Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Yellow Pepper Becomes Latest Member of Zionist Food Brigade

Guest post by Challah Hu Akbar, aka Challah & CHA


Back in May, “very dangerous” Israeli candy was discovered in the Lebanese town of Ain el-Hilweh.

It now appears that another member of the Zionist Food Brigade has infiltrated Lebanon.
A Lebanese shopper discovered several food items made in Israel in one of Lebanon’s largest retailers Tuesday. While shopping at Spinneys in the coastal city of Sidon, a man, who preferred to remain anonymous, discovered a bag of three kinds of peppers made in Israel. 
He immediately contacted local authorities who in turn contacted the Lebanese Army. Members of military intelligence and police arrived to Spinneys to discover 13 similar bags that have the word “Israel” printed on the sale tag. 
…The case was then referred to the military judiciary for investigation into how the products made it through the customs department at the port or the airport. 
Spinneys had a similar incident almost ten years ago when shoppers discovered mugs made in Israel being sold at the retailer.