Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday links

From Ian:

Ministry: French Official Denies Jewish Connection to the Land
The Foreign Ministry upbraided France's Consul General in Jerusalem over his denial of the Jewish connection to historical sites in Israel
The Foreign Ministry on Thursday upbraided the French Consulate General in Jerusalem over remarks made by France's Consul General in Jerusalem, Frédéric Desagneaux, that the Ministry said “denies the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel.” In a statement, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yigal Palmor said that Israel was “shocked that the French Consul General was joining forces with those who would rewrite history to reflect specific agendas and erase the Jewish and Israeli connection to the Land of Israel.

In his remarks, Desagneaux discussed “the important archaeological projects that French archaeologists had helped to uncover in Palestine,” including the Qumran Caves and Masada, stressing their connection to “Palestinian history. We have seen how important these heritage sites are to international recognition of Palestine, and France intends to continue to lead the movement to recognize the Palestinian's management of these sites,” he said.

Genocidal Liberalism: The University’s Jihad Against Israel & Jews (REVIEW)
"How, asks Cravatts, “did the academic left come to hate Israel,” which had been looked on by most (not all)) liberals prior to June 1967 with approval and sympathy? By 2007 Stanley Fish could observe in the New York Times that at most American universities “anti-Israel sentiment flourishes and is regarded more or less as a default position.”
"The liberal UC Berkeley historian Martin Jay (in Salmagundi, winter/spring 2003) merely blamed Jews for “causing” the “new antisemitism; but Paul Krugman (Princeton) went a step further (New York Times, October 23, 2003) by “explaining” (away) the Malaysian Mahathir Mohamad’s regurgitation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as “anti-Semitism with a Purpose”; and then the liberal historian1 Tony Judt (NYU) outdid both of them in the New York Review of Books (October 23, 2003)—the Women’s Wear Daily of liberal academics–by calling for the end of the State of Israel as the panacea for the ills of the world."

New Threats to Free Speech by Nonie Darwish
"The truth regarding that low-budget video, however, is that all the stories in it were taken from the Islamic books on Mohammed's life, "Sirat Rasul Allah" ["The Life of the Messenger of Allah"], the earliest biography of Muhammad, as well as from quotes in the "Hadiths," acts or sayings ascribed to Muhammad. The stories were not the invention of the producer of the film; they were tasteless and unholy, but they are all found in Muslim scriptures. The problem with Islam is that Muslims riot and burn and kill those who repeat what already exists in their scriptures."

Palestinian group to PA: Release jailed journalists By KHALED ABU TOAMEH
Palestinian Journalists Syndicate in Gaza calls for the release of reporters arrested by PA security forces in West Bank.
One of the journalists, Walid Khaled, has been on hunger strike since his arrest on September 18, the syndicate said. Khaled was arrested by the PA only days after he had been released from Israeli prison.
Khaled works for the Palestinian newspaper Falasteen [Hamas]. Last week a PA judge ordered his release, but the PA has refused to obey the order.

Qaradawi urges Muslims to support Jerusalem’s cause
In his Friday sermon at Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque, he recalled that “when a Jew (*) burned a small portion of a pulpit of Al Aqsa mosque back in 1969, all Muslims and Arabs of the world hurried to create what came to be known as the Organisation of the Islamic Conference to deal with the issue”.
*[actually it was an Australian Christian]

PMW: PA Minister honors murderer of two [Israeli women] by attending his daughter's wedding
PA TV song broadcast more than 15 times: "Jaffa, Acre, Haifa, and Nazareth are ours"
This song was performed in front of PA Chairman Abbas and other senior PA officials at a Fatah event in 2011. Since then, PA TV has broadcast it more than 30 times.
PA TV is directly controlled by the office of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

CIFWatch: Guardian video falsely claims that Hezbollah drone was shot down over “Palestinian territory”

BBC Watch: BBC World Service hosts antisemite Gilad Atzmon
Jerusalem Syndrome at the BBC comedy quiz QI
“...if the BBC is going to mention Jerusalem in what purports to be a general knowledge-related programme, then obviously it is not a good idea to present the city as a place connected solely to Christianity and Islam.”

Israeli legal group threatens to sue Australian charity for funding terror group
Shurat HaDin alleges that World Vision gave more than $1 million per year to an arm of the PFLP

Former Lebanese PM joins growing chorus of Nasrallah criticism
Fouad Siniora says Hezbollah could unilaterally drag Lebanon into a military conflict with Israel; Saed Hariri calls move ‘uncalculated adventure’

Israeli network cable experts to go cable-less
RIT Technologies, one of the world’s leading network cabling topology firms, has a new system to eliminate network cables
"Even better than an efficient cabling system, however, is a system that connects servers, routers, computers, and other devices without cables at all — and RiT this week announced that it had begun final development of the first product in its new Indoor Wireless Optical Network (IWON) product family, which, the company says, will enable companies to utilize high-speed, high-bandwidth networks using symmetrical, bi-directional optical links, eliminating the need for cumbersome cabling networks and switching panels."

Eat More Chocolate, Win More Nobel Prizes?
"Can eating chocolate boost your brain power enough to get you a Nobel Prize? A scientist examined whether a country's per-capita chocolate consumption was related to the number of Nobels it had won -- a sign of a nation's "cognitive function." Using data from chocolate producers in 23 countries, he found "a surprisingly powerful correlation."