Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Wednesday Morning Links

From Ian:

"An article published this month argues, based on economic and other data, that Israeli Arabs’ standard of living has risen dramatically, while Israeli Arab leaders have increasingly radicalized their community." "Entitled “Israel’s Arabs: Deprived or Radicalized?” the article cites statistical evidence demonstrating that Israeli Arabs have had an increasingly better quality of life since the Jews began settling in large numbers in British Mandate-era Palestine. For this reason, Arabs continued to move to Jewish population centers in order to improve their socioeconomic living conditions."

In 2012, Israel suffered terror attacks on all fronts. Some made headline news around the world. Most of the others you’ve probably never heard about. Here’s our rundown of the major terror attacks in 2012.

"A thesis titled ‘The politicization of the Oslo water agreement’ written by Lauro Burkart a Swiss graduate of the Institute of International and Development studies in Geneva gives a more accurate and impartial picture of the topic of the scarcity of water in the Palestinian Authority."

"I did have a polite discussion with a 23 year old who had just finished studying accountancy. We talked about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Needless to say we disagreed on everything but he did tell me of his future plans. He wanted to leave his family and head to Pakistan to start up a political party that would “bomb the whole of Israel”.

"Palestinian Media Watch has reported how similar libels were voiced by the PA during the PA's terror campaign (the Intifada). In 2003, PA TV viewers were told that Israelis "drop objects from jet planes that attract children to play with them and then they blow up. These are bombs and mines designed as toys."

"The website article in question is the work of a woman who appears to be a seasoned anti-Israel campaigner."

"An Iranian minister breaks ranks with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and admits US-backed sanctions have sliced oil exports by 45 percent – but says the nuclear weapon program continues."

Syrian fighting has returned to an area of Damascus which serves as a camp for people registered as "Palestinian refugees."

Ghoulish work was displayed in a Swedish gallery and later pulled following protests from Jewish groups

"UEFA has begun disciplinary proceedings against Rome, Italy’s Lazio football club for its fan’s “alleged racist behavior” toward British club Tottenham’s fans during a match in Rome in November. The Lazio fans chanted “Juden Tottenham” and held up signs that read “Free Palestine” in an effort to taunt Tottenham’s fans. Tottenham is an historically Jewish neighborhood in London and has a large Jewish fan base."

Both national teams to pay fines, play in empty stadiums as a disciplinary measure

Jewish students' union takes issue of anti-Semitic tweets to Paris court after Twitter refuses to hand over details of account holders.

The son of immigrants from Iran, Siavosh Derakhti recently won an award for his efforts to promote tolerance and educate about the Holocaust

In 2011 an amazing 40% of Israel’s GDP was based on exports, and the president recognized some of the country’s biggest exporters at a ceremony

"Israeli tech startups were bought out for a record total of $5.5 billion in 2012, according to a report published Monday. The report also suggests a maturity in the Israeli sector with fewer, but larger, deals transacted.  The report by analysts Pricewaterhouse Coopers showed 2012 had 50 deals with an average deal size of $111 million, compared with 63 deals with an average size of $81 million in 2011. The report didn’t cover IPOs."