Sunday, November 16, 2014

From Ian:

Netanyahu accuses Abbas of violating pledge to calm tensions in Jerusalem
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas must halt his anti-Israel propaganda, so that calm can be restored to Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet on Sunday during its weekly meeting.
“Abbas must stop the incitement that leads to violence,” Netanyahu said, explaining that the PA’s official media had called for a day of rage on Friday.
It’s an act, he said that violates the pledge that Abbas made just one day earlier in Amman to take immediate steps to restore calm to Jerusalem.
"On Thursday I met in Amman with King Abdullah and US Secretary of State John Kerry. We called for the restoration of calm and quiet as well as an end to incitement and violence. I said there that you can not stop the violence if you do not stop the incitement that leads to violence,” Netanyahu said.
Propaganda by radical Islamists and the PA is one of the roots of the militant passion against Israel, Netanyahu said.
Blood libel
The "Al-Aqsa is in danger" blood libel and the false stories of Israeli plans to allow Jewish worship on Temple Mount are the fuel propelling this latest wave of violence and terrorism. This is the view of the Shin Bet and Police, and is also plainly evident to those who have monitored the situation closely.
Mahmoud al-Habash, the Palestinian minister of religious affairs, has in recent years taken an active part in spreading this lie. Two weeks ago he promised that "when Jerusalem will be the capital of Palestine, the Jews will be permitted to ascend the Temple Mount as guests."
Earlier this year, though, Habash did his best to lend credence to the lie. "There are systematic plans, gradual plans prepared by Israel, and the Israeli government supports this and the Israeli army defends it, and its goal … is not dividing the Al-Aqsa mosque. … The goal is to remove the Al-Aqsa mosque … as a final goal."
Israel's problem is that this lie, which is rooted in religious sermons, has now taken on clear political and nationalistic connotations, which in turn allows it to burrow into the hearts of the Muslim masses around the world, including the Arabs of east Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and Israel proper. Many people there believe wholeheartedly that Al-Aqsa is indeed in danger, and that the State of Israel is indeed acting to destroy the mosques. (h/t Bob Knot)
PA and Fatah call for "blood" in Jerusalem and glorify terrorist murderers
The Palestinian terrorists who have killed several Israelis during the last few weeks in Jerusalem are being presented as heroes by both the Palestinian Authority and Fatah.
On official PA TV, Fatah official Muhammad Al-Biqa'i from Lebanon sent blessings of "praise and esteem" to Al-Shaloudi (terrorist who killed 2), Mutaz (terrorist who attempted to murder Rabbi Yehuda Glick) and Ibrahim Al-Akari (terrorist who killed 2). He then honored the murderers for heeding the call that "Jerusalem needs blood to purify itself of Jews":
Fatah glorifies 8 suicide bombers and hijacker Dalal Mughrabi

Fatah and PA TV honor Dalal Mughrabi, terrorist who led attack killing 37

Netanyahu announces support for 'Jewish state bill'
An initiative giving Israel's status as a Jewish State legal weight received Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's support Sunday, ahead of a vote on the bill in the Ministerial Committee for Legislation.
"The judiciary, which recognizes Israel's democratic side, will also have to recognize that Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish People," Netanyahu said at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting.
The prime minister vowed to push the bill forward, but said it must undergo many changes.
"In the end, we will make it clear that Israel is the Jewish nation-state, while promising equal rights to all its citizens," he added.
The "Jewish state bill" submitted by coalition chairman Ze'ev Elkin (Likud) for ministerial approval ahead of votes in the Knesset is one of several incarnations of proposed constitutional provisions meant to define Israel's national character in recent years.
Dr. Einat Wilf - Fundamentals of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Liberman: Israel will keep building in East Jerusalem
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman told his German counterpart Sunday that Israel will not put restrictions on building in East Jerusalem and criticized attempts to link Israel-EU relations with the Israeli-Palestinian situation.
