Friday, January 18, 2013

Max Blumenthal lies, again

Ha'aretz on March 22, 2006, reported:
Police and the Shin Bet security service foiled a suicide bombing yesterday that was planned for the Tel Aviv region. After a dramatic chase, police stopped a commercial vehicle carrying the suspected suicide bomber and eight other Palestinians near Kibbutz Sha'alvim, on Route 1, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. Police said that the suspect, an Islamic Jihad activist from the Jenin area, was carrying a bag containing between five and seven kilograms of explosives.

The Islamic Jihad network in the northern West Bank claimed responsibility for the planned attack. That network has been responsible for the last seven suicide bombings, which killed 26 Israelis.
Here is a AP photo taken after the high speed chase when Israeli special forces stripped and handcuffed the suspects:

Now, seven years later, Max Blumenthal tweets:

Blumenthal is implying that this is how Israel's border police act all the time. And he has dozens of worshipful fans who believe every lie he spouts.

Blumenthal pretends to be a journalist, but even if he was not aware of the provenance of the photo, any journalist worth the title would do a tiny amount of fact checking. And any newspaper who employs a reporter who tweets something so outrageous without checking would fire him on the spot.

This all just goes to prove, yet again, that the Israel-haters care not one whit about telling the truth.

(h/t Huffington Post Monitor via Ian)