Saturday, January 05, 2013

Saturday Night Links

From Ian:


Is there any basis for comparing Northern Cyprus to the situation with the West Bank? "A number of glaring differences stand out. First, Israel entered the West Bank in a war of self-defense in 1967 when it faced an Arab war coalition that was massing forces along its borders. In contrast, the circumstances of the Turkish invasion were very different. Turkey did not face imminent attack from Cyprus, but rather was concerned with intercommunal tensions in Cyprus.  Second, there was no established sovereignty in the West Bank in 1967 that Israel violated; there was no Palestinian state while Jordan's claim to sovereignty was rejected by most of the international community except for Britain and Pakistan. Moreover, there were earlier Jewish rights under the British Mandate, which never expired. Looking at the Cypriot case, prior to the Turkish invasion in 1974, the Republic of Cyprus was the undisputed sovereign over the entire island, including the area of Northern Cyprus."

'The UN upgrade resolution has neither created a Palestinian state nor granted any kind of statehood to the Palestinians "Thus, any references in all of the many UN resolutions to “occupied Palestinian territories” are nothing more than an irresponsible prejudgment of an issue that has been agreed between the Palestinians and Israel to be settled in negotiations between the two nations. It is indicative of nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of those states voting in favor of it. Such resolutions have not determined and cannot determine the sovereignty of the areas in question or the state or authority to which such areas belong."

“Hamas could take over the Palestinian Authority any day, which is why we need solidified defense agreements and a diplomatic accord that ensures the recognition of Israel as the state of the Jewish people, and a [Palestinian] declaration of the end of the conflict,” Netanyahu said Jan. 3.

The Temple Mount is not in our hands. The Muslim wakf continues to damage antiquities and archeological artifacts as authorities remain helpless to prevent it. Entire Jewish, Muslim and Christian histories are being brutally dumped in garbage sites.

100,000 join anniversary celebration in Hamas-controlled Strip, signaling growing detente between Palestinian rivals

"Father Nadaf believes Israel serves as an anchor for its Christian minority and cares for its security, and from this he derives his commitment towards Israel. Since his excommunication from the Council, which is headed by Dr. Azmi Hakim, a member of the Israeli Communist party, he has been forced to move around with bodyguards."

"Every January, people around the world take stock of themselves and resolve to improve in the new year, vowing to break bad habits and form good ones. In 2013, CAMERA would like news media to do the same and we suggest the following 13 for '13..."

The Islamic Jihad terrorist group vows to fight Jews if they return to Egypt in the wake of remarks by Muslim Brotherhood official. "The Islamic Jihad terrorist group has vowed to fight Jews if they return to Egypt, saying they deserve to be killed, the Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm reported Thursday."

Bilateral trade between China and Israel totalled $8 billion (5 billion pounds) in 2011, according to Israel's Foreign Ministry. "Chinese have invested $3 billion in Israeli companies to date. The biggest investment was the $1.4 billion acquisition of 60 percent of MA Industries, the world's largest maker of generic crop protection chemicals, by China National Chemical Corp (ChemChina) in late 2011."