“We will never accept the definition of building in Jewish neighborhoods of East Jerusalem as settlement activity,” he said, according to a statement from the Foreign Ministry. “We will not accept any restrictions on construction in Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem.”
Referring to an upcoming meeting of EU foreign ministers scheduled for later this week, Liberman warned that linking Israel-EU relations with the peace process “does not contribute to stability, normalization or strengthening ties between Israel and the Palestinians.”
Backlash after Tibi Claims Muslims 'Own' the Temple Mount
Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) fired back at MK Ahmed Tibi (Balad) Sunday, after Tibi stated that Muslims were the "true owners" of the Temple Mount.
"[Tibi] is cocky, a traitor and a liar," Katz stated Sunday. "The Temple Mount has been a Jewish historical site for nearly 3,000 years, and is under Israeli sovereignty."
Katz further blasted the MK after it was revealed that Tibi would be ascending the Temple Mount despite his remarks.
"Beyond that, why is Ahmed Tibi permitted to do what other MKs cannot?" Katz asked. "We must separate freedom of worship from freedom of incitement and remove Tibi from the Mount."
MK Nissan Slomiansky (Jewish Home) also condemned the decision to let Tibi ascend to the Mount.
"Tibi apparently hasn't internalized that the true owners of the Mount have returned home," Slomiansky fired. "This falsification of history is a malignant disease, and saying [false history] a thousand times doesn't make it reality. It is important for MK Tibi to remember that he is the Deputy Speaker for the Knesset and not for ISIS."
EU Again Making ‘Dire Threats’ Against Israel
A confidential document has allegedly been distributed amongst the 28-member European Union states outlining various ways to punish Israel if the Jewish State dares to continue taking steps that might make more difficult the EU’s desired two-state resolution of the Arab-Israel conflict.
The document was not released to Israel or its official representatives, but threats about it have been screamed from the rooftops and headlines.
Whether the document actually exists or not, those threats have already been made loud and clear in many prior “leaked” documents or descriptions of plans.
It should come as no shock to anyone that the threats spawned by the failed ‘peace process’ are all directed at Israel. Neither the Hamas terrorist organization or the Palestinian Authority, the leader of which has been calling for a Third Intifada, have so much as had a tiny European pinky waved at it. Only Israel is threatened.
The mouthpiece of the EU in Israel, Haaretz, dutifully reported the clandestine move to slap Israel.
King of Sweden congratulates ‘State of Palestine’ on its ‘National Day’
It marked the first time a European monarch officially hailed the Palestinians’ unilateral declaration of independence in 1988.
“On the occasion of the National Day of the State of Palestine I wish to convey to your Excellency my best wishes for your health and happiness and for the prosperity of the people of the State of Palestine,” Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden wrote in a letter to Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority and chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization.
The Palestinians consider November 15 their national day because on that day 26 years ago the Palestinian National Council under Yasser Arafat declared independence for the “State of Palestine” within the 1967 lines.
Muslim Gangs Continue Terrorizing Neighborhoods, Police Powerless As Violence Escalates
The situation in the gang-controlled no-go zones of Sweden is deteriorating rapidly. Following the police report conceding the areas to the primarily Muslim immigrant gangs, the Swedish ambulance union is now demanding military grade protection gear to enter the no-go zones.
There have been a number of violent incidents lately, where thugs attack ambulances responding to calls in the zones. Thugs have slashed the tires of the ambulances, smashed their windshields and hurled large rocks from overpasses, while the paramedics themselves are subjected to both armed and unarmed physical violence on a regular basis. The situation has become so dire that the ambulance union now demands dramatically improved protection for its members.
“We need the paramedics to be prepared when entering these hot zones,” said union leader Henrik Johansson in an interview with Dagens Medicin magazine on Tuesday. “They need riot helmets, bulletproof vests, shin guards and holsterpacks. That’s the equipment needed to work in this environment. Of course, they also [need to be] equipped with gas masks.”
