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From Ian:

WSJ Editorial: Palestinian “Culture of Hatred” is Main Obstacle to Peace
In an unsigned editorial yesterday, the editors of The Wall Street Journal argued that the main obstacle to peace between Israel and the Palestinians is not settlements but “the culture of hatred against Jews that is nurtured by Palestinian leaders.”
Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas condemned the killings, but not without calling for Israel to halt what he called “invasions” of the holy Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Mr. Abbas has previously said the Temple Mount was being “contaminated” by Jews, despite assurances by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque are for Muslim worship only. The Memri news service reports that the Oct. 29 issue of the Palestinian daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida was full of false accusations that Israel is damaging Jerusalem’s holy sites. …
The murders are the worst in a recent spate of Palestinian attacks, which some are calling a third spontaneous “intifada,” or uprising, against Israel. But there are few spontaneous events in a society dominated by armed military factions. The last intifada, after the failure of Bill Clinton ’s peace talks in 2000, was also said to be spontaneous until it became clear that Yasser Arafat was running it.

The Journal’s editors suggest pressuring the Palestinian Authority to abide by its commitment to stop incitement against Israel:
The best way to prevent another intifada is to reassure Israel that the U.S. supports its self-defense, while warning Palestinians that they will never have a homeland as long as they cultivate a society that celebrates murdering the innocent in the name of religion.
The Silence of the Dhimmis
The November 18th murder of five people at Kehilat Yaakov Synagogue in Jerusalem has shocked the world. Two Palestinian men turned a house of prayer into a killing zone.
One group that has remained remarkably silent about the massacre is Christian leaders in Bethlehem, where the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference takes place every even-numbered year under the auspices of Bethlehem Bible College (BethBC).
Christian leaders associated with CATC and BethBC have offered nary a word of criticism of the attack, nor have they condemned Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for the inflammatory remarks he has made prior to the attack. He has referred to Jews who want to visit the Temple Mount as "a herd of cattle," accused them as "contaminating" the Al Aksa Mosque and declared they must be prevented from entering the site "by any means."
Palestinian Christians who routinely (and falsely) condemn Israel for denying Christians access to holy sites in Jerusalem have remained virtually silent about these remarks. And they have not offered a word of condemnation for incitement against "'the rabbis' of the secret societies," that was published in an official PA newspaper a week before the attack.
With their silence, these Christians have demonstrated once again that they are not really the “peacemakers” they claim to be, but are merely propagandists who use the language of peace to condemn Israel and encourage their allies in the West to gloss over the sins of the Palestinians.
Remembering the Mumbai massacre victims (and never forgetting why it happened!!)
Tomorrow is the Hebrew date anniversary of the Mumbai massacre in which Rabbi Holtzberg z”l, Rebbetzin Holtzberg z”l and many, many others were, in 2008, murdered and in which many more were injured. The rampage of terror last for 4 days.
The massacre had nothing to do with a territorial dispute in the Middle East, it was not about Muslim v Jewish rights, it was antisemitic, pure and simple, and that’s what makes the situation in Israel impossible to fix.
Antisemitism did not start in 1948!!! Antisemitism would not disappear if all the Jews were to up sticks and leave Israel now!!!

For some left-wing men, the misogyny of the Islamic State is part of the appeal
Watching the recent footage of Islamic State gang members haggling over the price of captured Christian women in a makeshift slave market — one of them wants a 15-year-old with green eyes, another wants to exchange a girl for a gun — I was reminded that Islamists are at least consistent in their hateful worldview and in a way uniquely honest. Even a terror gang as vile as the IRA tried to keep a lid on the rapes and paedophilia going on within its rancid ranks. But when Amnesty International first claimed in September that Isis were enslaving and abusing ‘hundreds, if not thousands’ of Yazidi women and children, it only took the group a few weeks to admit to the practice in their English language magazine, Dabiq, and breezily post videos of themselves doing just that.
