Friday, September 09, 2011

Egypt announces names of two Eilat terrorists from Gaza

Egyptian newspaper Masrawy gives a few details from the Egyptian investigation of the Eilat terror attacks as well as various attacks on Egyptian soil.

According to the article, the group that attacked Israel also intended to kidnap Egyptian police in order to bargain an exchange for terrorists in Sinai prisons.

Two names of Palestinian Arabs from Gaza involved in the attacks were released: Jomaa Aldoawi and Qazem Saher.

The other two terrorists caught were Egyptian.

The article says the plot was orchestrated in Gaza, with phone calls being traced between the members of the terror cells caught and their superiors in Gaza. The article also is one of the few in Arabic that tacitly admits that some Egyptians were killed during the attack by an explosive belt worn by one of the terrorists. Up until now, Egypt had insisted that all their soldiers were killed by the IDF.

This came out right after Time magazine's always wrong Karl Vick reported that neither Egypt nor Israel is interested in investigating the attacks.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, many critics charged that Israel had no evidence that any of the terrorists were from Gaza. The Masrawy article does not name any Palestinian Arab organizations behind the attack. The PRC has denied any involvement.