Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Syria tortures, kills anti-semitic author

I guess this proves that Assad is a Zionist!
A Syrian writer and political researcher, known for his virulent anti-Semitic writings, has been tortured to death by state security services, his family and opposition groups said on Sunday.

Mohammed Nimr al-Madani, 51, was killed 10 days ago under torture but his body is still with the intelligence security, a relative told AFP on condition of anonymity.

Close to the opposition, the father of three was arrested twice by state security since the revolt against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad broke out in March 2011.

The Local Coordination Committees and other activist groups said Nimr had been working as a "secret correspondent" for foreign news channels.

Nimr's own Facebook page describes him as a "specialist" on religions and the Holocaust, an event which he fiercely denied throughout his career.
For those who idolize the Syrian opposition, keep in mind that they aren't much better than Assad is.

Here is al-Madani saying that Jews designed Nazi crematoria:

Following are excerpts from a TV debate on Holocaust denial, which aired on Al-Alam TV on August 8, 2010:

Syrian author Muhammad Nimr Al-Madani: I have read everything that has been written about the Holocaust, both by those who deny it and those who claim it occurred. First, those who claim that the Holocaust took place do not have any proof.

TV host: Those who claim that it took place?

Muhammad Nimr Al-Madani: Yes.

TV host: On what do they base their claims?

Muhammad Nimr Al-Madani: On nothing but a lie. Those who deny [sic] the annihilation have provided weak evidence. To be honest, in the West, they do not dare to speak freely...

TV host: Or to conduct objective research.

Muhammad Nimr Al-Madani: Right. They don't enjoy the same freedom as us.


Syrian researcher and publisher Muhammad Shaykjani: First of all, there is a Koranic verse that says: "Thus, the killing of their children was presented favorably to many polytheists."

Those who kill children in order to use their blood to get close to the god of sacrifice have turned to killing the children of the Christians in London and Paris, in Switzerland and Austria. They were expelled from Britain when murdered children were found on one of their holidays. In Syria, they murdered a Christian priest, and the murderers were executed. In many countries, on the Matza of Zion holiday, they would kill people, take the blood of the victims, and mix it with the Matza of Zion.


They believe that God died in this annihilation, so that the Jews could live in Palestine, and their god, Yahweh, would live with them.


Muhammad Nimr Al-Madani: The Jews mixed philosophy, religion, and politics. Throughout history, they have been continuously developing their religion in accordance with the circumstances, until they reached Zionism. Judaism has come to mean Zionism, and in recent times, Judaism has come to mean "Holocaustism."


According to the Torah, the Lord enjoined them to conduct a seven-day sacrificial burning. The "burning" is a sacred ritual of worship. I consider this to be proof of the falsity of the Holocaust, and biblical evidence that they have drawn the lie of the Holocaust from the Torah. Their reliance upon the Torah proves that the Holocaust is a lie, and that it never happened. It also shows that the Holocaust doctrine is deeply engrained in their minds and in their rituals.

TV host: On page 64 of your book, for example, you write that the Old Testament describes with great accuracy how to build a crematorium."

Muhammad Nimr Al-Madani: Yes. There is a text describing how to build the temple for the crematorium – its pillars, its copper ornamentation, and so on.

TV host: It describes the crematorium in detail.

Muhammad Nimr Al-Madani: Yes. For example, its size is approximately 2 meters. Bear in mind that the incinerators in the German Nazi hospitals, in which they burned the bodies of the sick, were 2 meters, or 190 centimeters. This is similar to the incinerators which they consider to be crematoria.

TV host: On the inner cover of the book, we read a quote by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Why did you decide to print a quote of Ahmadinejad? This is...

Muhammad Nimr Al-Madani: Can we present it to the camera... I was very happy when the Iranian president denied the Holocaust. Since I am convinced of the need to fight this lie, I was filled with admiration at the words of the Iranian president.

TV host: He said: "Israel should be wiped out of existence."

Muhammad Nimr Al-Madani: Yes, that's right. First of all, the Iranian president is the first leader in the world to adopt Holocaust denial. This is a great event. Secondly, the state of Israel must be wiped out of existence, as Imam Khomeini said before.
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