Firefighters face a similar situation. The gangs amuse themselves by setting fire to something — a container, a car or a school — and ambush the firefighters responding to the call.
Emergency personnel now routinely request police escort before entering the no-go zones. Unfortunately, police are stretched thin and often lack the manpower to meet every request. Cars are torched practically every day in the ghettos, and Sweden holds the unflattering world record for the highest number of school fires.
Yehuda Glick is Not a “Militant”
We have previously written about the media’s use of the term “right-wing” to describe Rabbi Yehuda Glick, who was the victim of an attempted assassination for advocating for freedom of worship on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Now, the International Business Times goes even farther by labeling him a “militant.”

What makes the label even more grotesque is that the term “militant” is the one favored by most of the Western media to describe terrorist groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and even ISIS.
So now the same word is being used to describe the victim of a terrorist as well as the terrorist.
Last Week in Israel: 240 Terror Attacks, 23 Wounded, and 2 Dead
A very long list of over 240 Arab terror against Jews in Israel last week
Hakol Hayehudi lists over 240 terror attacks, 23 wounded, and 2 dead in their list of terror attacks over the past week:
Thursday, November 13, 2014
22:35 Arabs threw stones at vehicles near Anata (Hatzalah Yehuda v’Shomron)
21:54 Arabs threw stones at vehicles on Route 446 near the village of Luban Benjamin West, damaged (Tazpit News Agency)
21:22 Arabs threw stones at vehicles near the village to El Arub in Gush Etzion (Hatzalah Yehuda v’Shomron)
More Demolished Graves Discovered on Mount of Olives
Nachi Eyal, who visited the Mount of Olives (Har Hazeitim) in Jerusalem today was shocked to find a number of desecrated gravestones.
“I was shocked to see the vandalism done to the tombstones on Har HaZeitim when I visited. I call on the Israeli government to repair the broken tombstones, and to return safety and security to Har HaZeitim”, said Nachi Eyal to Tazpit News Agency.
Tazpit News Agency attempted to clarify from the Director of Jewish Cemeteries in Jerusalem if the destruction was recent or left over from a previous vandalization, but no clarification was received by the time of publication.
Truck Attack Foiled in Samaria
A serious car terror attack was narrowly averted Sunday morning, after a Palestinian terrorist stole a truck and attempted to ram it into police.
The Central Police District first began following the stolen truck as it made its way east on Highway 55.
Officers mobilized the Samaria central checkpoint to apprehend the thief - setting up a makeshift post on the main traffic thruway leading from Kfar Saba, in the west, to Shechem (Nablus) in Samaria, in the east.
As the truck approached, however, it began careening toward the police officers. In seconds it became clear that the driver had no intention of slowing down, and an officer fired a few warning shots into the air.
The tactic worked, partially; the driver immediately braked and began to flee on foot, with police officers trailing behind. After a few minutes, police successfully apprehended the driver, arresting him.
Khaled Abu Toameh: Hamas says Abbas refusing to hold Palestinian elections due to fear of defeat
Addressing Hamas supporters during a rally in the Gaza Strip’s Shati refugee camp, Zahar accused the PA of working to prevent an intifada against Israel.
“Abbas is facing a real crisis,” Zahar said. “He is facing a political crisis after failing with his statehood bid at the United Nations and his inability to halt settlement construction in the West Bank and Jerusalem.”
Zahar said that Hamas was prepared to contest elections, but “Abbas is afraid of holding them because he fears the results.”
He accused Abbas of seeking to disarm Hamas and other armed groups in the Gaza Strip.
“Any weapons that are directed toward the fighters are corrupt weapons,” Zahar said.
He praised the recent terrorist attacks against Israel in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the West Bank, adding that the use of vehicles to run over Israelis was a “Palestinian invention.”
Zahar’s remarks are a sign of the growing tensions between Hamas and Fatah despite the talk of “national unity” and “reconciliation” between the two parties.
