Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Krazy Ken O'Keefe gets closer to revealing his kike-hatred

Ken O'Keefe, the lunatic who is trying to extend his fifteen minutes of fame from the Mavi Marmara, is interviewed in the ultra-left Baltimore Chronicle, where he gets a little closer to revealing his true feelings about the Elders who rule the world (thank you, thank you.)

Some excerpts:
The world is full of illusions that are used by the rich and powerful to manipulate and control the people. Those who really control the governments are those powerful few who control the banking systems, the major multi-national corporations and, of course, the mass media.

These powerful people and entities have key strategic needs in order to maintain power:
  1. They must keep the people ignorant and disempowered.
  2. They must keep the people divided. They conquer by dividing the people, never giving people the chance to unite; constantly fostering war by pitting the masses against each other
This system has been controlled by the same families for millennia, and people have been manipulated into a collective state of insanity throughout. Over the course of this tragic situation, empires have come and gone, each one giving way to the next. America is simply the latest in that repeating pattern, and it will fall like all empires do. However, the powers behind it, those controlling the banking, the governments and the propaganda, they will remain in place and prop up the next empire and the pattern will repeat.

The powers themselves remain hidden, with many layers of separation between themselves and the people, and an intricate and complex legal system to protect and hide them. 

The Zionist project has been invested in heavily, and the powers that be will not relinquish it lightly.

Israel's primary function is to maintain perpetual conflict in the Middle East. Soon enough, Israel will be spreading this conflict on a global level. I have no doubt that the pending attack on Iran is intended to take us straight into World War III, with a regional nuclear war very likely. This is quite obviously a disaster to any sane human being. However, to those who see their power threatened by the spreading of truth, 9-11, Zionism, the banking system, etc, this is a very necessary act to help them maintain their grip of control over peoples of the world. This 'divide and conquer' strategy has served them well for millennia.  
 So who are these mysterious powers that rule the world, control banking, control the media, use prime ministers and presidents as puppets for their bidding, and who happen to be heavily invested in the "Zionist project"?

Hmmm. That's a toughie.