Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm sorry. Egyptians are just nuts.

Even the opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood are crazy anti-semites.

In 2011, a major library/document archive in Cairo was burned down during the protests. The Institut d’Egypte was founded by Napoleon in 1789.

Now, one of the opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood is claiming that the MB as behind the fire.

The reason?

Because the Muslim Brotherhood loves the Jews!

Yes, the same MB that spouts anti-semitic rhetoric is also a lover of Jews, if you are a crazy Egyptian opponent of the Ikhwan.

Dr. Tharwat Kherpauy (notice how they are always doctors?) said that the MB burned the building down because it had records of the Jews of Egypt willingly selling their land, houses and companies to Egyptians for pennies on the dollar before they left - again, voluntarily - their homeland in the 1950s and 1960s.

Now that the records are gone, the MB is allowing their Jewish friends to flock back to Egypt and claim that their property was stolen, not sold! And the poor honest Egyptians will have no defense, because the records that would prove them wrong are up in smoke!

The logical gaps in this theory are large enough to sail an aircraft carrier through. But that doesn't stop the opponents of the Brotherhood from saying them, publicly, without embarrassment.

And notice the common denominator: in Egypt, if you want to discredit your opponents, you simply claim that they love the Jews.