Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reason #11 Time's Karl Vick is an idiot

We have shown pretty conclusively that Time magazine's Karl Vick is an idiot when it comes to reporting about Israel. No matter how many times he is proven wrong, he keeps barreling on with his rose-colored view of Arab intransigence and his continuous blaming of everything on Israel.

Here's reason #11 Karl Vick is an idiot.

Last week he wrote:
Earlier this year, however, Meshaal endorsed the Abu Mazen approach. While reserving the right to violent resistance and not renouncing the Hamas Charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel, Meshaal said the time has come for negotiations with Israel and nonviolent protest in the spirit of the Arab Spring. "Now we have a common ground that we can work on--the popular resistance, which represents the power of the people," Meshaal said.
And here is what Meshal said just last week at the same time that Time was publishing Vick's drivel:
Reiterating his support for the Arab Spring, Mash'al said: "Hamas recognizes the value of Arab peoples, and it has no other way than to support the rights of the peoples and their aspiration for freedom and honor... Hamas has memory, values, and morality, and therefore it does not forget those who assisted it and who continue to do so. The movement will not strike a bargain over the blood of the ummah and of Arab peoples... The best defense, and the strength of [our] foreign policy, which is based on conflict (with Israel), is manifested in our support for the resistance and by granting rights to the people. Today is the day of the Arab Spring. There is no turning back. Democracy is our right, and resistance is our duty."

Mash'al went on to warn that Israel intends to create a new reality in Jerusalem, and that therefore, "following the [Arab] Spring, we [Arabs] must prepare for the project of liberating Jerusalem – and the Palestinian role [in this] is no substitute for the Arab role." He called for ending negotiations with Israel: "The time has come to overturn the negotiating table on those who wished to enslave us."

He then called on the Palestinian leadership and all its factions to begin the major step of ending division and completing the national reconciliation, adding: "Resistance, not negotiation, is the path to the restoration of rights. Nothing will restore the homeland but jihad, the rifle, and self-sacrifice.
Vick never reports on Hamas' warmongering statements, except to downplay them. And his bending over backwards to make Meshal into some kind of peacemaker at the exact same time Meshal is pushing a terror war is simply the latest example of his willful blindness - and, by extension, the willful blindness of Time magazine.

Other reasons Vick is an anti-Israel idiot who will tilt every fact towards how he wants it to be rather than what it actually is:

And these are just the articles I happen to have noticed in the past couple of years.

(h/t Ian)