Abbas' advisor: Fatah and Hamas agree about "liberating Palestine" (i.e., all of Israel)

"All of occupied ‎Palestine... will ‎return to us one day‎" - PA TV host of kids' program

Coveted Refugee Status Bequeathed To Children (satire)
A resident of this embattled neighborhood of Damascus died at the hands of an insurgent sniper this morning, leaving his four children the envy of millions of other refugees worldwide. Whereas the refugees from other conflicts are absorbed by various countries as citizens, the refugees from the various Palestine conflicts enjoy the unparalleled privilege of passing down their refugee status in perpetuity, never having to relinquish their enviable, stateless position.
Samr Abu Ramzi, 36, ventured into the rainy alleys of the camp after daybreak, hoping to find the smuggler with whom he had planned a rendezvous, to secure a few days’ worth of onions, flour, perhaps some toilet paper. But the unexpectedly plentiful rain had made the dirt alleyways impassably muddy, and Abu Ramzi was forced out into the open, where a gunman felled him with a single shot to the chest. The Abu Ramzis will go hungry, but they, like their father, will remain under the auspices of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, or UNRWA, which is charged with keeping the Palestinian refugees of the 1948 and 1967 wars and their descendants cared for until their situation can be resolved, rescuing them from the terrifying prospect of becoming citizens with full rights in some other country.
 JPost Editorial: Hamas’s riches
In December 2013, the European Court of Auditors could not account for a whopping €400 million of the aid the EU earmarked for the Palestinian Authority and Gaza, he noted. This money is missing, and it is anyone’s guess in whose hands it ended up and for what nefarious purposes.
Gericke added that this month the Court of Auditors found that 2.6 percent of the EU’s budget for “external relations, aid and enlargement” was misused. There’s no indication where the money is.
Gericke reckons that if this proportion is applied to the €450m. pledged to Gaza by the EU, it may plausibly (and quite conservatively) be deduced that in due course at least €11.7m. is likely to bolster Hamas’s coffers.
It is no stretch to say that the financial operations of terrorist organizations closely mimic those of organized crime – including protection rackets and extortion.
Hamas official’s Guardian op-ed includes lie that the group is NOT antisemitic
No, an op-ed published in the Guardian on Nov. 14th (Judge Hamas by the measures it takes for its people) was not the first time a Hamas member was granted a forum by the media group.
Over the past couple of years the Guardian has published commentaries by the deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau, Musa Abumarzuq, Hamas’s ‘Prime Minister’ Ismail Haniyeh, their head of international relations Osama Hamdan, and advisor Azzam Tamimi.
However, what stands out in the piece by Ahmed Yousef (senior political adviser to Ismail Haniyeh), which attempts to rebrand the Islamist terror group as a benign democratic political movement, is a claim in the following passage, which follows a risible defense of their (evidently misunderstood) racist charter.
"Were pundits to truly scrutinise Hamas’s actions since its inception, they would find not a single official statement or position that is based on denigrating another faith, certainly neither Judaism nor Christianity. Nor can anyone produce a shred of evidence that Hamas formally encourages prejudice against anyone’s ethnicity."
Though we know by reading public opinion polls that Palestinian society is nearly universally compromised by the acceptance of anti-Jewish bigotry, you don’t need to even burden yourself with fisking the methodologies of such empirical analyses, or to even read the group’s antisemitic founding charter, to familiarize yourself with Hamas’s ‘official’ embrace of the most racist narratives about the alleged danger posed by international Jewry.
Iran Claims Hamas and Hezbollah Have Rockets that Can Strike All of Israel
According to an Iranian general, Hamas and Hezbollah both possess arsenals that “are able now to attack all targets from southern to northern parts of [Israel],” according to a report Wednesday in The Times of Israel.
Citing Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency, the Times quoted Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Sayed Majid Moussavi boasting about the missile arsenals of the two terrorist groups.
“Considering the range of their missiles, they are able now to attack all targets from southern to northern parts of [Israel],” Moussavi said.
