Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Video: Rockets, Rifles and Axes in Fatah Rally

Guest post by Challah Hu Akbar, aka Challah & CHA


A video posted online shows dozens of veiled men taking part in a march marking 48 years since Fatah's inception. The men are seen marching at the Dheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem carrying knives, axes, clubs and rifles. 
Two men were also seen carrying a rocket model. Palestinian security forces were not present at the scene. The march was a rare sight in the West Bank which has seen very few Fatah rallies in the past few years. 
It is possible that the Palestinian security forces were aware of the march but decided to "turn a blind eye." In the past, the forces prevented similar rallies both by Fatah and Hamas.
Meanwhile, according to a new report from Palestinian Media Watch, Fatah Facebook pages are inciting terror against Israel and its citizens. The report only appears in Hebrew as of now, but Israel Hayom has an English summary.