Yet there are still a considerable number of people on the left making excuses for them — mostly at the Guardian, the house magazine of ‘the silly led by the sinister’, as the sainted Christopher Hitchens called the Not In My Name marchers. And with Isis so frank about its own foulness, I’ve come to the conclusion that certain strange types are so sympathetic to Islamism not despite the way it treats women — but, at least partly, because of it.
There are other reasons, of course. The western left has been a busted flush for so long, caught up in its own eternal infighting, that it must feel good to be on a side apparently winning with old-fashioned brute force. Then there’s our old mate paint-chart politics: choose the side with the darkest skin on principle, no matter how their belief systems actually treat people; thus democratic Israel, which gives full civil rights to women and gays, is worse than the countries which surround it, which don’t but are darker. In Darfur, of course, the left were thrown a curveball when it turned out that the Arab Muslims were terrorising the black Christians. Um, Islam good, Christianity bad but hang on, Christians darker here! DOES NOT COMPUTE!
The Dubious Embrace of Palestinian Unilateralism
After all, European lawmakers can hardly have failed to notice the way things have been going. Quite the opposite. Not only are they well aware that twenty years of negotiations have gone nowhere, but they must also have noticed that far from Israel’s territorial concessions advancing peace, these moves have only assisted Palestinian militants in waging war and in the process getting as many of their own people killed as possible. And yet Europe’s politicians don’t seem to care.
Another thing that they can’t have missed, and don’t seem to care about, is what Palestinians have actually done with sovereignty when they’ve achieved it. The brutal theocratic despotism of Hamas in Gaza cuts a pretty chilling impression of what life might be like in a Palestinian state of the future. Yet equally Mahmoud Abbas’s semi-autonomous polity in the West Bank is not only deeply undemocratic, it is also viciously oppressive of its own Palestinian population. And what’s more, rather than use this opportunity for nation building, Abbas and his gang have instead channeled their energies into endless incitement against Israel, the consequences of which we are only now beginning to see borne out with incidents such as this week’s horrific synagogue attack in Jerusalem. As Ruthie Blum pointed out in her recent Israel Hayom column, the way is being paved for Islamic State in Israel.
If European parliamentarians really cared about making peace through two states a reality then they would be doing everything to make it clear to Palestinians that intransigence, incitement, and violence will get them nowhere. Yet having lost interest in such tiresome matters as security and stability for Israelis and Palestinians, Europe’s politicians prefer to champion an abstract notion of “justice,” no matter how many people get hurt along the way.
Five EU Nations Condemn Demolition of Terrorists' Homes
Ambassadors from five major European Union (EU) member states met with the Foreign Ministry's senior diplomat Alon Ushpiz in Jerusalem on Thursday, where they voiced opposition to the demolition of the homes of Arab terrorists.
Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain were the five countries whose consul generals argued that such demolitions, which are meant as a deterrent for future terrorists and a punishment for heinous crimes, are "counterproductive."
The ambassadors also denounced the attack on a Jerusalem synagogue this Tuesday in which four Jews and a Druze police officer were murdered by two Arab terrorists, reports Haaretz citing Israeli officials and European diplomats who were at the meeting.
EU, Foreign Funders Maintain Backing for Radical Israeli NGO’s ‘War Crimes’ Allegations Against IDF
One such organization is Breaking the Silence (BtS), which collects testimonies from soldiers who served in the Disputed Territories during the Second Intifada, claiming that the “testimonies portray a… grim picture of questionable orders in many areas regarding Palestinian civilians [which] demonstrate the depth of corruption which is spreading in the Israeli military… Israeli society continues to turn a blind eye, and to deny that which happens in its name.”
Israeli watchdog NGO Monitor, which tracks foreign support for radical NGOs working the Israeli-Palestinian arena, has just issued a critical report on the international outreach of Breaking the Silence from September 2012 to the present.
“BtS makes sweeping accusations based on anecdotal, anonymous, and unverifiable accounts of low-level soldiers,” NGO Monitor asserts. “These ‘testimonies’ lack context, are politically biased, and erase the complicated reality in the West Bank. In addition, they reflect a distorted interpretation of the conflict in order to advance the political agenda of BtS activists, thereby fueling the international demonization campaign against Israel.”
