Friday, January 25, 2013

Cisco buys yet another Israeli company

From YNet:
US multinational networking giant Cisco announced Wednesday its acquisition of Raanana-based startup company Intucell, a developer of mobile network management technologies, to the tune of $475 million.

This is an impressive price tag considering that only two years ago a meager $6 million were invested in the company.

This is almost getting boring. Cisco has bought lots of Israeli companies.

May 1988, Cisco bought ClassData for $50M
March 2000, Cisco bought Infogear for $300M
April 2000, Cisco bought PentaCom for $118M
Also April 2000 -  Seagull for $19M
June 2000 - HyNex $127M
March 2004 - RiverHead $39M
June 2004 - Actona $100M
August 2004 - P-Cube $200M
September 2005 - Sheer networks $97M
March 2012 - NDS $5B

That adds up to about $6.5 billion that Cisco has invested in Israeli companies.

So far.

To confuse the BDSers even more, Cisco is investing heavily in creating thousands of high-tech jobs for Israeli Arabs. Not only that, but in 2010 it received an ACE award from the US State Department for "helping to connect the Israeli and Palestinian economies and people, and engaging in several partnerships and initiatives to enhance technical capacity, connectivity, education, and opportunities for women and youth in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza."

Do you think the PA is boycotting Cisco?

(h/t George)