Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jordanian writer looking forward to final battle between Muslims and Jews

In Ammon News, Asaad Aezzona uses last week's flooding to lament the sorry state of the Jordan River - and he naturally blames Israel wholly for its problems. (Of course, he doesn't mention that Jordan and Syria have diverted the Jordan's headwaters into their territories.)

Sometimes, though, you can learn more about how people think from their throwaway lines than from their main points. Aezzona writes:
[The Jordan] is also the crossing used by the invaders to Palestine who were often vanquished. Therefore, we find the ground of the Jordan teeming with treasures buried by these invaders and fugitives, and [the river] will witness, God willing, the battle between Jews and Muslims.

(The author also notes that the Jordan was never a national boundary until the British made it one. This pretty much buries the myth of "historic Palestine" but the author does not think about that.)