Pro-Palestinian, Pro-Peace, and Fading Fast
BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray documents the travails of one such group: the American Task Force on Palestine. It was founded in 2003, she notes, to advocate for Palestinian statehood among policymakers. It was self-consciously moderate, attracting political figures (like then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) to its events and associating itself with Palestinian figures like former prime minister Salam Fayyad, a moderate technocrat who hoped to crack down on corruption and bad governance and was driven out of Palestinian politics for his efforts.
Though the group wasn’t awash in money, things were going fairly well for a while, Gray writes. Indeed, though Gray doesn’t go into the political developments in the U.S. during ATFP’s rise, they are significant. George W. Bush publicly pushed for the creation of a Palestinian state early on in his presidency, giving renewed momentum to the idea of two states for two peoples. The Bush administration’s progress included giving Ariel Sharon the support he needed (later rescinded by Barack Obama in a damaging blow to hopes for peace) to withdraw from the entire Gaza Strip and set the stage for even more territorial concessions. By the end of the Bush administration, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was presenting a map and a generous offer of a deal to Mahmoud Abbas.
That’s when the backsliding began, as Abbas walked away from the offer without making a counteroffer. Then Obama came to office and began to dismantle the progress all sides had worked to achieve. Obama and Kerry, the arsonists of the ongoing blaze in Israel and the Palestinian territories, pushed the two sides farther apart, alienated everyone involved, and sided against not just Israel but also the Palestinian Authority whenever Hamas’s interests were at stake. The process, not exactly on the brink of success to begin with, collapsed.
So what happens to groups like the American Task Force on Palestine when the process is at a low ebb?
Noah Browning's Shocking Moral Equation
A tweet posted by Reuters correspondent Noah Browning in the aftermath of the synagogue bloodbath revealed an appalling callousness to the loss of Jewish lives, as well as a shocking obtuseness in his understanding of events.
"Tragedy & hatred abound in Holy Land: last week, torched Qurans in West Bank. Today, blood-smeared Torah in Jerusalem"
This was posted just hours after the savage butchery that left four Jewish worshipers and a young police officer dead and others blind, comatose or severely injured.
Perhaps Browning believed he was revealing an unconventional but clever insight by comparing a damaged Quran, whose burning he unquestioningly attributed to Jews, with a prayer book soaked in blood shed by Palestinian terrorists. But what his outrageous moral equation actually revealed was his own cold-hearted disdain both for Jewish lives and for journalistic integrity.
Perhaps Reuters should reconsider entrusting its coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to a reporter with such lack of judgement and understanding.
Palestinians Butcher Israelis, Wall Street Journal Pivots to Blaming Israel
Mitnick and Casey then engage in revisionist history as they contend that the "current crisis has been in the making since Israel captured the city's eastern districts from Jordan in the 1967 war..." They have chosen a convenient starting point, as the chronology of Arab violence against Jews in Jerusalem in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s apparently doesn't count. Why not point to the ethnic cleansing of Jews from eastern Jerusalem in 1949 as the starting point?
Mitnick and Casey allege that it was the Israeli leader's neglect of Palestinian neighborhoods that is to blame. The incitement to hating Jews and the persistent urging by Palestinian leaders to engage in violence doesn't make it into their account. Nor does praise for the terrorists as "martyrs" from the most influential institutions in Palestinian society matter. In fact, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made a point of praising the attempted assassin of Jewish activist Yehuda Glick as a "martyr." Such topics reside in a black hole that neither Mitnick nor Casey has the inclination to grapple with. It might require them to push beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone in blaming Israeli authorities.
It would be bad enough if these unbalanced articles were presented in an editorial or opinion piece. But what makes Mitnick's and Casey's articles particularly detestable is that their one-sided account is offered under the guise of reporting the news.
The Wall Street Journal can do better.
There's no place for BDS within Australia
The (BDS) campaign, supported by Hamas, calls for the untenable division of the Israeli and Palestinian economies, both of which currently have a significant degree of interaction and will likely continue to do so following the creation of a Palestinian state. Moreover, BDS has been responsible for widespread extremism and virulent anti-semitism.
