman, Jordan and then to Israel, the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported.
“I’ve known about it all along, but I wasn’t 100 percent sure of when,” Dahari said.
Dahari had been working closely with the Jewish Agency to help orchestrate the move. Today, the 22-year-old studies marketing and political science at Yeshiva University in New York, he said.
“Over the past month we’ve tried maybe four times. Three times we failed, and this time it finally happened,” he said. “I’m just so relieved right now. I know that they’re safe,” Dahari said.
Report: Yemen imprisons two for helping smuggle out Torah
The Yemeni government reportedly has imprisoned a Jewish man for allegedly helping smuggle a historic Torah scroll out of the war-torn country and into Israel.
The man and a Muslim airport worker were arrested for their suspected roles in moving the more-than-500-year-old sefer Torah, of which the government claims ownership, the London Jewish Chronicle reported Thursday.
According to the Chronicle, the two are believed to have been arrested after local authorities saw media coverage of Sunday’s covert airlift of 19 Yemeni Jews that was carried out with the assistance of the Jewish Agency and the US State Department. The coverage included photos of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reading the Torah scroll with the rabbi of the newly transplanted community.
Religious leaders reportedly are worried the unnamed Jewish prisoner is being tortured, Israeli-American businessman Moti Kahana told the Chronicle.

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