Hamas and Hezbollah’s “missile capability includes a vast, but of course hidden, number of Fateh-class missiles,” he said.
Tehran Friday Sermon: Threats to Raze Tel Aviv, Haifa, U.S. Bases to the Ground

IS-allied Sinai terrorists vow to ‘liberate Jerusalem’
Egypt’s deadliest terrorist group, which has pledged allegiance to Islamic State jihadists, branded the regime of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi “Zionist collaborators” and vowed to liberate Jerusalem once it had ousted his government.
Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, which has spearheaded an insurgency in Egypt’s restive Sinai Peninsula and now calls itself the Sinai branch of Islamic State, on Friday claimed responsibility for a suicide attack last month that killed 30 soldiers.
In a video posted on social media, the group showed footage of the attack, including its gunmen shooting dead some of those injured in the bombing at close range, and its seizure of Egyptian army weaponry.
ISIS Blows Up Egypt-Jordan Gas Pipeline
The Islamic State's Sinai Peninsula terror organization, which was named Ansar Bayt al-Makdas until it swore allegiance to Islamic State (aka ISIS), has blown up the pipeline carrying gas from Egypt to Jordan.
The pipeline, which is 1,200 km long, and was built at a cost of $1.2 billion, is used for exporting natural gas to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. In the past, it was repeatedly attacked by Islamist terror groups, until Egypt's gas exports to Israel were halted.
The Islamic State's Sinai Peninsula notified the press that it would not allow gas to be exported to Jordan unless ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi allowed it. It said that the attack was a response to Jordan's participation in the military coalition against ISIS.
Top Egyptian Salafist preacher appears in 12 online porn videos
Our rabbis tell us in Chapter 28 of Avoth d'Rabbi Natan "There is no lasciviousness like the lasciviousness of the Arabs." If you need proof of the correctness of that statement, I would suggest that you look at the Arabic web site Oujda.Portal, where you will currently find links to no less than twelve pornographic videos - some with girls as young as 14 or 15 (last link in French) - featuring top Egyptian Salafist preacher Ahmed Khalil Khairallah.
According to the link in French, the Salafists tried to pay off the spouses and families of the women and girls involved, and when that failed Khairallah fled.
No charges filed yet and no investigation opened, but it's all over the internet....
ISIS claims to behead American hostage Peter Kassig in video
Islamic State militants fighting in Iraq and Syria claimed in a video posted online on Sunday that they had beheaded American hostage Peter Kassig.
The video did not show the beheading but showed a masked man standing with a decapitated head covered in blood lying at his feet. Speaking in English in a British accent, the man says: "This is Peter Edward Kassig, a US citizen."
Reuters could not immediately verify the authenticity of the footage, which appeared on a jihadist website and on Twitter feeds used by Islamic State.
Kassig, a 26-year-old from Indiana, is also known as Abdul-Rahman, a name he took following his conversion to Islam while in captivity.
Briton who beheaded US journalists said hurt in strike
The British Islamic State terrorist known as “Jihadi John” was injured in the US-led strike last Saturday that wounded the organization’s leader, according to reports that reached the UK’s Foreign Office, a British newspaper claimed.
The British government is working to confirm the reports, the Daily Mail reported Saturday night.
‘We are aware of reports that this individual has been injured, and we are looking into them,” the Foreign Office told the Daily Mail.
Former Kuwaiti MP: ISIS Was Created by the Americans, the Iranians, the Jews, and the Arabs

Erdogan: Muslims found Americas first
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday that the Americas were discovered by Muslims in the 12th century, nearly three centuries before Christopher Columbus set foot there.
“Contacts between Latin America and Islam date back to the 12th century. Muslims discovered America in 1178, not Christopher Columbus,” the conservative president said in a televised speech during an Istanbul summit of Muslim leaders from Latin America.
“Muslim sailors arrived in America from 1178. Columbus mentioned the existence of a mosque on a hill on the Cuban coast,” Erdogan said.