Last month in South Africa, students supportive of the BDS movement placed the severed head of a pig in the kosher meat section of a Cape Town Woolworths. Others in the BDS movement said it was done with "the good intention of helping the people of Palestine", the same movement that makes an intellectually baseless comparison to apartheid which has been labelled "a malicious lie that does huge damage to the peace process."
Pro-boycott protesters in Sydney earlier this year, objecting to a court order banning them from protesting outside the Israeli Film Festival, attributed the ban to a Jewish conspiracy. Boycotting a film festival will not advance peace, it will only inhibit understanding of different cultures, undermine economic co-operation and promote an extremist, marginal view.
Johnny Rotten, of Sex Pistols' fame, said as much when asked whether he would play in Israel: "I play to people. Jews are people too ... If you alienate the public in that way then anything you do in music is corrupt and utterly politically just confused."
Unfortunately, Australia recently saw a member of the Federal Government endorse BDS. Western Australian MP Melissa Parke broke party ranks, becoming the only member of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party to do so, tabling a petition urging Australia to join BDS.
Israel supporters fight back against the boycotters
The supposedly pro-Palestinian Boycott Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement frequently makes the news with its aggressive and counter-productive antics in stores and on the streets. But supporters of Israel, both Jewish and Christian, are fighting back.
It's a common joke in the pro-Israel community that there are fewer and fewer things that BDS supporters can eat, use or be treated with without infringing their own "never buy Israel" mantras.
BDS purists have (or should have!) banned themselves from using mobile 'phones, receiving the best heart treatments in hospital or enjoying the delights of cherry tomatoes or Medjool dates (both of them yummy as well as healthy and produced in Israel).
Just so BDS supporters can check themselves on their way to go shopping, there's now an app for that. "Am Israel Buy" (a play on the Hebrew phrase "the people of Israel live") is a compendium of Israeli-sourced foods, cosmetics, clothing and even books about Israel; most of which can be ordered online from your 'phone (oops, sorry Mr BDS, you shouldn't be using your Smart Phone with its Isaeli-invented voicemail and SMS).
The Am Yisrael Buy app is available on most mobile platforms, so go buy.
OneVoice at Birmingham University: Pity Britain's Jewish students if this is the best 'pro-Israel' advocacy they hear on campus
One great irony about OneVoice is that it claims to represent both Israelis and Palestinians seeking peace but it has never been able to actually find any Palestinians to really support it. With very few exceptions the OneVoice leadership consists of left-wing Jews. It does, of course, have Palestinian activists 'on the ground' who take part in 'non-violent resistance' but it is mere wishful thinking of OneVoice to believe that these activists support the 2-state solution objective. To them the OneVoice leadership are just another bunch of useful idiots to help them achieve their one-state Palestine solution. However, as Birmingham University students discovered this evening at a UN Society event hosted by OneVoice, it is not just their Palestinian 'activists' who do not really believe in Israel's right to exist. The OneVoice UK representative (a woman with first name Sharon - did not catch her surname) stated that she did not believe in Zionism as she did not think Jews had a right to a homeland. And just to confirm what I said above about the shortage of actual Palestinian leaders of OneVoice the OneVoice Palestine representative who spoke at the meeting was actually ... from Libya!
The biggest irony of all, however, about the event today is that the Birmingham Friends of Palestine society have a long standing policy of not taking part in events with OneVoice since they consider that OneVoice is not sufficiently anti-Zionist for their liking. They claim OneVoice 'legitimizes Israel' (i.e. believes Israel had a right to exist).
Prosecutors: Rasmea Odeh “serially untruthful for decades”
In Rasmea Odeh we have another false and contrived victim narrative spun by the anti-Israel community, including the usual propagandists who frequently appear on campuses.
Indeed, Students for Justice in Palestine is making the supposedly unjust conviction of Rasmea into one of its national campaigns.
Rasmea is now listed in a banner being used on many anti-Israel websites and on Facebook, along with other anti-Israel “heroines,” like Angela Davis.
