Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Work accident!

Islamic Jihad proudly announces the death of Ibrahim Jamil Harazin:

Harazin, 23, of the Shijaia district, was "one of the most prominent Gaza Brigade Mujahadeen" who was "elevated" to be a martyr Tuesday evening during a "jihadist mission."

His brother Majid was also an Islamic Jihad member who was "martyred" in 2007.

Islamic Jihad's military statement said "We in the Al-Quds Brigades gladly accept the martyrdom of this Mujahid, to emphasize that the blood of the martyrs will remain a lamp illuminating the Mujahideen towards the path of honor and dignity, and to move forward in the approach of resistance until the liberation of all of beloved Palestine."

I would like to add my own support for many, many more such martyrs who reach paradise without managing to kill anyone but themselves.