Erdogan said that Ankara was even prepared to build a mosque at the site mentioned by the Genoese explorer.
“I would like to talk about it to my Cuban brothers. A mosque would go perfectly on the hill today,” the Turkish leader said.
Emir of Qatar Insinuates: Arab Regimes, Israel, Responsible for Regional Terrorism

United Arab Emirates Designates Two American Muslim Groups As Terrorist Orgs
The United Arab Emirates has officially designated 83 groups as terrorist organizations, including two based in the U.S., the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society.
UAE’s cabinet made the announcement following a meeting on Saturday.
Other groups designated as terrorists include al-Qaida, al Nusra, Boko Haram and the Muslim Brotherhood.
CAIR’s designation is interesting given its high profile here in the U.S.
The group was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case in 2007. Leaders of the Holy Land Foundation were found guilty of aiding Hamas, which the U.S. has designated as a terrorist organization. (h/t Jewess)
Gaza war caused explosion of online hate speech in Europe
The summer war between Israel and Hamas generated an explosion of online anti-Semitic hate speech in several European countries, an international watchdog reported.
The assertion came in a report on 10 European countries released Wednesday by the International Network Against Cyber Hate and the Paris-based International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism — or INACH and LICRA respectively.
German FM: Anti-Semitism has no place in Germany
The Berlin Declaration against anti-Semitism, adopted ten years ago in Europe, was a milestone in the international fight against anti-Semitism. In it, the 55 nations of the Organization for Security and Cooperation condemned anti-Semitism as a danger to democracy, human rights as well as security and cooperation in Europe. And they also expressed their support for concrete operational steps against anti-Semitism at the national and international level.
A key question remains: have we done enough to turn our words of ten years ago into deeds?
Given our history, that’s nothing less than a miracle and a blessing – Jewish life is back at the heart of our society – and that’s where it belongs! That’s a source of happiness, an enrichment for our society, whose true importance many in our own country haven’t yet realised.
And because that is so, I want to be just as honest and just as forthright in the second part of my answer: Anti-Semitism is a stab in the heart of our society! Anti-Semitism goes against our constitution, against our civilization – against everything we believe in and everything we’ve learned!

Therefore, the challenge for today is not just the protection and the rights of a minority, rather it goes to the very heart of our society: there is no place – nor can we allow there to be a place – for anti-Semitism in our understanding of a free, democratic and tolerant Germany.
In Berlin, some muted European ears to US alarm over anti-Semitism
American diplomats expressed grave concern to their European counterparts this week over the rise of blatant anti-Semitism in civil society across the continent – with some parties more receptive than others.
Reaction from the governments of France, Italy and Germany to a spike in hate speech, rioting and attacks against Jews over the summer, coinciding with Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, was “very heartening” to US officials, said Ira Forman, US Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism.
Western European leadership granted “total access” to the Jewish community, speaking out strongly and consistently.
But some of their colleagues from eastern Europe represented in Berlin this week, where the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) met to evaluate a decades worth of efforts to combat anti-Jewish attitudes, appeared less concerned and less willing to mobilize their governments against trends in the public sphere.
Dortmund neo-Nazi party asks for list of city's Jews
A neo-Nazi party from the city of Dortmund has reportedly demanded the city's mayor give them a list of all city's Jews, in an event eerily reminiscent of darker days in Germany's past. Luckily, the mayor refused and slammed the request, passing it on to legal authorities who are working to outlaw the party.
According to different reports, the party, known as Die Rechte (The Right), wrote a letter to Dortmund Mayor Ullrich Sierau through its lone city council member, Dennis Giemsch, requesting to know many Jews live in and around the city, as well as their addresses.
The reason for the request, the letter explained, was 'professional': To be able to give proper treatment to the city's residents, the party said it needed to know the relative size of each faith in the local population to be able to "do its job."