Nothing illustrates the deliberate delusion and dishonesty of the anti-Israel movement, particularly on campuses, than the narrative of Rasmea Odeh and Palestinians in general as victims, accepting no responsibility for their own actions.
Second UCLA Donor Pledges Funding Cut If Administration Doesn't Condemn BDS
Fred Hecht, a proud graduate of UCLA and UCLA alumni fraternity member, donates regularly to what he calls “one of the finest universities in the country.” He was devastated, however, to learn that just last night the student government at UCLA has passed an 8-2 vote for a resolution telling the university to end all ties with Israeli companies and collaborators. The divestment resolution, BDS, is a shameful campaign led by the anti-Semitic student group, Students for Justice in Palestine, to eradicate and cripple the Israeli economy.
In a letter forwarded to the university, Hecht announced today that he would not donate further funds to the University unless it publicly rejects and condemns the proposed resolution.
Palestine House board member sends an implicit threatening message to pro Israel activists planning to hold a memorial vigil in front of the Palestine House
Dr. Nazih Khatatba, a board member of the Palestine House and an editor of Toronto-based Meshwar newspaper, posted a on his Facebook page an implicit threatening message aimed at the Jewish Defence League (JDL Canada) and pro Israel supporters. After mentioning JDL's planned (memorial) vigil on Sunday (November 23) in front of the Palestine House in Mississauga, Khatatba wrote the following (translated from Arabic): “You are welcome in the Palestine House if you didn't learn the lesson from [your] last visit.”
The words “last visit” refer to the demonstration and vigil for the three slain Israeli Yeshiva (Jewish religious school) students, that was organized (July 3, 2014) in front of the Palestine House by the Jewish Defence League. Supporters of the Palestine House using wooden sticks attacked the Jewish and non Jewish pro Israel protesters, injuring few, including one who was taken to hospital. Following Police investigation, charges were laid against two of the pro Palestinian attackers.
Peter Sellars in the Guardian: “Nobody is allowed to discuss Palestine”
The word “censorship” generally refers to cases where “an instrument of government” uses the power of state to prevent citizens from exercising their right to free expression in the arts, politics or in the media.
Often, however, the debate about this important subject gets blurred by unserious assertions about the West’s supposed ‘creeping descent’ into censorship, sometimes after a theater company or cinema decides not to show a controversial play or film, or merely because the production is the subject of a peaceful protest or mild rebuke.
A Nov. 20 column by playwright Peter Sellars (in the Opera section of the Guardian) calls upon this hyperbolic tradition by conflating mere criticism with outright suppression.
Nasrallah meets with Lebanese Defense Minister as country weighs Iranian arms offer
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah met with Lebanese Defense Minister Samir Moqbel after his visit to Iran last month where he discussed an offer for military aid.
According to a report in the Lebanese Daily Star, Hezbollah’s media office released a statement regarding the meeting, saying they discussed “the latest political and security developments in Lebanon and the region.”
Hezbollah’s senior security official Wafiq Safa also took part in the meeting on Tuesday, said the statement.
The offer of Iranian aid has reportedly caused international opposition, including from the US, as it would violate UN sanctions put on the export of Iranian weapons, said the report.
43 US Senators 'Alarmed' by Reports of Obama-Iran Nuke Deal
In a scathing two-page letter by 43 Republican senators to US President Barack Obama dated this Wednesdasy, the senators, led by Mark Kirk and Marco Rubio, warned that they were "alarmed" by reported plans to bypass Congress and reach a nuclear deal with Iran.
The senators were alarmed at "reports that your administration plans to circumvent Congress and unilaterally provide significant sanctions relief under a comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran.”
US Secretary of State John Kerry insisted Wednesday that the US and Iran would reach a nuclear deal by November 24, indicating the stage may be set for a titanic battle between the Obama Administration and the incoming Republican-majority US Senate on the exact terms of any Obama-Iran nuclear deal.
