Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Israel gives prisoners dog medicine"

Last week, Arabs Today came up with a new one:

A campaigner for the human rights group, the Hurriyat Centre has accused Israeli prisons of treating Palestinian prisoners who fall ill with dog medicine. In a statement Ibtisam Annata, a lawyer at the Centre said a prisoner had told her that he suffered with back pain during his detention in Raymond prison prompting the doctor in charge to prescribe him with medicine used to treat dogs.

He continued to take it for several years. Other inmates revealed that many of them had been prescribed the same medicine by prison doctors. Annata condemned the practice as “inhumane” and accused the doctors of“punishing and torturing the prisoners with a slow and painful death.”She added that she feared the prisoners put their lives at further risk by exposing these crimes to the media.
No worries on that last point, Ms. Annata. The only "media" to pick up on this laughingly stupid story was - you guessed it - Mondoweiss, where any anti-Israel rumor is swallowed and regurgitated no matter how obviously made up.

The website for the Hurryyat Center does not have this story, although it has plenty of unverified stories about how terrible things are in Israeli prisons. I'd love to hear a statement from them on this.

(h/t Dan)