Giemsch reportedly asked the information be given at a city council meeting Wednesday night. Needless to say, his demand was unequivocally refused. They Daily Mail reports the letter was then passed onto the North Rhine-Westphalia interior ministry as part of the ongoing effort to ban the party.
After rabbi stabbed in Belgium, Jewish group calls for more safety of European Jews
A pan-European Jewish organization called on Saturday for European authorities to ensure the security of the continent's Jewish citizens after a rabbi was stabbed and hurt in Antwerp.
“Jews in Europe have lost a normal sense of security that worsens with every attack on Jews and Jewish institutions which are taking place with alarming regularity,” said European Jewish Congress (EJC) President Dr. Moshe Kantor.
While the motives were still unknown behind Saturday's attack in Belgium, Kantor urged political, judicial and law enforcement authorities to take action "to ensure that Jews feel free to walk the streets in the open and live their lives absent of the fear these attacks generate.”
According to initial reports, a 31-year-old Jewish man suffered serious wounds, but was not in a life-threatening condition after an assailant stabbed him in the neck Saturday morning in Antwerp.
Jewish blood cannot continue to flow in the streets of Belgium, Yesh Atid MK says
Razozov recounted d'Elzius's visit to the committee in May, after a shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, in which the ambassador said his government is working to eradicate anti-Semitism.
"I am convinced that there is increased security around Jewish institutions in Belgium, but once again there was a serious act of violence against a Jew in Belgium," the Yesh Atid MK wrote. "A situation in which a rabbi is attacked on Saturday afternoon as he leaves synagogue is unacceptable."
Razvozov wrote that the ease in which a passer-by could draw a knife and slit a Jewish man's throat shows how fragile Belgian Jewry's safety is.
JCC gunman ‘wanted to make damned sure I killed some Jews’
In a first interview since a shooting spree at a Kansas City JCC and Jewish retirement home, unrepentant killer Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. said Saturday that he “wanted to make damned sure I killed some Jews or attacked the Jews before I died.”
The long-time white supremacist – who was charged with the murder of three people in the April 14 attack in Kansas, none of them Jewish — also told the Kansas City Star that while he regretted killing 14-year-old Reat Griffin Underwood, he is proud of rattling the Jewish community, and does not harbor any guilt for killing the other “accomplices of the Jews.”
Underwood’s grandfather, 69-year-old physician William Lewis Corporon, was gunned down alongside his grandson. Moments later, Miller shot to death Terri LaManno, a 53-year-old Catholic occupational therapist and mother of two, outside a Jewish retirement complex where she was visiting her mother.
In the weekend interview, Miller explained the decision to commit an attack “for the specific purpose of killing Jews” came after his emphysema worsened.
Urban art adorns anti-terror concrete
The large concrete blocks placed at Jerusalem’s train stations to prevent additional hit-and-run terror attacks have been transformed in recent days into canvases for graffiti art.
Street artists are decorating the fresh surfaces with bright colors and messages of unity on the barriers, which are designed to physically stop terrorists from driving their cars into pedestrians.
The decision to deploy the barriers along Jerusalem’s light rail line came after the most recent hit-and-run terror attack on November 5, which left a Border Police officer and a teenager dead and several other people injured after an East Jerusalem driver steered his van onto the light rail route and into pedestrians.
Dutch family puts its necks on the line
In the face of rising anti-Semitism in the Netherlands, the members of one family are putting their necks on the line to show solidarity with the Jews of their country.
Theo Klopstra and Gerja Warners, who are not Jewish, say they and their daughter decided to wear Star of David necklaces in public because they are “ashamed of what is happening in their country.”
When Warners noticed the uptick in anti-Semitic events, she began to get angry. She told The Times of Israel that Jewish community members are removing the mezuzot from their doorposts and taking off their head coverings in public.
In the Netherlands, a usually accepting society, this type of open discrimination against a specific people made the Klopstra family furious. The Jews, said Warners, “have such an awful history of being hunted, abused, called names, and murdered just for being there.”


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