Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Saudi cleric says elections are forbidden

Saudi cleric Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Nasser Al-Barrak has forbidden democracy.

He said "the system of elections is a corrupt system that is not legitimate for Muslims... It is an exotic idea from the enemies of Islam because of their occupation of their land."

He Barrak, who often stirs debate his views, that things function on the sanctity of the election "incorporates the imitation of the kuffaar .. That understanding يرضونه us and calling us to him and rejoice with our approval for them when, as it is based on propaganda and vote buying and false claims."

He also said that voting is an "imitation of the kuffar (infidels)."

Presumably, he believes that he is the one person qualified to determine who the leaders of a nation should be.

The sheikh has also called for the death of women who drive a car in Saudi Arabia.