The IRGC-Affiliated Fars News Agency Reveals What The U.S. Is Demanding In Iran-P5+1 Negotiations
On November 18, 2014, less than a week before the November 24 deadline of the extension of the Iran-P5+1's Joint Plan of Action, Iran's Fars news agency, which is affiliated with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), revealed what the American administration is demanding from Tehran in the nuclear negotiations. According to Fars, the demands are:
- On the issue of uranium enrichment: Iran must cut to 500 kg its reserves of uranium that it enriched to 3.5%, stop enriching uranium at the Fordow facility and transform it into a theoretical research facility, and stop conducting tests of advanced-generation centrifuges. According to Fars, there is now an oral agreement that Iran may maintain a reserve of two metric tons of uranium enriched to 3.5% and that it may operate 4,700 first-generation centrifuges.
- On the plutonium track issue: Iran must switch the heavy water reactor at Arak (i.e. the plutonium track) to a regular reactor generating power using enriched fuel (i.e. the uranium track), and may not conduct research on reusing spent nuclear fuel rods, which would allow it to develop a nuclear bomb on the plutonium track.
- On the missile issue: Iran must restrict the range of its missiles to a maximum of 150 km.
- On the international conventions issue: Iran must join, and ratify, the international nuclear conventions and regulations, that is, the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) and the Additional Protocol of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty allowing snap inspections at every Iranian facility, including military ones.
- On the sanctions issue: The sanctions on Iran will be lifted gradually over a period of up to 30 years.
Vienna Dispatch: Israeli Intelligence Minister Says Iran Has Made No Significant Concessions
Steinitz noted that Iran has made “some minor, cosmetic concessions on secondary issues, but on the core issue of uranium enrichment capability, they made almost no concessions.”
On this issue of enriching uranium and centrifuges, which is the most important issue, the positions of [President Hassan] Rouhani and [Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad] Zarif are not dramatically different from the positions of former president of Iran [Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad and [former chief nuclear negotiator Saeed] Jalili. Both Ahmadinejad and Rouhani insisted that Iran should preserve all of most of its centrifuges for uranium enrichment. Both Ahmadinejad and Rouhani insisted, actually, that Iran will remain a threshold nuclear state also after the agreement.
As Iran Nuclear Deadline Approaches, House Passes Legislation Condemning Regime’s Human Rights Abuse
H. Res 754 highlights the full range of human rights abuses by the Iranian regime. The resolution notes the continued suppression of the basic rights of women and religious minorities, making special mention of the October 15 execution of Reyhaneh Jabbari, “an Iranian woman convicted of killing a man she said she stabbed in self-defense during a sexual assault, an execution preceded by the lack of due process, including a reported forced confession.” Jabbari’s fate, the resolution says, is one particularly pertinent example of “the dramatic rise in executions of Iranian citizens by authorities since the election of President Hassan Rouhani in June 2013.”
Rouhani has been promoted as a moderate by both the Obama Administration and several European governments, in their bid to reach a nuclear deal.
“While Iran pursues its nuclear ambitions with relentless determination, it continues to repress millions of Iranians yearning for basic freedoms,” Royce said after the legislation was passed yesterday. “Today’s resolution stands for the principle that U.S. foreign policy can and must pursue strategic objectives, like the dismantling of Iran’s nuclear program, while promoting democracy and human rights.”
Iran Nuclear Deadline Likely to be Extended Until March
The deadline for negotiating a deal on Iran’s nuclear program may be extended from Nov. 24 to next March due to sharp differences between Iran and world powers, diplomatic officials said.
“Some kind of interim agreement at this point is likely, or perhaps at best a framework agreement by Monday that needs to be worked out in the coming weeks and months,” a Western diplomat told Reuters.
Khamenei frees Iranian blogger who visited Israel
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Thursday pardoned Iranian-Canadian blogger Hossein Derakhshan after six years in prison for spreading propaganda, insulting Islam and cooperating with hostile countries, Iranian media said.
Iranian bloggers credit Derakhshan - a journalist in Tehran before moving to Toronto in 2000 - with launching a blogging revolution in the Islamic Republic by publishing instructions on the subject in Farsi.
No reason was given for Derakhshan's release.
