Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Of course you are equal" Jordanian leader tells second-class Palestinian Arabs

From Ammon News:
Palestinian refugees are an important segment in Jordanian society and have equal rights and obligations, Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour said on Tuesday, calling on them to join forces with the state in the reform process and participate in upcoming parliamentary elections.

"We are all Jordanians under the constitution and our decisions and orientations should be united for the aspired reform and modernization process in our dear country," he told refugee camp leaders and embers of services committees.
If they are fully equal Jordanian citizens, then why are they considered "refugees"? Why do they still live in "refugee camps" over six decades after becoming citizens of Jordan? Why can they not be finally mainstreamed into Jordanian society as truly equal citizens?

And why are no Arabs, Palestinian or otherwise, even asking these questions?