Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday links

From Ian:

Latma: Yuval Diskin tells all and the Left's game of trust

Jews from Arab lands: Turning back the wheels of history
"Until quite recently, the issue of Jews from Arab lands was all but absent from the public agenda and in the Israeli media. Few remember the terrible tragedies suffered by Jews in Arab countries — Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Iraq. Their disaster has been nearly forgotten. It is not taught properly in schools, not discussed enough in the media, not commemorated by any official state mechanism and, until recently, was not mentioned in any international contexts.
Arab propaganda was able to conceal the population exchanges between Israel and Arab countries during the 1948 War of Independence from international discourse. Arab propaganda argues the validity of the right of return for Palestinians who fought against Israel, some of whom fled for their lives for fear of what might happen had they stayed. It has managed to instil in the public's perception, on a global level, that the Palestinian Nakba was the only tragedy that took place at the time of the state's establishment."

"Democracy is Forbidden in Islam" by Khaled Abu Toameh
"It now remains to be seen whether the Salafi Jihadists will resort to violence to prevent or foil the parliamentary election. Jordanian security officials have expressed deep concern over the radical movement's involvement in the civil war in Syria. Dozens of Jordanian Salafis have crossed the border to join various Islamist terror groups waging Jihad [holy war] against Syrian dictator Bashar Assad's regime.
The Jordanians' biggest fear is that when the Salafis are done with Syria, they will intensify their efforts to turn the kingdom into an Islamic state."

PLO Office in DC Open Despite Legislation Deeming it Illegal
US State Dept. has decided to keep PLO office in Washington open for another six months, despite legislation deeming it illegal.

Terrorists Restocking Arsenal to Pre-Operation “Pillar of Defense” Levels, Officials Say
“Organizations in Gaza are working hard to restock their weapons arsenal through generous assistance from Iran,” a senior officer in the Southern Command told Channel 2 according to a translation.
“Through the tunnels of the Sinai border of Gaza come rockets, anti-tank missiles, mortars and everything you can think of. More than that they are trying to get new weapons in what they call the surprise of the next round. We’re talking about anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and long-range rockets.”

Heavy Rains Destroy Dozens of Smuggling Tunnels Along Egypt-Gaza Border
“The source said that the tunnels had collapsed after they were flooded, injuring dozens inside and damaging goods in transit.”
“According to the Egyptian Independent, the Gaza-based Al Mezan Center for Human Rights estimates that 197 people were killed from 2006 to 2011 in the tunnels, including 10 children.”

Route on Egypt border closed to civilian traffic
IDF chief of staff cites security reasons for closure as violence in the Sinai Peninsula intensifies
"The Israel Defense Forces on Thursday closed a stretch of Route 10, the highway running parallel to the Egyptian border, to civilian traffic.
IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz cited security concerns in arriving at the decision, which, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, will be in place for a year."

Tunisian Islamists Attack Offices of 'Zionist' Rights Group
A Tunisian NGO that campaigns against anti-Semitism accused a controversial militia close to ruling Islamists of attacking its office.
"A Tunisian non-governmental organization (NGO) that defends minorities and campaigns, among other issues, against anti-Semitism, has accused a controversial militia close to the ruling Islamists of attacking its offices."

Petition demands university breaks ties with Technion
"An online petition has been created demanding that the University of Sydney cuts ties with the Technion in Israel.
University-of-SydneyThe invitation to sign the petition has been made by “Ailin” and “Adam” on behalf of Students for Justice in Palestine (USyd) and contains the words ” Support Dr Jake Lynch’s Academic Boycott of Israel and End Collaboration with the criminal Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.”

Austrian court finds 3 guilty of glorifying Nazism
Website administrators sentenced to up to 9 years in prison
"An Austrian court has convicted a leading neo-Nazi and two accomplices of glorifying Nazism through a website and sentenced them to prison terms of up to nine years."

Czech ‘Joe Lieberman’ could be Europe’s first Jewish president
The son of an Auschwitz survivor, Jan Fischer compensates for his lack of charisma simply by being ‘ordinary’

Dutch city begins restoring ancient mikveh
Ritual bath disproves earlier theories that Jews only arrived in Holland after Spanish Inquisition

IDF Blog IDF Captain Saves Palestinians Trapped in Floodwater
"What made you want to risk your life in the middle of a storm?
Our role in the region is not easy. Believe me when I say that I understand we are in a complicated situation with the Palestinians. But at the end of the day, we’re all human beings. The commander of our regional brigade has repeatedly emphasized to those under his command that helping the Palestinian civilian population is a vital part of our role as IDF soldiers in the area.
I didn’t even think twice about it. People’s lives were in danger. I was ready to take the chance.
After this incident, my soldiers and I continued to rescue stranded Palestinians in the area throughout the night, but this story was undoubtedly the most memorable."

Israel’s jihad is mine (TOI h/t Josh)

The Next Chernobyl? (NYT, h/t Ian)

Why does the world go along with the Palestinians’ inventions of history? (Legal Insurrection, h/t Huffwatcher)

Take Iran to the ICC for war crimes against Israelis and Palestinians (Max Samarov)