Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's insane Arab rumor: Mossad training Al Qaeda in Africa

An Algerian newspaper, En Nahar, is claiming to have evidence that Israel is working together with Al Qaeda members in Africa in order to de-stabilize various northern African Muslim states.

The original claim comes from some supposedly Jewish anti-Zionist group.

Apparently, the Mossad is training Al Qaeda to kidnap Europeans and hold them for ransom, and also  teaching them to work the drug and human trafficking trades. This causes Europeans to put political pressure on Algeria and other Maghreb states, ultimately to make them fail. Or something like that.

This story has been picked up by a number of other Arabic news sites.

Interestingly, the same newspaper had a somewhat similar report in April 2009, in their English language edition:
According to sources well informed on the case and the activities of El Qaeda, Israel would have created about a year, training camps on its territory for elements from Arab countries.

The military training and intelligence are provided in preparation for possible terrorist operations against the interests of foreign countries in the Arab countries who are regarded by Israel as a threat to its security and its strategic interests, including the Maghreb Arab.

According to our sources, the camps include Arabs from Algeria, Morocco and Yemen who came in, with false passports, from Europe and carrying Jewish names. These were recruited by the Mossad in the European capitals to activate within the ‘El Qaeda’ organization after being selected by the intelligence services in Europe. These people are generally wanted for belonging to terrorist groups.

The secret training camps have relations with the sleeping cells of El Qaida in Europe, where their elements are recruited for possible terrorist operations in Arab countries in coordination with the branches of the organization including the armed terrorist groups of the Sahara. 
We have to get these guys in touch with Ken O'Keefe. Who knows what heights of insanity they could reach if only they worked together!