Anti-Semitic Pastor Producing New Hate Film About Jews
Steve Anderson, the pas­tor of Faithful Word Baptist Church, regularly preaches about the evil of the Jews, branding them as bigots, children of the Devil, Antichrists and other anti-Semitic terms. In a perfect storm of conspiracy theorists, the hate-monger has announced he is co-producing the film March­ing to Zion with Paul Wit­ten­berger, a conspiracy-oriented film­maker from Los Angeles.
The ADL reports that the upcoming film will cover a number of subjects, ranging from supposed scriptural evidence that the Jews are no longer God’s chosen people to claiming that Jews will lead the way for the Antichrist. Anderson calls the Talmud “the most wicked, blasphemous work ever written."
The film will also feature Texe Marrs, a Texas-based pas­tor with a lengthy history of anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories.
Anderson den­i­grates Judaism in a number of anti-Semitic You Tube clips designed to publicize the film, one of which is embedded above.
Poll: Gaza conflict sparked sharp rise in German anti-Semitism
The biannual survey on xenophobia in Germany by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation showed broad measures of anti-Semitism on the decline over the past decade, but it also showed a spike in negative views towards Israel and Jews in general between June and September, coinciding with the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.
When asked in September, for example, whether they believed Jews, because of their actions, were partly responsible for their own persecution, 18 percent of respondents agreed, up from less than 8 percent in June.
Just over 27 percent of those surveyed in September said they broadly or fully agreed with the idea that Israel's treatment of the Palestinians was no different than Nazi persecution of Jews during the Holocaust, when six million Jews were murdered.
English soccer club owner faces racism probe for saying Jews 'chase money'
The owner of English soccer club Wigan Athletic was accused of anti-Semitism on Thursday after telling British daily The Guardian that "Jewish people chase money more than everybody else."
Dave Whelan made the comments while trying to defend the hiring of a new manager, Malky Mackay, who himself is currently the subject of a Football Association racism probe.
Mackay had sent texts and emails in which he referred to Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan as a "chink," and said of football agent Phil Smith, "Nothing like a Jew that sees money slipping through his fingers."
Priceline hotel site seeks big data expertise in israel
If you’re guaranteeing the best price on a hotel, you need a lot of math and big data working in the background to ensure that you are not going to be one-upped by a discounter whose cheaper price on a booking might require you to refund some cash., a subsidiary of international travel site Priceline, offers such a guarantee – and to supply the big data and math needed to ensure that the site can produce the right price, Agoda is turning to Israeli talent.
In a LinkedIn posting, Agoda said that it was seeking to hire for its new Tel Aviv “research center of excellence. We are looking for top notch talent to join us. This is a very senior role, where you will be working on some of the toughest challenges within the Data Science team.”
Earlier this year, Priceline acquired Israeli advertising technology start-up Qlika, and was impressed enough with what it found there that it has decided to expand its footprint in Israel, a source in the travel industry told The Times of Israel. “Priceline is looking to invest more in their talent acquisition in Israel for all of portfolio companies,” the source said. “Travel site already has an office here, and Kayak, another travel site, may be next.”
IsraellyCool: George Lopez’s Excellent Israel Adventure
Comedian George Lopez is currently visiting the Holy Land as part of America’s Voices For Israel.
It is great to see George showing support for Israel at this difficult time.
In Israel, ex-Iran militiaman repudiates his blind Jew hatred
A former member of Iran’s Basij militia, who spent his youth attending anti-Israel protests, later enforced strict Sharia laws on Iran’s streets and says he participated in six executions, made an unlikely visit to Israel in what he called a gesture of goodwill to the Jewish people.
Afshin Javid, now a devout Christian convert living in Canada, who left Iran and his family behind several years ago, toured Jerusalem’s Old City and spoke to Channel 2 in a report broadcast on Wednesday.
Javid said he served as a member of the Basij militia, a volunteer paramilitary group subordinate to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and known for their loyalty to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. As a member of the group, said Javid, he and his comrades would strictly enforce Muslim law and would beat up and arrest young men and women they found socializing. “If a girl is talking to a boy, or a boy is talking to a girl, you grab them, arrest them, beat them,” he said.

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