Friday, September 03, 2010

Spanish Muslims upset over "Mecca" nightclub

From Al Arabiya:

The inauguration of a discotheque called Mecca in Spain infuriated Muslims in the country and raised questions about the position of Muslim workers offered jobs in the controversial place.

After 10 years of renovations, an old discotheque in the city of Aguilas in the southwestern province of Murcia opened its doors on June 18 under the name La Meca amid protests from Muslim individuals and organizations, the Arab Spanish newspaper Andalus Press reported Wednesday.

Mohamed Ali, head of the Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious Entities (Federación Española de Entidades Religosas Islámicas- FEERI), said Mecca is the most venerated place for Muslims all over the world.

“Muslims pray towards Mecca and it is there that the prophet received the holy Quran,” he said in a statement. “Calling a place for dancing and drinking by that name shows disregard to the feelings of Muslims.”
A little research shows that there have been at least three nightclubs called "Vatican" in the world. I couldn't find anyone protesting. (Although a poster for a British nightclub called Berzerk, which featured a Photoshop of Pope John Paul II dancing with a young blonde and holding a beer, did receive complaints and it was withdrawn.)

Interestingly, there is a bar called "Jerusalem" in London. As far as I can tell, Muslims have never protested that. Perhaps they don't venerate Jerusalem as much as they claim?